Tokyo Linfinity Talk, 1 July 2018

The blockchain scene continues to explode and move in a rapid manner throughout the world. Next stop for Linfinity will be Japan.

Linfinity talk is making its way to Tokyo on 1 July 2018. This time round we will bring along two other companies along. They are:

  1. Befund- A decentralized cryptocurrency fund service platform.
  2. QBao Network- A multi functional cross chain cryto wallet with crytocurrency exchange, digital asset management, online & offline paymenty system, instant message and a Dapp store.

Do join us if you are in town. Our Linfinity CEO, Mr Anndy Lian will be speaking to all of you again, providing updates and insights on what Linfinity has done.

About Linfinity: 

As a reliable distributed business platform based on Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Big Data technology, Linfinity establishes such a platform with reliable data, transparent information, efficient cooperation and interconnected network to cope with the practical business pain points and development demand of corporate users.

Today, one major problem is that a transparent overview of a supply chain’s network is challenging to achieve, leading to difficulty in ensuring the quality and integrity of raw materials and products along supply chains. The longer and more complex a supply chain is, the greater the chance of friction costs, data costs, lack of accountability, negligence, and even counterfeiting as well as fraud. More generally, today’s global supply chains are slow and inefficient, involving undesirable nontransparency in each process and as a result baffling corporate users at various points in a supply chain.

With the revolution of the blockchain technology and experience of Linfinity R&D and product implementation teams’ service experience for both domestic and international Fortune 500 enterprises distributing in the industries of food, tobacco, clothing, medicine and so on, Linfinity aims to solve these current problems and will continue to iterate and update the current informatization solutions to expand to more industries and cross-industry customers based upon the practical experience, such as consultation service and informatization solution R&D and implementation. In the meanwhile, we will develop more brand-new interest allocation models under the secure and reliable new cooperation models by improving business ecosystems combined with our LFT token, correctly aligning the incentives for all participants involved in the system. As a result, this will benefit all suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers on the upstream and terminal retail channels, promoting transparency, automatic settlement, and overall efficiency of Linfinity’s supply chain ecosystem.

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