LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian is Appointed as Member of Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee

On November 14, 2018, LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian attended the “Inauguration Ceremony of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee” organised by the Government of Gyeongsangbuk-do, in South Korea. The committee is comprised of 40 people, including top project sponsors, founders and leaders of blockchain industries, such as Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation; Jeffrey Jones, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea; Alexis Sirkia, founder of GSR; Jonathan Kochmer, former Information Architect of Amazon and Director of Business Development of RChain Cooperative; Eyal Oster, CEO of Momentums and Annastasiah Mhaka, Co-Founder of AAIH (the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Mr. Lian has become the newest member of these ranks, and was presented as the new ambassador of the Blockchain Special Committee. Gyeongsangbuk-do Governor, Lee Cheol-Woo, personally presented him with a Letter of Appointment.

The Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee is aimed at cultivating the blockchain industry, building a blockchain research centre, attracting investment in blockchain-related projects, and promoting the development of the blockchain industry in the city of Gyeongsangbuk-do. “To nurture the blockchain industry, we will work with a special committee of national and international experts to develop strategies in a pre-emptive manner,” Mr. Lee Cheol-Woo, Gyeongsangbuk-do Governor, said at the inauguration ceremony. “The establishment of the committee is not the first time Gyeongsangbuk-do has entered the field of blockchain. This summer [2018], the Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government announced plans to issue its own local cryptocurrency – ‘Gyeongbuk Coin’, which will effectively benefit businesses.”

After the ceremony, Anndy Lian delivered a keynote speech on “The Blockchain Industry Development of Gyeongsangbuk-do”. “I am very pleased to be a member of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Committee. This is not only a personal honour, but also a recognition of LINFINTIY and its commercial development process. It is also a great honour to gather with leaders and elites in the blockchain industry to participate in the development of Gyeongbuk’s blockchain industry. LINFINITY will provide complete technical support.” He added, “As we all know, Gyeongsangbuk-do is rich in high-quality, specialist products – seafood, agricultural products and so on. LINFINITY will also use its own blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting and traceability technology to bring them to markets further afield.”

Since blockchain became a recognised industry, South Korea has always been at the forefront of business, supporting and promoting the industry itself as well as its technological development. The various blockchain test zones led by the South Korean government are in an intensive deployment phase; according to a recent report by Cointelegraph, the South Korean government plans to increase the budget for developing blockchain technology to USD$35million in 2019, three times the allocated budget for 2018.

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新加坡《联合早报》专题报道 | LINFINITY助中小企业区块链“信息上链”


   — Anndy Lian 接受新加坡《联合早报》时说道



经过5个多月的研发与测试,今年10月,LINFINITY成功帮助新加坡灵芝保健品企业Scientific Tradition完成信息上链,并正式交付企业版Dapp进行最后企业内部调试。11月,LINFINITY与日本护发品牌Herbriller正式签署战略合作协议,将为其旗下护发产品启动区块链防伪项目。通过信息上链服务,不仅使得Herbriller供应链数据变得更加安全、可信,消费者也能通过LINFINITY Dapp查询Herbriller产品的详情。更重要的是,通过区块链的信息传递方式,Herbriller还能对其产品之于供应链各个节点与终端的流转情况有一个清楚的认识与把控,让其更加了解自身消费者的群体属性。





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Singapore Lianhe Zaobao: LINFINITY Assists SMEs to Go on Blockchain

“Blockchain technology can help SMEs keep up with the times, inject new vitality into supply chain management, and help enterprises consolidate their position in highly competitive markets.”

—Anndy Lian, Singapore Lianhe Zaobao, November 14th 2018

Today’s edition of Singapore’s forefront Chinese-language newspaper, the Lianhe Zaobao, included a series of special reports on the development of LINFINITY and its commercialisation process. Each report focused specifically on “Cracking down on Fake Goods”, “LINFINITY Enterprise Cooperation”, “DApp Commercialisation”, “LINFINITY Promoting Blockchain Development” and “International Development”.

LINFINITY has maintained focus upon the commercial development of blockchain technology since its establishment, including the promotion of blockchain technology and the construction of a homebrewed LINFINITY-led business ecosystem. Through a continuous stream of attendances at global roadshows, LINFINITY conducts in-depth discussions with political, business and academic figures of various countries over the nature of blockchain and its potential uses in both the academic and economic fields. Taking real market demand as a leading factor, LINFINITY strives to achieve strategic cooperation with international enterprises, so as to empower supply chain management with blockchain technology.

After over five months of research, development, and testing, in October 2018, LINFINITY successfully incorporated information chaining into the structure of Singapore’s Lingzhi healthcare company Scientific Tradition, and officially released the enterprise version of LINFINITY DApp for final internal debugging.

In November, LINFINITY and the Japanese haircare brand Herbriller formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to launch a blockchain anti-counterfeiting project within their supply chain. Again, through LINFINITY’s information chaining service, Herbriller’s supply chain data has become significantly more secure and reliable, whilst also benefiting consumers by letting them request the details of various Herbriller products through LINFINITY DApp. More importantly, through the blockchain information transfer method, Herbriller can also have a clear understanding and control over the flow of its products to the various nodes and terminals in the supply chain, so that they can better understand the group attributes of its own consumers, and be in a better position to combat areas within that chain where product counterfeiting might occur.

CEO of LINFINITY, Anndy Lian, is ever-present within the Lianhe Ziaobao reports. “Blockchain allows for SMEs to envision new applications for their products and services. The greatest value of information chaining is to make information available, transparent and safe in every link of the supply chain, which is beyond the reach of traditional supply chains. Compared to larger enterprises, SMEs are more flexible, and therefore more willing, to embrace the latest cutting-edge technology. It is based on this point that LINFINITY promotes the development of the blockchain industry with SMEs in particular, while at the same time promoting its own commercialisation process, in the hope of bringing quality services to cooperative enterprises.”

