Linfinity and Seele signed a strategic cooperation agreement to create a new ecosystem of supply chain

Recently, Linfinity and Seele signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Taipei to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of blockchain technology to jointly build a new ecosystem of supply chain industry.

As a pioneer in the deployment of blockchain technology into supply chain, Linfinity is committed to building the world’s first trusted, traceable supply chain ecosystem based on blockchain technology. This cooperation, combined with Seele’s advanced system development and engineering technology and Linfinity’s rich commercial resources and innovative business operation model, focuses on tackling the main pain points of the supply chain industry, and jointly promotes the commercialization of the blockchain in the field of supply chain.

Dr. Zheng Maolin, CEO of Seele, said, “We are very pleased to have this cooperation with Linfinity. As a representative of Blockchain 4.0, Seele’s neural network consensus algorithm has reached the highest processing speed of the global public chain system and highly matched the multi-node of the supply chain industry.”

Anndy Lian, CEO of Linfinity, said, “The supply chain ecosystem is a new application scenario of blockchain technology. This collaboration will further integrate Linfinity’s rich commercial resources and operations capabilities and Seele’s neural network-based consensus algorithms to equip the supply chain ecosystem with a powerful engine to accelerate the weaving of the supply chain ecosystem. Starting with the mutual trust, transparency and efficient management of the upstream and downstream supply chain, the commercialization of blockchain on supply chain is expected soon.”


Blockchain is an epoch-making technology, and its powerful inner vitality lies in the integration of industrial practices. 2018 is a key year for the development of blockchain business. With its leading blockchain technology and innovative business operation model, Linfinity has already started business cooperation with Alishan Group, WealthBriefingAsia, Scientific Tradition, Rongde Logistics, RHTLaw TaylorWessing LLp, RHT Holdings, Crossinvest and other international companies. This strategic cooperation in between Seele and Linfinity will inject new momentum into the development of the blockchain in the supply chain.


About Seele:

Seele is a blockchain 4.0 platform that aims to spearhead development in the Internet of Value era. It aims to solve the scalability, security, and efficiency problems found in current blockchain networks by developing a heterogeneous, multi-chain ecosystem powered by a novel Neural Consensus Algorithm. Seele’s objective is to build the Internet of Value for the future.

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Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian: “Blockchain + Supply Chain + AI” brings a deep trace of the new IoT world

Linfinity CEO Anndy was interviewed by JINSE Finance recently, he suggests that the integration of cutting edge technology instancing blockchain, supply chain and AI will present us a world where the performance of source-tracking+IoT reaches a new high.


Anndy Lian was already a shrewd businessman with multiple commercialization success before stepping into the realm of blockchain. His international insights and vision in supply chain industry come from his Singapore-originated commerce company, eight years in Korea and trading experience of more than 30,000 goods. His background also tells him that the supply chain market is long craving for something which helps fix this long existing pain point- a lack of trust.

The emergence of blockchains gives Anndy enough space for imagination, and this distributed structure and traceable technical features seem to have provided the possibility of solving the ‘pain point’ of the traditional supply chain – thus his blockchain journey with Linfinity has officially started.


Covering the whole process of commodity production to realize the in-dept tracking


To solve the ‘pain point’ of supply chain is to build a credible supply chain ecosystem. Anndy has set 3 main directions for Linfinity.

Tech service: Relying on the past IoT advantage, to integrate the supply chain, blockchain and  artificial intelligence to achieve the core value of technical service.

In-depth commodity source-tracking: From raw materials to warehousing, then to the whole logistics with thorough blockchain coverage, so that traceability with blockchain maximizes the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting.

Recyclable ecosystem: Use blockchain to track goods in the whole life cycle for better recycling and environmental protection.


In such a system, we can understand and verify the details of every node from the source to the terminal only by scanning the code.


“Linfinity’s traceability to drugs , cosmetics and tobacco has been relatively mature . Although the two-dimensional codes don’t look much different physically, yet there is no two same codes in the world when blockchain technology is applied. Each is recorded on the chain, which has been greatly improved for traditional anti – counterfeiting, ” says Anndy.


