Anndy Lian Speaks for China-ASEAN Business Alliance Series: Overcoming COVID19 – Commercializing Blockchain in ASEAN

Anndy Lian will be the moderator for the second CABA Series virtual event with the theme ‘Overcoming Covid-19 Commercialising Blockchain in ASEAN’ this coming. He will share insights on what is the blockchain industry like right now and what should be expected in the future. Blockchain technology has grown at a fast rate in the last 3 years. Blockchain solutions are available, ready to use and are poised to revolutionise how business, government and academia tackle issues for the future. With its ability to create transparency and fairness and saving businesses time and money, the technology has impacted a variety of industries. COVID19 crisis has revealed a general lack of connectivity and data exchange built into our global supply chains. Future resiliency will depend on building transparent, inter-operable and connective networks. This is where Blockchain comes into place.

At this 3-hour virtual session, we will give an overview of the blockchain industry, regulations and some promising areas that should look in the near future.

The event will be on 30 June 2020, 10:00am – 1:00pm. Book your complimentary ticket now.

Blockchain Regulatory Framework
Tan Chong Huat, Senior Partner of RHTLaw Asia LLP

– Blockchain Regulatory Framework in Asia, Europe and America – A comparison
– Law & Practice in Singapore
– MAS Regulatory Framework
– Why Regulatory Framework is important for Blockchain

Tokenisation of Real Estate
Jayaprakash Jagateesan CEO of RHT Fintech Holdings Pte Ltd

– Understanding the exciting possibilities offered by the tokenization of real estate assets;
– Fractionalisation of real estate assets – what it means to investors and asset owners to split the ownership through the issuance of digital securitised tokens;
– Using Distributed Ledger Technology to register ownership and tracking trades in a regulated market

Panel Discussion
Future Trends: What should we look out for?

Tan Chong Huat, Senior Partner of RHTLaw Asia LLP
Jayaprakash Jagateesan CEO of RHT Fintech Holdings Pte Ltd
Anndy Lian, Chairman (Asia) of Decent Foundation
Dominic Morris, Chief Technology Officer of SDAX

About China-ASEAN Business Alliance (CABA)

China-ASEAN Business Alliance (CABA)’s core team are well-connected ASEAN-China experts who will able to provide customised Management/Consultancy services for the CABA members who require more than introduction and networking opportunities with other businesses and trade promotion agencies.

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Anndy Lian Speaks about Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Robotics, and Gaming

Join Anndy Lian and his fellow speakers at the Online Roadshow “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Robotics, and Gaming”, at 1 pm UK time (GMT+1) on June 24th, Wednesday.

Anndy Lian will share:
– How AI and robotics influenced the way games are designed;
– How innovators, roboticists and gamers gather to form the future of gaming;
– And more.


1 pm UK time • Panel discussion: Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Robotics, and Gaming
– Are there recent cases of investments?
– What does the new investment process look like?
– What are the pivot success cases?

1:45 pm UK time • Online Pitch Competition



Sailesh Sigatapu, General Partner at Anthill Ventures
John Mushriqui, Entrepreneur – Angel Investor and Mentor at Startupbootcamp
Eduardo Garcia, European Union Director of Operations at SORIANO MOTORI AG
Henri Asseily, Partner at Asseily Group
Nesh Sooriyan-Larsen, Entrepreneur in Residence at Accelerating Asia
James Lee, Investment Associate Director at Photon Fund
Anndy Lian, Inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor & Chairman (Asia) at DECENT Foundation
Sam Subramaniam, CEO of Brand Capital – The Times of India Group
Ntasha Berry, Co-Founder & Partner at Venture Gurukool Capability Fund


CADEOS: Maria Jose Arroyo Gerez Assistant Manager at Avicola GEMA
MIDDLY: Steven Thomas, Founder at Middly
CIS: Raju Chavan, President/CEO at Cross Industry Solutions
AGROPLEXI: Mayowa Ogundele, CEO and Executive Director, AGROPLEXI

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Anndy Lian- Certified Subject Matter Export on Blockchain with Global Skill Development Council

Anndy Lian is one of the four subject matter experts at the Global Skill Development Council (GSDC). He helps develop and validate course content, exams and Emerging Technology Certification program.

