Blockchain Innovation and Commercialization Should Work Hand in Hand

“Blockchain is likely to become the next technological revolution but innovation and commercialization should work hand in hand to make this happen.” LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian spoke to Blockchain in Korea in an exclusive interview while attending the WBF World Blockchain Conference in Jeju, Korea.

“The Internet revolution solves the problem of the efficiency of information transmission, and blockchain will solve the problem of its value transmission. The significance of blockchain lies in its distributed structure, by which the information transmitted is transparent, trusted and cannot be artificially tampered.” Anndy said to Wanda, editor of Coinin.

“If we consider the previous technology revolutions changed the structure of workforce and freed human beings from repetitive works, then what blockchain is going to change is the relations of production.” Anndy added, “It is worth noting that in the current bear market, the blockchain industry is facing a crucial time as the market participants have changed from ‘fanaticism’ to ‘rationality’. And we should take market demand as the leading factor by truly understanding the pain points of traditional industries, and carrying out really business cooperation to accelerate the process of blockchain commercialization.”

While introducing LINFINITY, Anndy pointed out that LINFINITY aims to build a trusted anti-counterfeiting platform based on blockchain to create a brand-new supply chain ecosystem. By changing the way data used to be stored and unblocking all aspects of data circulation within the supply chain, it effectively solves the pain points of the traditional supply chain industry. “We are excited with our current progress with our FMCG partners and we strongly believe that in the near future, consumers can use our platform to check and verify the authenticity of the product they purchased.”

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