Anndy Lian Interviews Nischal Shetty, Founder of WazirX “We are creating a new crypto revolution!”

Blockcast: Good morning folks. I am Melody, Managing Editor of We have been monitoring the crypto market in India for quite some time. On our end at Blockcast, we are also working with a few Indian communities and projects. Today, we have two experts in this interview. The first expert is Nischal Shetty. He is the Founder and CEO of WazirX Exchange and Crowdfire. He is also a Forbes 30 under 30. Then we have Anndy Lian, an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and Chairman of DECENT Foundation. Anndy today will help to facilitate this interview. 

Good morning guys.

Nischal: Good morning Melody and Anndy.

Anndy: Good day Nischal and Melody. 

Blockcast: Hi Nischal, can you tell us more about yourself before we go into the more serious blockchain and crypto topics?

Nischal: I’m the Founder, CEO at WazirX. It is India’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with more than 400,000 registered users with an average app rating of 4.6. We have recently gone global.

I’ve also founded Crowdfire, a social media management tool with 20 Million users
after an all-night coding session. I’m India’s top Blockchain influencer on Twitter with over 60K followers. I’ve also been featured in Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list. I’m on a mission to involve everyone in the blockchain revolution.

Blockcast: Tell us more about WazirX India. What is your unique selling point and what do you stand for?

Nischal: We started WazirX with the aim to involve Indians into the blockchain revolution. WazirX is India’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with more than 400,000 users with an average rating of 4.6. Few key points:
● Our mobile apps are the highest rated
● Within 20 months of building WazirX, we became the first Indian exchange to be
acquired by the world’s biggest one
● Instant INR deposits and withdrawals available 24×7
● Smart Token Fund (STF) – helps non-traders participate in crypto. STF helps you
choose smart traders who will manage your crypto investments for you. This feature
has shown good initial response from users.
● Highly liquid spot exchange with the lowest fee in India
● Prior startup experience of the WazirX founding team, the fact that I’m the top crypto
influencer in India

Anndy: Hi Nischal, can you share with us about your partnership with Binance and our friend CZ? I see that Binance has placed a lot of efforts in different countries and India is one of the main highlights in my own opinion. 

Nischal: WazirX has become the first-ever Indian exchange to be acquired by the world’s biggest one, and it’s a big deal. This is a historic moment and a beacon of hope for the entire Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem. Everyone in India feels more confident about crypto now due to WazirX’s acquisition. WazirX continues to run as an independent brand of Binance. I continue to run and grow WazirX with my team. We’ll continue to innovate and bring in more improvements in WazirX. My plan is to grow WazirX even further and make crypto accessible to everyone in India.

Anndy: Your mission for WazirX in India is indeed future thinking and daring. My involvement with several government bodies have also given me some insights in India too. We know that India has opened up a fair bit for cryptocurrency. Your government is actively building regulations around this. Can you give us a brief update on the situation? How friendly is the banking system actually?

Nischal: Thanks Anndy, this is a good question. Cryptocurrency trading was never illegal in India. However, recently the Supreme Court struck down the Indian central bank’s banking ban on crypto. The verdict is historic and positive for the ecosystem. Crypto exchanges including WazirX have enabled banking channels for INR deposit
and withdrawals. With banking channels now open, it has made it easier for Indians to enter crypto. Due to the banking ban, Indians had to use P2P which was successful for WazirX but banking channels will be even more successful as it’s more convenient for users.

Anndy: Blockchain technology has been mature in India, do you invest in blockchain projects and which project in India do you see has the biggest potential to be the next unicorn?

Nischal: We need more startups that focus on India related problems and solve them through Blockchain and Crypto. Recently, WazirX and Binance announced a $50 Million USD ‘Blockchain in India’ fund to invest in Indian projects and startups focusing on solving problems through blockchain technology. Besides investing, we also look forward to partnering with traditional funds who believe in blockchain, and provide mentorship and support to student organisations and universities who want to set up blockchain technology incubators. We plan to help every entrepreneur trying to solve a problem with blockchain technology.

Anndy: I always see that blockchain and cryptocurrency have an interlinked relationship. But many said that cryptocurrency will grow but not blockchain. I don’t agree on this statement, what about you?