“I believe in giving back to the community. Being a subject matter expert in Blockchain, gives me the opportunity to create the right kind of awareness for the industry and bringing businesses to adopt and embrace this new technology. Sharing knowledge is something that I am passionate about, feel free to connect with me, I am glad to share what I know.”

Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) is an independent, third-party, vendor neutral, international credentialing and certification organization for Blockchain and Six Sigma professionals. It is the Official Certification Accreditation Centre for Blockchain & Six Sigma Certifications.

GSD Council is a membership organization dedicated to growing, enhancing & certifying the skill within the Blockchain & Six Sigma Community.

Anndy Lian will continue to develop more programs for the Blockchain industry.



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Thanks for the Blockchain Journalist Awards Recognition from #Uptrennd

Thanks Uptrennd for the awards recognition. I got third place for the Best Blockchain Journalist award.

The Community has Spoken and the votes have been counted for Uptrennd’s Blockchain Community Awards. The Winners are as followed in the list below for each category. Big thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate and tag people and projects for each award. The winners are as followed below.


Best Technical Analysis

1st @John8Kelvin2
2nd @JDalmulder
3rd @domscrypto


Best News Source

1st @AltcoinBuzzio
2nd @Cryptonomist_en
3rd @Cointelegraph

Best Community

1st @Bananocoin
2nd @RapidsRPD
3rd @IOTA

Best Crypto Exchange

1st @binance
2nd @Beaxy
3rd @hitbtc

Best Crypto Wallet

1st @Tronwalletme
2nd @TrustWalletApp
3rd @enjin (Wallet)

Best Crypto Youtuber

1st Chris Mueller
2nd DGB Chilling
3rd Altcoin Buzz

Best Blockchain Conference?

1st @anonsummit
2nd @Reimagine2020
3rd @BlockchainVoice @blockchain_con

Best Crypto Twitter

1st @eirik_the
2nd @Cryptonomist_en
3rd @officialmcafee


1st @zibin – PundiX
2nd @colinjcantrell – Nexus
3rd @jimmyzhong_iost/@terrence_iost – IOST Founders @vitalikbuterin – Ethereum

Best Payment Coin

1st EosDT
2nd Nimiq
3rd Apollocurrency

Biggest Train Wreck

1st @steemit
2nd @BitcoinSV
3rd @OfficialXYO & @ApolloCurrency

What is the best fiat onramp/offramp

1st @CoinFlipATM
2nd @coinbase
3rd @BinanceJE & @cryptocom & @UpholdInc

Favorite Female Personality In Crypto?

1st @peko0413
2nd @AmeTomasicchio
3rd @IrishGirlCrypt1

Who Has The Best Podcast?

1st @CRYPTO101Pod
2nd @cryptocampfire
3rd @APompliano

Who is the Best Blockchain Journalist?

1st @jilliangodsil
2nd @AmeTomasicchio
3rd @anndylian


What is the best smart-contract platform in crypto?

1st @Pundixlab
2nd @Ethereum
3rd @Universa (UTNP)

Who has the best developer community in crypto?

1st @PundiX
2nd @Nano
3rd @DigiByte

Best DeFi Project?

1st @pundixlabs
2nd @RCNFinance
3rd @nexofinance & @Cryptocom & @Fuse_network

Biggest Contribution To Adoption In The Last Year?

1st @PundiXLabs
2nd @RapidsRPD
3rd @FerrumNetwork

Best DAPP?

1st @22RacingSeries
2nd @appics_official
3rd @UplandMe

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Knnit Speaks to Anndy Lian, Singapore Blockchain Expert on “The Purpose of 2nd Tier Crypto Exchanges”

  1. Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Anndy Lian. I have been active in the blockchain market since 2017. I had my first bitcoin in early 2010 when they are worth much lesser basically. Right now I spend most of my time advising governments and also acting as the Chairman (Asia) for Decent Foundation based in Switzerland and Chairman (Singapore) for Korean eSports Industry Association. I am also a book author for Blockchain Revolution 2030.


  1. In your view, do second-tier crypto-exchanges do enough to differentiate themselves? Do they have unique selling points? What do they offer that bigger exchanges don’t?

