[ABC News] Blockchain for Social Impact: An Opportunity to Reshape the World- Guest Speakers Ban Ki-Moon & Anndy Lian share the same the views


”Blockchain technology if used in the correct manner will cut waste and reduce fraud in the healthcare industry. The money and resources wasted could be put to better use, creating social impacts for the world. I have spent time in creating supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical companies to authenticate medical and healthcare products. I hope using the same mindset and technology to also solve fraud and misuse of funds for both the giving and receiving parties. With that, we can minimize wastage, track funds, products and people in a controlled trustful environment, while harnessing the the true meaning of blockchain. I have spoken to Mr Ban and admired his work at the United Nations. Mr Ban has given me his namecard and I have promised will to send him a copy of my book “Blockchain Revolution 2030” to his office in South Korea. I will also take this chance to exchange some ideas with him. ” Anndy Lian, Blockchain Advisor to Asian Productivity Organization and blockchain book author explained his views.

Source: https://blockcast.cc/editors-picks/blockchain-for-social-impact-an-opportunity-to-reshape-the-world-guest-speakers-ban-ki-moon-anndy-lian-share-the-same-the-views/

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