Nischal: I agree with you. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are two sides of the same coin. It’s like the Internet (Blockchain) and Crypto (website). Usefulness to the public is derived only when both exist. When crypto grows, blockchain grows too, vice versa.

Anndy: Adoption for blockchain technology is slower than most projected. Do you think the adoption rate will increase and in which areas do you see the growth in?

Nischal: I think in the next 2 to 3 years crypto will go mainstream. It has already started disrupting payments, and will soon disrupt the supply chain as well. Most importantly, crypto can help the unbanked with financial inclusion.

We hope to see much more innovation in the Indian crypto ecosystem such that it solves India specific problems.

Anndy: Bitcoin is the leader on Coinmarketcap as we all know. Do you think there will be another coin that will go close to take over their position in the market?

Nischal: There won’t be another Bitcoin as it’s a decentralised asset class which is owned by the public. If it was a private entity then you could have thought of having alternatives. However, there are thousands of utility tokens and there will be millions of utility tokens eventually. These are crypto with specific use cases such as ETH which is used on Ethereum Blockchain, WRX which is used in WazirX for trading incentives etc

Anndy: Many are bullish on #Bitcoin, just for fun, how much do you think Bitcoin will be at the end of the year? $50,000? 

Nischal: If you look at the history of Bitcoin halving until now, you’ll see how it’s pushed its price up. Bitcoin halving just happened last week, and this event will add greatly to the momentum for 2020. Bitcoin is a global asset class, and it will be exciting to see how far up it goes now.

Moreover, Bitcoin was created in the 2008 financial crisis. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we’re in the middle of another one. Crypto is showing signs of stability compared to the traditional stock market.

Bitcoin is slowly becoming a popular investment option in global economies with high inflation.

Anndy: The artificial inflation mechanism of the #bitcoin halving of block rewards will no longer have an impact on the price of the cryptocurrency when all 21m are in circulation. Well, we can look at this again in the later part of the year. 

Blockcast: Guess it is my turn to ask a few more questions before we end this interview.

Nischal: Sure Melody, go ahead.

Blockcast: Can you share some of your advice on crypto trading and speculation for the readers?

Nischal: Do research about a project before you invest in it. Read up the project’s whitepaper, the stage of development it is in, about the founders and their prior experience.

Blockcast: Last but not least, can you share an inspiring quote for our Readers?

Nischal: Crypto is getting started, and we are in the early stages of the revolution.

We are creating a new crypto revolution!

We are all early adopters, and it’s upon you to educate your friends and family about the crypto ecosystem. Keep busting misinformation around crypto and win!

Blockast: Well said Nischal. Thanks for sharing with us. We need to work together in these early stages to grow the crypto industry. 

Nischal: Thanks for your kind words Melody and thank you Anndy to facilitate this interview.

Anndy: It is my pleasure. I believe WazirX will be the gateway for crypto South Asia. “Stay local and be international.”

I hope to see you soon when COVID19 crisis is more controlled. There are many collaborations to be forged and a lot to chat about on DECENT can help in the process. 

Nischal: Thanks a lot, see you soon.

Blockcast: For more information about WazirX, you can go to



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Anndy Lian’s Views On Second-Tier Exchanges: “They are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild.'”

Thanks Simon Chandler for connecting me and seeking my views on the second-tier exchanges. I always like to pick my own brain and look at things from a different angle. This time I looked at second-tier exchanges being more innovative and daring. This is part of my views and is quoted on the article:

“The only advantage they have compared to the big brothers is they are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild,’” says Anndy Lian, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor and author.

“You seldom see a coin goes 100x on big exchanges but it’s still happening on second-tier and small exchanges.”



The full article can be found below or you can go to to read it.



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Commentaries by Anndy Lian “New Global Standards Come with the Marriage of Binance & Coinmarketcap”

Blockcast: We are doing interview sessions with crypto and blockchain people weekly and it has been quite a while since we speak to Anndy Lian. He is still an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and is very active in South East Asia, Japan, South Korea and most recently in Sri Lanka.

So today, we have Anndy on the call with us. Hi Anndy, it is good catching up with you. We have not met face to face yet, my name is John, the newest member at

We have seen your comments on a Cointelegraph article. Blockcast and a few other Korea based media companies would hope to find out more of your views on Binance’s influence over Coinmarketcap.

(Image Credits: Cointelegraph)


In your view, are the data on exchanges and ranking platforms accurate and trustworthy in general?