Top few exchanges seem to have everything, not much left for the second-tier and small exchanges so they are working/ struggling especially hard, just to survive. The only advantage they have compared to the big brothers is they are too small to be on the radar so they can be more “wild”. You seldom see a coin goes 100X on big exchanges but it’s still happening on second-tier and small exchanges. However small exchanges close down every month so users who like to “gamble” will choose the second-tier exchange over the big ones.


  1. What, if anything, can second-tier exchanges do to differentiate themselves? Do you expect such exchanges to succeed in introducing unique features in the future?

Yes, they need to have a new model, their own models, the first in the industry kind of model to succeed. However, new model also means high uncertainty and risk. You do it well you become Bitmex, you do it wrong Fcoin is your example.


  1. Does the crypto system really need smaller, second-tier exchanges? What role do they serve, if any?

Yes, smaller, second-tier exchanges are like the catfish in the sardines, more players mean more competition, more competition brings more innovation and better services. Those newcomers they are standing on the shoulders of giants, they can build their exchanges on the most neat and efficient manner, they can try new features more freely, respond and adjust to the market faster.


  1. Do you expect to see consolidation in the cryptocurrency exchange sector in the future? How much consolidation?

It’s already happening:

1) Many exchanges are opening their branches abroad, sometimes they do it themselves but more times they collaborate with local exchange partners( eg. OKEx & OKEx Korea).

2) Small/New exchanges are opening/switching their businesses on/to big exchange’s cloud services so they can start easy and cheap, when they grow big they can even get investment from the big exchanges.

3) Big exchanges are also collaborating more and investing in other exchanges eg Binance investing into WazirX India.


  1. What other observations do you see in the crypto exchange market?

New crypto exchanges will pop up now and then. Those who inspired to start an exchange will go to companies like ChainUp, HyrdaX, SHIFT etc. Some trends were possibly be revived such as DAPP Gaming Store and Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) in the mid of 2021 too. I am keeping a close lookout on these possibilities. In the nutshell, crypto exchanges are here to stay and here to make more noises for the crypto and blockchain communities.

To learn more about blockchain, you can visit Anndy Lian at his website ( and follow him on Twitter (

This interview is brought to you by KNNIT and Blockcast.

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Cointelegraph Español: Los exchanges de criptomonedas hablan mientras Binance se lleva el primer lugar de CoinMarketCap

Anndy Lian – asesor de tecnología, inversor y prolífico comentarista de Twitter – dijo a Cointelegraph que, si bien un exchange que posee una plataforma de calificación está lejos de ser perfecta, hay beneficios potenciales que se pueden obtener si se cuenta con una buena gestión corporativa y regulaciones firmes:

“Tomemos a Binance por ejemplo, la gente comenzará a chismorrear que Binance está en la cima de las listas porque son los dueños. Pero si esto es cierto, no estamos seguros. Creo también que si hay un cumplimiento y una gobernanza adecuados, y también una relación a distancia, sería suficiente para este ejemplo para Binance y Coinmarketcap. Tienen que dirigir esto adecuadamente a todas las partes interesadas para asegurarles la independencia entre las dos compañías. También pueden considerar la posibilidad de que todos los datos se almacenen en una plataforma descentralizada para garantizar la integridad de los datos”.


Read More

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Anndy Lian’s Views On Second-Tier Exchanges: “They are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild.'”

Thanks Simon Chandler for connecting me and seeking my views on the second-tier exchanges. I always like to pick my own brain and look at things from a different angle. This time I looked at second-tier exchanges being more innovative and daring. This is part of my views and is quoted on the article:

“The only advantage they have compared to the big brothers is they are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild,’” says Anndy Lian, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor and author.

“You seldom see a coin goes 100x on big exchanges but it’s still happening on second-tier and small exchanges.”



The full article can be found below or you can go to to read it.



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Commentaries by Anndy Lian “New Global Standards Come with the Marriage of Binance & Coinmarketcap”

Blockcast: We are doing interview sessions with crypto and blockchain people weekly and it has been quite a while since we speak to Anndy Lian. He is still an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and is very active in South East Asia, Japan, South Korea and most recently in Sri Lanka.

So today, we have Anndy on the call with us. Hi Anndy, it is good catching up with you. We have not met face to face yet, my name is John, the newest member at

We have seen your comments on a Cointelegraph article. Blockcast and a few other Korea based media companies would hope to find out more of your views on Binance’s influence over Coinmarketcap.