Linfinity has already been strategic partnership with eight enterprises, and more companies will be involved. At early July, during the Asian Blockchain Summit held in Taiwan, Linfinity and Taiwan Alishan Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will provide blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology for its cigarette brands and effectively eliminate counterfeits from the market. In August, Linfinity will expand the business to the UK , mainland China , Taiwan area of China, etc ., and Linfinity’s service will be combined with multiple products in different supply chains.

Three in one” makes the idea of blockchain plus IoT more realistic


At present, there are many companies in the blockchain+IoT field, but due to the disconnection between technology and industry, many people think that moving such a large IoT into the blockchain seems to be somewhat “emptiness”.And Anndy who takes “blockchain + supply chain + AI” as a pragmatic key, is convinced that the current practice is moving towards the initial goal:


“I never doubt the value of the IoT+ blockchain. Nowadays, companies of all sizes have not really understood how IoT can promote their business.In other parts, perhaps because there is not a broad perspective or there is not enough money to put the idea of blockchain + IoT into practice, I think this is why some people think that IoT is not reliable.”


Anndy believes that people can’t work alone if they hope IoT can play great potential under the blockchain. Many people say that they don’t believe in IoT, but in Linfinity’s philosophy, IoT should have a clear direction in the future, and AI+ blockchain is the realistic solution proposed by Linfinity for IoT.


“This combination can greatly increase the frequency and production capacity of IoT, and the entire market can improve efficiency while maintaining sufficient transparency”.Anndy also pointed out that the current efforts of Linifinity are to cultivate the starting industry , he believe that after one year, more applications will be landing.


How to promote the Linfinity business, manufacturer is one of the breakthroughs.Anndy makes more manufacturers understand the great value of blockchain in traceability,then show the company’s overall concept and overall strength, lets the manufacturers drive consumers to participate in the use of Linfinity.


The role of issuing Tokens is first to establish ecology, not ” playing with capital”.

Linfinity made it clear from the beginning that it would not do any ICO projects.


“LFT Tokens are not for sale. If you issue 70% of Tokens to the market, you can’t control the value. There are definitely a lot of people going to speculate. The role of Tokens must be to provide a reasonable stimulus for the construction of ecology, and we still have to focus on industry, so the control of Tokens is stricter. We just made a Token-based economic model, and our fans can get Token rewards by scanning the code using the Linfinity system.”


Anndy believes that Token is a “binder” that binds the interests of manufacturers and consumers tightly to achieve a win-win situation. For the cooperation with the manufacturers, Anndy has generously presented Tokens, which aims to let the company do several rounds of experiments in the environment of Linfinity to verify and improve the whole system.


At present, Linifinity has a team of more than 60 people all over the world. They have targeted the development of markets in various countries and regions, covering different types of goods such as food, medicine, tobacco and coffee. With more and more landing scenes, Anndy is very confident about the value of Tokens.


“Because we are directly facing the enterprise, only when the value of Tokens is increased, it is possible to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the manufacturer to use the system. Therefore, in order to make the LFT such an Untility Token really work, we should also be cautious about the Token’s value.”

Anndy tries to convey the long-term value of the blockchain to people, and will continue to work to change the existing industries with blockchain, solve the pain points and achieve a win-win situation.