Anndy Lian: Thanks John for the call.

The data that is tabulated by the exchanges are certainly not the correct value. If they are accurate, bitcoin would have a trillion market cap next week (Just saying). But as of now, these data are what the industry can make do with. Many ranking platforms have their way to tabulate the scoring, mostly are based on volume. This is not good enough, that is why CoinMarketcap came up with a slightly different weightage to test it out.

Blockcast: Having said so, what is then the most effective and trustworthy methodology for ranking exchanges? Do you think web traffic is enough?

Anndy Lian: I think what CZ and CoinMarketcap did with the input of web traffic might be a good starting point but as I commented openly, this is not good enough. CZ also mentioned on Twitter that this is just the beginning.

Having said so, there is no one most effective methodology, there will still be grey area for example when the metric was purely based on volume, the volume can be manipulated. When the web traffic is introduced, with added variables like unique visitors, unique mac address, IP, etc, this can also be manipulated. So there isn’t one metric fit all approach when ranking is concerned.

There must also be a component to score based on geographical locations too. Just quoting an example based on my own opinion. The web-based model works well for the USA and European users’ market. This is reflected on the current top 100 exchanges where you see Huobi (Ranked 18th) and Okex (Ranked 6th) who have more Chinese users technically are ranked much lower. Chinese users, in particular, are doing more trading and monitoring through apps and not web. Therefore, incorporating app or API traffic could be another add on. I could be wrong, I am just looking at this from a third-party standpoint.

(Image Credits: Coinmarketcap)


To be effective, there must be a revision of the current methodology and weightage model. Firstly, the actual trading volume must be as accurate as possible, the numbers must not be washed and for this to happen, mechanisms such as taxable trade should come into the picture to beef up the indexes and create a level 1 trustworthiness for both the exchanges and retail/ professional investors. We should also adopt some of the practices that are done in the financial exchanges so to make the ranks meaningful.

Blockcast: Is an exchange rating platform being owned by an exchange an inherent conflict of interest?

Anndy Lian: To be honest, it is not ideal for an exchange to own an exchange rating platform especially in the early stages of this industry.

Take Binance for exchange, people will start to gossip that Binance is on top of the charts because they are the owners. But is this true, we are not sure.

But I believe it can be done too with proper compliance and governance and also arm length relationship would be good enough too for Binance and Coinmarketcap. They have to properly address this to all the stakeholders constantly so to assure them of the independence between the 2 companies. They can also look at having all the data stored in a decentralised platform to ensure data integrity. All the little bit helps.
People will continue to speculate and spread more rumours especially when the number 1 exchange bought the number rating platform. If you look at this from a business perspective, if you can buy the best company, of course, you will buy the best in the basket. But the future lies in how Binance and Coinmarketcap manage the governance and compliance aspects of things. This is the key.

Blockcast: What are the possible upsides for the industry with Binance at the helm of Coinmarketcap?

Anndy Lian: For Binance, I have been following CZ on Twitter for a long while. He has followed me too. So I have read many of his posts and chain of thoughts. With this as the background, I think for Binance to take the helm, it has more positives than negatives in my opinion.

They will help to set a new standard on how all the crypto companies and exchanges are ranked. I believe they will also try to have stricter criteria for companies to be listed, they can also set the standard and start to execute them on Binance using their platform for trial and error.

New standards such as companies must submit details of the top 3 personnel of the company, they should be declaring their income, background etc and be digitally proven documents on-chain etc. While these are just my wishful thinking, I believe strongly only the leaders on the very top of this industry can put together new standards. We will all see new global standards with the marriage of Binance & Coinmarketcap

Blockcast: We noted your pinned message on Twitter. My wish list for this year: 1) Help more companies to go into #Blockchain 2) Start a new project that can help the blockchain community 3) Become part of a top 20 token 4) Make a token to become top 50 on CMC. What is this about?

Anndy Lian: This is just my wish list. As you know, I invest in companies, run companies myself, founded a few companies, run Singapore oldest think tank and even done many things for the governments. But I have not gotten myself involved in top crypto companies, as in working for them.

I want to work for the top blockchain companies. I want to use my strengths to help the top maintain their status as the top or for them to move a few levels up. Maybe CZ can hire me after reading this interview (laughs).