(Image Credits: Cointelegraph)


In your view, are the data on exchanges and ranking platforms accurate and trustworthy in general?

Anndy Lian: Thanks John for the call.

The data that is tabulated by the exchanges are certainly not the correct value. If they are accurate, bitcoin would have a trillion market cap next week (Just saying). But as of now, these data are what the industry can make do with. Many ranking platforms have their way to tabulate the scoring, mostly are based on volume. This is not good enough, that is why CoinMarketcap came up with a slightly different weightage to test it out.

Blockcast: Having said so, what is then the most effective and trustworthy methodology for ranking exchanges? Do you think web traffic is enough?

Anndy Lian: I think what CZ and CoinMarketcap did with the input of web traffic might be a good starting point but as I commented openly, this is not good enough. CZ also mentioned on Twitter that this is just the beginning.

Having said so, there is no one most effective methodology, there will still be grey area for example when the metric was purely based on volume, the volume can be manipulated. When the web traffic is introduced, with added variables like unique visitors, unique mac address, IP, etc, this can also be manipulated. So there isn’t one metric fit all approach when ranking is concerned.

There must also be a component to score based on geographical locations too. Just quoting an example based on my own opinion. The web-based model works well for the USA and European users’ market. This is reflected on the current top 100 exchanges where you see Huobi (Ranked 18th) and Okex (Ranked 6th) who have more Chinese users technically are ranked much lower. Chinese users, in particular, are doing more trading and monitoring through apps and not web. Therefore, incorporating app or API traffic could be another add on. I could be wrong, I am just looking at this from a third-party standpoint.

(Image Credits: Coinmarketcap)


To be effective, there must be a revision of the current methodology and weightage model. Firstly, the actual trading volume must be as accurate as possible, the numbers must not be washed and for this to happen, mechanisms such as taxable trade should come into the picture to beef up the indexes and create a level 1 trustworthiness for both the exchanges and retail/ professional investors. We should also adopt some of the practices that are done in the financial exchanges so to make the ranks meaningful.

Blockcast: Is an exchange rating platform being owned by an exchange an inherent conflict of interest?

Anndy Lian: To be honest, it is not ideal for an exchange to own an exchange rating platform especially in the early stages of this industry.

Take Binance for exchange, people will start to gossip that Binance is on top of the charts because they are the owners. But is this true, we are not sure.

But I believe it can be done too with proper compliance and governance and also arm length relationship would be good enough too for Binance and Coinmarketcap. They have to properly address this to all the stakeholders constantly so to assure them of the independence between the 2 companies. They can also look at having all the data stored in a decentralised platform to ensure data integrity. All the little bit helps.
People will continue to speculate and spread more rumours especially when the number 1 exchange bought the number rating platform. If you look at this from a business perspective, if you can buy the best company, of course, you will buy the best in the basket. But the future lies in how Binance and Coinmarketcap manage the governance and compliance aspects of things. This is the key.

Blockcast: What are the possible upsides for the industry with Binance at the helm of Coinmarketcap?

Anndy Lian: For Binance, I have been following CZ on Twitter for a long while. He has followed me too. So I have read many of his posts and chain of thoughts. With this as the background, I think for Binance to take the helm, it has more positives than negatives in my opinion.

They will help to set a new standard on how all the crypto companies and exchanges are ranked. I believe they will also try to have stricter criteria for companies to be listed, they can also set the standard and start to execute them on Binance using their platform for trial and error.

New standards such as companies must submit details of the top 3 personnel of the company, they should be declaring their income, background etc and be digitally proven documents on-chain etc. While these are just my wishful thinking, I believe strongly only the leaders on the very top of this industry can put together new standards. We will all see new global standards with the marriage of Binance & Coinmarketcap

Blockcast: We noted your pinned message on Twitter. My wish list for this year: 1) Help more companies to go into #Blockchain 2) Start a new project that can help the blockchain community 3) Become part of a top 20 token 4) Make a token to become top 50 on CMC. What is this about?

Anndy Lian: This is just my wish list. As you know, I invest in companies, run companies myself, founded a few companies, run Singapore oldest think tank and even done many things for the governments. But I have not gotten myself involved in top crypto companies, as in working for them.

