Thanks for the Blockchain Journalist Awards Recognition from #Uptrennd

Thanks Uptrennd for the awards recognition. I got third place for the Best Blockchain Journalist award.

The Community has Spoken and the votes have been counted for Uptrennd’s Blockchain Community Awards. The Winners are as followed in the list below for each category. Big thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate and tag people and projects for each award. The winners are as followed below.


Best Technical Analysis

1st @John8Kelvin2
2nd @JDalmulder
3rd @domscrypto


Best News Source

1st @AltcoinBuzzio
2nd @Cryptonomist_en
3rd @Cointelegraph

Best Community

1st @Bananocoin
2nd @RapidsRPD
3rd @IOTA

Best Crypto Exchange

1st @binance
2nd @Beaxy
3rd @hitbtc

Best Crypto Wallet

1st @Tronwalletme
2nd @TrustWalletApp
3rd @enjin (Wallet)

Best Crypto Youtuber

1st Chris Mueller
2nd DGB Chilling
3rd Altcoin Buzz

Best Blockchain Conference?

1st @anonsummit
2nd @Reimagine2020
3rd @BlockchainVoice @blockchain_con

Best Crypto Twitter

1st @eirik_the
2nd @Cryptonomist_en
3rd @officialmcafee


1st @zibin – PundiX
2nd @colinjcantrell – Nexus
3rd @jimmyzhong_iost/@terrence_iost – IOST Founders @vitalikbuterin – Ethereum

Best Payment Coin

1st EosDT
2nd Nimiq
3rd Apollocurrency

Biggest Train Wreck

1st @steemit
2nd @BitcoinSV
3rd @OfficialXYO & @ApolloCurrency

What is the best fiat onramp/offramp

1st @CoinFlipATM
2nd @coinbase
3rd @BinanceJE & @cryptocom & @UpholdInc

Favorite Female Personality In Crypto?

1st @peko0413
2nd @AmeTomasicchio
3rd @IrishGirlCrypt1

Who Has The Best Podcast?

1st @CRYPTO101Pod
2nd @cryptocampfire
3rd @APompliano

Who is the Best Blockchain Journalist?

1st @jilliangodsil
2nd @AmeTomasicchio
3rd @anndylian


What is the best smart-contract platform in crypto?

1st @Pundixlab
2nd @Ethereum
3rd @Universa (UTNP)

Who has the best developer community in crypto?

1st @PundiX
2nd @Nano
3rd @DigiByte

Best DeFi Project?

1st @pundixlabs
2nd @RCNFinance
3rd @nexofinance & @Cryptocom & @Fuse_network

Biggest Contribution To Adoption In The Last Year?

1st @PundiXLabs
2nd @RapidsRPD
3rd @FerrumNetwork

Best DAPP?

1st @22RacingSeries
2nd @appics_official
3rd @UplandMe

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