Blockcast: I believe companies are already eyeing your talents. Do you have any other things to share with our readers?

Anndy Lian: Recently, I am also being appointed at the Chairman (Asia) for DECENT Foundation based in Switzerland. I have not visited their tech development centre yet due to COVID19 but I am very impressed with their work done on an enterprise level for the blockchain industry. Plus they have been around since 2015, which means they are mature in their business model. I hope to introduce them to some of my blockchain friends and bring them to Asia.

The COVID19 situation has not been very kind to everyone, I hope the virus can be controlled as soon as possible so to let all businesses go back to their usual operations.

This virus has also brought in some positives to the current business situation. Companies who did not believe in technology implementation are now looking at digitalising their records and sales online. And companies, who are already more tech-savvy, are exploring how to incorporate new tech like blockchain to their existing infrastructures.
This is just the beginning of a new tech era and I am very sure that blockchain and cryptocurrency have earned their position in this evolution.

Blockcast: Thank you Anndy for your time. I hope to see you in Seoul soon. If you want to interact with Anndy Lian, you can do so by visiting or at his Twitter handle

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Anndy Lian Shares Insight on “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: BioTech and MedTech”

Join me and the rest of the speakers at tomorrow (May 27th) at 1 pm UK time (GMT+1). Panel discussion: “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: BioTech and MedTech”

– Are there recent cases of investments?

– What does the new investment process look like? – What are the pivot success cases?



Alex Cater Principal at Cater Investment Group

–  Dieter Kondek General Partner at Global Blockchain Ventures

Massimiliano Sulpizi Founder and Managing Partner at HSMI-Corporate Advisory

Joanne M. Hackett General Partner, Healthcare at IZY Capital

Ashish Mittal Founder and Chief Mentor at TurningIdeas Ventures

Sharon Lou Managing Partner at Vault 18 Ventures

Neha Tanna M.D Principal at Joyance Partners

Telly Valerie Onu Valerie (Telojo) Onu Founding Governance Partner & Co-Founder at Beyond Capital Markets, Managing Director at Prohaus Labs

Sierra Choi Director of Marketing at White Lake – Strategic Advisory Group

Anndy Lian Inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor & Chairman (Asia) of DECENT Foundation

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Anndy Lian Shares His Views with Cointelegraph: Crypto Exchanges Speak Out as Binance Takes CoinMarketCap’s Top Spot

Always happy to share my thoughts with my media friends and people in the business. This time round I have the chance to speak to Joseph Birch where I gave him my comments on how I felt about the Binance taking CoinMarketCap’s top spot. The is the part of what I have told him.

Anndy Lian — a blockchain advisor, investor and prolific Twitter commentator — told Cointelegraph that while an exchange owning a rating platform is far from perfect, there are potential benefits to be had if good corporate governance and firm regulations are in place:

“Take Binance for example, people will start to gossip that Binance is on top of the charts because they are the owners. But is this true, we are not sure. I believe as well, if there are proper compliance and governance and also arm length relationship would be good enough too for this example for Binance and Coinmarketcap. They have to properly address this to all the stakeholders to assure them of the independence between the 2 companies. They can also look at having all the data is stored in a decentralised platform to ensure data integrity.”

You can read the whole article below or go to Cointelegraph to read this and many other articles.

Read More

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Anndy Lian Speaks at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics”

Anndy Lian will speak at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics” on 20th May 2020. Wealth Secrets is an international platform for investors and have over 10,000 members so far led by Nana Kay from Ghana.

Anndy is currently an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and is active in the Asia market. He is also the Asia Chairman for Decent Foundation based in Switzerland. He will share insights on his work with the regulators and also how DECENT, DCORE technology will help to unified businesses and blockchain.

Find out more about Wealth Secrets at You can also get more updates at



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Anndy Lian Shares His Perspectives on “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: AI, VR, and Gaming” on May 13th

Anndy Lian Shares His Perspectives on “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: AI, VR, and Gaming” on May 13th. Anndy Lian is currently the Chairman (Asia) for DECENT Foundation. Within the foundation, they have companies who are using their blockchain technology such as ALAX, a Blockchain App Store for gamers.

12 pm UK time – Opening speech from LATOKEN

12-05 pm UK time – Panel discussion “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: AI, VR, and Gaming”

– Are there recent cases of investments?
– What does the new investment process look like?
– What are the pivot success cases?