I want to work for the top blockchain companies. I want to use my strengths to help the top maintain their status as the top or for them to move a few levels up. Maybe CZ can hire me after reading this interview (laughs).

Blockcast: I believe companies are already eyeing your talents. Do you have any other things to share with our readers?

Anndy Lian: Recently, I am also being appointed at the Chairman (Asia) for DECENT Foundation based in Switzerland. I have not visited their tech development centre yet due to COVID19 but I am very impressed with their work done on an enterprise level for the blockchain industry. Plus they have been around since 2015, which means they are mature in their business model. I hope to introduce them to some of my blockchain friends and bring them to Asia.

The COVID19 situation has not been very kind to everyone, I hope the virus can be controlled as soon as possible so to let all businesses go back to their usual operations.

This virus has also brought in some positives to the current business situation. Companies who did not believe in technology implementation are now looking at digitalising their records and sales online. And companies, who are already more tech-savvy, are exploring how to incorporate new tech like blockchain to their existing infrastructures.
This is just the beginning of a new tech era and I am very sure that blockchain and cryptocurrency have earned their position in this evolution.

Blockcast: Thank you Anndy for your time. I hope to see you in Seoul soon. If you want to interact with Anndy Lian, you can do so by visiting or at his Twitter handle

Original Source:

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Anndy Lian Shares Insight on “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: BioTech and MedTech”

Join me and the rest of the speakers at tomorrow (May 27th) at 1 pm UK time (GMT+1). Panel discussion: “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: BioTech and MedTech”

– Are there recent cases of investments?

– What does the new investment process look like? – What are the pivot success cases?



Alex Cater Principal at Cater Investment Group

–  Dieter Kondek General Partner at Global Blockchain Ventures

Massimiliano Sulpizi Founder and Managing Partner at HSMI-Corporate Advisory

Joanne M. Hackett General Partner, Healthcare at IZY Capital

Ashish Mittal Founder and Chief Mentor at TurningIdeas Ventures

Sharon Lou Managing Partner at Vault 18 Ventures

Neha Tanna M.D Principal at Joyance Partners

Telly Valerie Onu Valerie (Telojo) Onu Founding Governance Partner & Co-Founder at Beyond Capital Markets, Managing Director at Prohaus Labs

Sierra Choi Director of Marketing at White Lake – Strategic Advisory Group

Anndy Lian Inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor & Chairman (Asia) of DECENT Foundation

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Anndy Lian Shares His Views with Cointelegraph: Crypto Exchanges Speak Out as Binance Takes CoinMarketCap’s Top Spot

Always happy to share my thoughts with my media friends and people in the business. This time round I have the chance to speak to Joseph Birch where I gave him my comments on how I felt about the Binance taking CoinMarketCap’s top spot. The is the part of what I have told him.

Anndy Lian — a blockchain advisor, investor and prolific Twitter commentator — told Cointelegraph that while an exchange owning a rating platform is far from perfect, there are potential benefits to be had if good corporate governance and firm regulations are in place:

“Take Binance for example, people will start to gossip that Binance is on top of the charts because they are the owners. But is this true, we are not sure. I believe as well, if there are proper compliance and governance and also arm length relationship would be good enough too for this example for Binance and Coinmarketcap. They have to properly address this to all the stakeholders to assure them of the independence between the 2 companies. They can also look at having all the data is stored in a decentralised platform to ensure data integrity.”

You can read the whole article below or go to Cointelegraph to read this and many other articles.

Read More

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Anndy Lian Speaks at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics”

Anndy Lian will speak at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics” on 20th May 2020. Wealth Secrets is an international platform for investors and have over 10,000 members so far led by Nana Kay from Ghana.

Anndy is currently an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and is active in the Asia market. He is also the Asia Chairman for Decent Foundation based in Switzerland. He will share insights on his work with the regulators and also how DECENT, DCORE technology will help to unified businesses and blockchain.

Find out more about Wealth Secrets at You can also get more updates at



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Anndy Lian’s tweets about coronavirus featured on Hindi News-Patrika & Google News

Thank you for putting up one of my tweets as part of your feature. Glad to be featured on Hindi News (Hot on Web). Didn’t know my efforts to share information on #Twitter about coronavirus have reached so far.

Let’s continue to share the right information, fight against this virus and stay safe.



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