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金色财经独家专访 Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian:“区块链+供应链+AI”带来深层溯源的IoT新世界


近日,Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian接受了金色财经独家专访,他围绕“区块链+供应链+AI”技术的整合,向我们展现来自深层溯源IoT的新世界。

入局区块链前Anndy Lian已经是一个成功的商人。他不仅在新加坡经营几家贸易公司,也在韩国经商8年,交易了3万种产品,积累了供应链中的大量经验。而也正是经历了供应链中的各个场景,Anndy充分感受到了传统供应链中的各个“痛点”——缺乏信任。



覆盖商品生产交换的全过程 实现深层溯源









“三合一” 让区块链加IoT的想法更加现实



Anndy相信,要想让IoT在区块链下发挥出巨大的潜力,独自奋战是不行的。有许多人说他们不信IoT,但Linfinity的理念中,IoT应该有一个未来明确的方向,而AI+ 区块链就是Linfinity为IoT提出的现实方案。





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—–Elaine Chia( 新加坡银行副董事)








—–Seed Global Investment的房地产顾问Edward Tan










—–新加坡金融管理局(MAS)资本市场副总经理Lee Boon Ngiap





迄今为止,Linfinity已在新加坡和包括Crossinvest,RHTLaw TaylorWessing LLP,RHT Holdings,RONGDE Logistics,Scientific Tradition,WealthBriefingAsia等多家国际企业签订战略合作协议,并将在两地区达成更多合作。





此外,在台湾Linfinity与阿里山集团签署战略合作协议。根据协议,Linfinity将会在该企业与消费者之间构建一座防伪溯源的“诚信之桥” 。



—– Linfinity CEO AnndyLian

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Anndy Lian: Linfinity将是重塑供应链生态的中坚力量

区块链即将带来一场空前的产业革命。这一切都归结于区块链之于网络的分布式、分散式的存储方式与强大的存储能力。凭借这一优势,它可以为企业或组织提供更好的优质服务,例如,提高效率、信息透明、加强网络安全等。Juniper Research的一项研究表明,有超过三分之二的企业表示,愿意引入区块链技术,而这一技术也是前所未有的,新的用户连接方式。


日前,Linfinity首席执行官Anndy Lian接受新加坡938Now电台–区块链系列专访时,对于Linfinity着眼于将区块链技术应用于供应链行业发表了一系列独到见解。


在物流行业,Linfinity着眼于整个供应链系统。目前,Linfinity正在努力构建一个将区块链和传统物流有机结合的一套生态系统。在这套体系中,我们很容易查看如原材料供给、物流、配送等具体情况;不仅如此,Linfinity在其他方面也有所触及。最近,在韩国的Linfinity Talk中,也谈到Linfinity在供应链物料回收中起到的重要作用。除此之外,我们还有兴趣与不同行业或组织来进行区块链整合,如银行、金融机构等。
















会的,随着链上的区块数量不断增加,各环节相互认证也会相应增长,这使得造假行为变的更加艰难。传统的物理防伪是通过扫描二维码、RFID标签或条形码来确认真假,不幸的是这些代码都很容易被造假者复制伪造;而对于Linfinity,依托区块链的分布式特点,我们可以创造出自己唯一认证的标记——Linfinity Mark。它可以让人们了解到,一旦你扫描了这种特制的二维码,便可以追踪和验证产品的所有信息。


















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2018年7月10日,由亚洲生产力组织(Asia Productivity Organization )主办的“可持续生产力”峰会,在日本东京举行。

此次峰会以“塑造不可能之事物”为话题展开讨论。会上,Tiny Farm的创始人兼CEO Andrew W Brentano发表了关于“新型食品创新和生产效率”的主题演讲,他表示:新型食品(素肉或者昆虫类食品)在生产的过程中,必须进行技术加工;而考虑到食材本身的特性,消费者往往在购买后无法确定原材料的品质或安全问题。


Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian在会上就此点与APO秘书长Dr.Santhi Kanoktanaporn展开了深度探讨。Anndy指出,区块链的出现会迎来下一次的产业革命。区块链去中心化结构与可溯源的方式,为构建可信任的供应链生态提供了技术支持。一个产品从生产到终端全程上链,各个环节相互认证,确保了产品本身的正品性、信息的透明性、来源的溯源性与信息不可被篡改的安全性。

Dr.Santhi Kanoktanaporn对此表示认同,并指出区块链与传统供应链相结合,将极大改善行业整体的安全性与信任问题,并依托于新技术的支持,为更多的人带来优质服务。


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