12-35 pm UK time – Pitch Competition

12-55 pm UK time – Pitch competition judges’ feedback and the announcement of the winner

1-25 pm UK time – Closing remarks The agenda with the list of speakers, judges, and projects are posted at

Join them and catch the discussion tomorrow at


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Anndy Lian, Judge at Pitching Competition: “Fundraising in the Era of a Pandemic”

Anndy Lian, Intergovernmental Blockchain Advisor will be one of the judges at Online Roadshow “Fundraising in the Era of a Pandemic”.

“Thank you for the opportunity, it is my honor to be the judge. I believe I will see many familiar faces during the pitching competition. I would also like to take this chance to look at how companies are coping with their businesses. The fundraising process during this era of pandemic will not be easy. This pitching competition will help companies a long way, we can help finetune their business model, marketing processes and technology deployment. My team at DECENT will also be willing to lend their helping hand to empower startups.” Anndy Lian mentioned this to reporter.

Anndy is an all-rounded business strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Asia. He has provided advisory across a variety of industries for local, international and public listed companies. He is currently advising multiple governments and related entities in the region. Most recently, he is appointed as the ASIA CEO & Chairman for DECENT Group & DECENT Foundation. DECENT Group is a global company and has started its blockchain journey in 2015., providing an advanced blockchain ecosystem to help enterprises build decentralized applications, Block by Block. 

The online pitching will start at 12:25 pm UK time. This is part of Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) online roadshows. Brought to you by LATOKEN. The tagline on the website shows: “BEF ROADSHOWS, $80B FUNDS are now online”. This will bring in a lot of attention especially during the tough COVID19 times.



12:00 pm UK time • Panel discussion: Fundraising in the Era of a Pandemic
– What are the most promising niches, sectors for starting a business in the current environment?
– Which opportunities different types of investors look for?
– Can retail investors substitute institutional money when markets shut down?
– Do you expect a pick-up of interest in investing in consolidation/roll-up plays? Will there be an increase in distressed assets?
– Is the community of a startup going out of business an investable opportunity?

• Jeff Ransdell, Co-founder/Managing Director at Fuel Venture Capital
• Frank Steffen, Managing Director & Co-Founder, CapTec Partners
• Adrian Niculescu, Regional Director UK & Romania, Faster Capital
• Krzysztof Piech, Professor Lazarski University
• Daniel Mark Harrison, Founder and Managing Partner, Monkey Capital

12:25 pm UK time • Online Pitch Competition
12.25 pm – First project
12.30 pm – Second project
12.35 pm – Third project
12.40 pm – Forth project
12:45 pm UK time • Feedback session from the investors & Winner Awards

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Anndy Lian to Speak at SiGMA – World’s iGaming Festival

Anndy Lian will be speaking at SiGMA – World’s iGaming Festival on 8-9 June 2020, at Manila.

Anndy Lian is an all-rounded business strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Asia. He currently plays a pivotal role as the Blockchain Advisor for Asian Productivity Organization, an intergovernmental organization committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Anndy advises the Secretariat on the latest concepts and applications of blockchain technologies in cybersecurity and IoT network data integrity across smart factories and upskills the Secretariat staff in blockchain technologies as applicable to productivity. Meet him at SiGMA Manila and join the conversation:

#SiGMAmanila #SiGMA2020 #iGaming #gambling #onlinecasino #onlinepoker

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Anndy Lian Interviews Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex: “Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.” The payment tech industry is growing and one of the main player in my opinion is Wirex. My name is Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of We are based in Singapore and have presence in South Korea, China and the USA. This afternoon, I have the chance to speak to the man himself, CEO of Wirex, Pavel Matveev. We have brought Anndy Lian into the house as well for this interview. He is an inter-governmental blockchain advisor, book author for “Blockchain Revolution 2030”, investor and recently took on the role as Asia CEO of DECENT Group, previously he founded the world first blockchain supply chain solutions for fast consumer goods. He will be the one posting the questions to Pavel and facilitate this discussion.

Jenny: Dear Pavel, good to meet you. Can you give an introduction of yourself?

Pavel: Hi Jenny, thank you for the interview. Hi Anndy, thanks for being here as well despite your busy schedule.

My name is Pavel Matveev. I am the co-founder and CEO of Wirex. As well as ensuring that the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of payment tech, I believe that my role includes facilitating and evangelising the mainstream adoption of distributed ledger technology across a number of industries.

Jenny: Our readers would like to know more about you, your past and current experiences or even your hobbies too. Can you share that as well?

Pavel: Sure. Before Wirex, I helped top-tier investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse build trading platforms and algo-trading strategies. During this time, I recognised that the cost and inconvenience of off-boarding digital currencies was an impediment to their use by both consumers and businesses, despite the latent potential in a tokenised economy. Dmitry Lazarichev and I founded Wirex to solve some of these problems and allow people to use their cryptocurrencies in everyday situations.

In my free time, I like to swim, ski and play video games. Not all at the same time!

Anndy: Impressive background. Tell us more about Wirex. We would like to know more on the progress and the future roadmap. For your information, did the PR work for OKEX during your IEO stages for the South Korea market. I was in South Korea during that period of time and we know so much about your company. How was the last 12 months for WireX?

Pavel: It’s an exciting time at Wirex and we’ve recently hit some major milestones. Over the last 12 months, we have partnered with Stellar — preparing 26 fiat-backed stable coins to revolutionise international remittance.

The Wirex Token (WXT) — our own native utility token, built on the Stellar network was also released. We then launched our next-gen, multi-currency Wirex Visa travel card in APAC.

We went on with our development work and have completely overhauled and re-designed the Wirex platform and card in early 2019, including the introduction of interbank and OTC rates for fiat and crypto exchanges respectively.

Lastly, we have received JVCEA Type II membership in Japan.

Anndy: You must have great plans ahead after obtaining the Type II membership, maybe Type I? What geographical expansion plans do you have right now?

Pavel: In terms of geographical expansion, we will begin operating in Japan, Canada and the U.S this year. We’re currently working towards acquiring our Type I Licence from Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) — this will establish the platform as a legal Crypto Asset Exchange Service Provider (only 19 companies have achieved this to date) and allow us to offer our full range of services to Japanese customers.

We’re also continuing to develop our business product, including merchant offers that will allow companies to circumvent traditional payment channels run by Visa or Mastercard and Stablecoin-powered remittance.

Anndy: One reason why I stepped up to be part of a government advisor for blockchain is that I do see that there are a lot of scams in the market and it is not getting any better, depending on how you see it. Of course in my line of work, I do see many companies trying their best to navigate this unregulated space to get the best-commercialised value for their business. How do you see the blockchain and cryptocurrency market in general?

Pavel: Blockchains first use was for the movement of money, e.g. — cryptocurrency or digital currencies. I believe digital currencies are the biggest thing to happen to the financial sector since the Bretton Woods agreement. Not only do they allow for a system of money that sits outside the authority and oversight of central banks and governments but they also enable businesses and consumers to circumvent conventional financial infrastructure.

Legacy banking rails are slow and expensive; cryptocurrencies allow for near-instant transactions at a fraction of the cost, with none of the fees associated with Mastercard and Visa payment infrastructures. Even cryptos market volatility can be mitigated through the use of asset-pegged stable coins such as Dai.

I certainly wouldn’t agree that it is ‘not getting any better.’ The introduction of the 5th Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) means measures are being taken to prevent digital assets being utilised for ransomware purpose. Generally, procedures in line with the regulatory requirements of the traditional financial service sector are being implemented across the industry — an important step in a previously unregulated space.

Anndy: How do you see the term decentralisation in the blockchain space? Do you think it is feasible? Or is there a need to “re-decentralise” it, giving a new meaning.

Pavel: It is feasible. In 2019, we’ve seen a lot of existing and new DeFi (decentralised finance) projects get traction and create real value for real users. Notable examples include MakerDAO launching its multi-collateral DAI upgrade. We expect this trend to continue and are keen on supporting and cooperating with the best projects in the space.

Anndy: What is the future of blockchain? How do you visualise it? Where are the breakthroughs?

Pavel: The future of blockchain is bright, as highlighted above. I believe it has positively changed the world and there are more industries it will have an impact on.

Whether blockchain will become mainstream is a question of when, not if. Cryptocurrencies and stable coins are already revolutionising payments, lending and other areas of finance. Blockchain overall holds huge potential in other areas, too — decentralised data storage, smart contracts and so on.

The overall quality of projects in the space is consistently improving. Real-life use cases beyond investment and trading are increasing and creating real value — this trend will continue.

Jenny: We have reached the end of the interview Pavel. Can you share an inspiring quote for our readers?

Pavel: A quote I admire from another giant in the tech space is:

“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Jenny: Yes innovation is the key to the technology industry. Thank for your time Pavel and thanks Anndy for being here with us today.

For more information about Wirex, please go to You will discover a new way to pay, giving you total control of your crypto and traditional currency, wherever you are in the world.

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WFMJ: “Build the business step by step, and not think you are bitcoin” – Anndy Lian, Inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor shared at the World Blockchain Summit Busan 2020

Anndy Lian spoke at a panel titled “The Future cannot be regulated” at the World Blockchain Summit Busan 2020. The event has brought international technology experts to Busan, South Korea, to discuss the future of blockchain.

“Innovation is the guarantor of future prosperity and not regulation. In order for us to have a brighter future, we need to be innovative now to set a good foundation, and regulations can set in later to standardize. This is how typically sandbox models work, we trial and error, and if the results are good and acceptable, they graduate from the sandbox regime. Singapore’s MAS did a good job for blockchain-driven project, and I believe Busan as the regulatory free zone can take reference from what was done and make it better,” Anndy Lian commented.

Andrew Faridani, member of the Forbes Business Development Council agreed with the points and added: “The companies best positioned to be able to help the authorities make responsible regulations are those companies in industries that have the power to generate the most customers. The leading industry may be the gaming industry, because of its potential to recruit end-users at a rapid rate is probably the biggest out of any of the industries involved right now in blockchain. Responsible leading companies such as Gaimin, have the ability to be the forerunners of this movement.”

Former South Korea Minister of Environment Lee Maanee and keynote speaker at the event also explained further, “Busan has designated the blockchain special zone and laid the foundation for the public and private sectors to become the leading model of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

“There are many discussions today from DeFI to Ethereum Killer. Like I have mentioned on the stage, we are all supporters of blockchain technology. Highly likely, if you have invested in Bitcoin, you could have made some money but if you are a hardcore blockchain company, you could have lost money. I did not have time to elaborate on the stage on this. Blockchain companies must be realistic and build the business step by step, commercialise their products properly, and not think that they are “bitcoin”. Think in this manner, and the future will be a better one.” Anndy Lian, who is also an Inter-governmental advisor at Asian Productivity Organisation added.

The World Blockchain Summit Busan 2020 was held in Busan, South Korea on 20th February 2020, jointly organised by Blockchain MARVELS and Busan Economic Promotion Agency, and hosted by the Korea CEO Summit, Busan, BNK Financial Group, Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, Korea Blockchain Startup Association, Korea Blockchain Association, Global Fintech Industry Promotion Center, Chungbuk Blockchain and Korea e-Sports Industry Association.

Blockchain experts from Maker DAO, Conflux,, Quarkchain were present at the event to lend their support and find out more about the Busan Economic Zone. Park Ki-sik, chairman of Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Chairman Kim Hyung-jin of Sejong Telecom, Former Constitutional Judge Ahn Chang, and Han In-suk, Honorary President of the University of Utah Asia and many others were present at the event to lend their support.

Park Bong-gyu, Chairman of the Korea CIO Summit and World Blockchain Summit has been a key driver of this CEO community in South Korea for the past 16 years. Members include Samsung Group, LG Group, SK Group, Lotte Group, CJ Group, Panasonic Korea, BMW Korea, IBM, Genesis BBQ Group, McKinsey, etc.

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About Anndy Lian (

Anndy Lian is an all-rounded business strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Asia. He has provided advisory across a variety of industries for local, international and public listed companies.

He currently plays a pivotal role as the Blockchain Advisor for Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), an intergovernmental organisation committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region. He advises the Secretariat on the latest concepts and applications of blockchain technologies in cybersecurity and IoT network data integrity across smart factories and upskill the Secretariat staff in blockchain technologies as applicable to productivity. APO members include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Republic of China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Anndy is also part of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, Government of Republic Korea, helping the province to grow using blockchain technologies. South Korea. He wrote a book titled “Blockchain Revolution 2030” and is published by Kyobo, the largest bookstore chain in South Korea.

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