(LINFINITY on Singapore Lianhe Zaobao)

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6th Global Leaders Forum 2018 Confirms the Key Strategic Value of Blockchain Technology

Held in Seoul, South Korea from November 12th-13th 2018, the 6th Global Leaders Forum focused heavily on the topic of blockchain technology – emphasised by its tagline “The Invisible is Changing the World”, and by attracting the world’s leading political and business elites to participate – including Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the 4th President of Estonia and Moon Hee Sang, Speaker of National Assembly.

This year’s forum, held by South Korean media TV Chosun, is a premier international forum, gathering many politicians and business elites from around the world to discuss how to accelerate technological innovation to benefit individual business and modern life in the current rapidly developing society of science and technology.

LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian was also in attendance, delivering a keynote speech entitled “Building a Trusted Business Ecosystem to Underlying Blockchain Technology”. Together with industry leaders, including Dae Je Chin, President of the Korea Blockchain Association, and Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, in-depth discussion on “Global Corporations Cultivating Blockchain”, was conducted, which served to confirm the key strategic values of blockchain technology.

At the forum, Mr. Lian demonstrated a set of global counterfeiting product data and posted that the problem of fake goods has become a significant issue within the global manufacturing market. He argued that as traditional anti-counterfeiting methods can no longer meet the needs of the rapidly developing commercial activities employed across the manufacturing industry today, the core of the counterfeiting problem is not the fake markets themselves but the supply chain system that has been deeply hidden, embedded behind the scenes within many different industries. Therefore, in order to solve the pernicious problem of counterfeit goods manufacturing, existing traditional supply chains must be upgraded with the support of the exceptional anti-counterfeiting systems present within blockchain technology.

Mr. Lian moved from here to the topic of LINFINITY’s homebrewed anti-counterfeiting system. “LINFINITY aims to build a reliable anti-counterfeiting traceability supply chain ecosystem that synchronises and authenticates information travelling in-between different entities, by ‘chaining’ the data between diverse processes within any supply chain. Once the information is uploaded onto the chain, it can never be artificially altered, thus effectively combatting the root cause of data counterfeiting within traditional supply chain industries that companies often fall prey to, and therefore suppressing the possibility of counterfeiting.”

LINFINITY asserts that businesses that successfully incorporate LINFINITY DApp into their supply chain should find significantly diminished availability of sensitive data to potential counterfeiting operations, with a demonstration performed for the Forum’s attendees by Mr. Lian. “At present, LINFINITY is market-oriented, with steady advancement into the commercialisation process. This October, LINFINITY DApp was launched and delivered to our business enterprises to achieve informational co-chaining.”

“LINFINITY will continue to seek more business partners to optimise strategic cooperation, continuously iterating and optimising the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, and continue to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other cutting-edge technologies to build a high-quality LINFINITY blockchain business ecosystem.”

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(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian参加第六届全球领袖峰会 )

第六届全球领袖峰会于11月12至13日在韩国首尔召开,此次峰会以“改变世界的潜在力量” 为主题,吸引了包括爱沙尼亚总统Toomas Hendrik Ilves、亚马逊联合创始人Johnathan Kochmer等全球众多政商学界领袖参与。

LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian受邀参加此次峰会,在会上发表了“以区块链技术构建可信任商业生态”的主题演讲,并与韩国区块链协会主席Dae Je Chin,比特币基金会主席Brock Pierce在内的行业领导者就“Global Corporations cultivate blockchain”进行深入讨论,确认了区块链技术的关键战略价值。

会上,Anndy Lian用一组组真实的假货数据为切入点,阐述了假货问题已经成为目前全球制造业市场所面临的共同难题。目前,以传统的防伪方式已经满足不了现在快速发展的商业行为,而造成假货问题的核心并非假货市场本身,而是暗藏在各个产业背后的供应链系统,即解决假货顽疾,需以区块链技术对现有传统供应链进行升级。

“LINFINITY 旨在构建一个可信任的防伪溯源供应链生态系统,通过将供应链各环节信息上链来达到信息相互同步与认证,信息一旦上链绝不会被篡改,有效解决了传统供应链行业对于信息数据无法精确把控的痛点,抑制了制假与售假的可能性。”Anndy Lian说道,“目前,LINFINITY 以市场为主导,正稳步推进商业化进程,在今年10月份已经推出LINFINITY DApp ,并交付相关合作企业,协助其信息上链。”随后,Anndy Lian 向与会嘉宾们演示了LINFINITY DApp 并说道:“LINFINITY将继续寻找更多的商业伙伴达成战略合作,不断地迭代优化DApp技术研发,融合物联网、人工智能等前沿技术构建优质的LINFINITY区块链商业生态。”


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LINFINITY Signs MOU with Japanese Company Herbriller to Explore Trust-Based Applications of Blockchain

LINFINITY has begun to set foot from their base in Singapore into their Japanese neighbours, having hosted LINFINITY Talk: a gathering which aims to cater to mutual community- and knowledge-building between the two Asian technological powerhouses. LINFINITY has also maintained a presence in regional conferences, speaking to and meeting with international organisations. After several months of business negotiation, LINFINITY has signed an agreement with the Japanese haircare brand Herbriller.

“We have always hoped to find a partner who looks to expand through blockchain, so as to enable their customers to know more about their products. Herbriller will be the first Japanese brand who will work with us in this way.” – Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY.

Herbriller is, first and foremost, a haircare brand, specialising in products made with 100% natural ingredients such as Nakanishi’s eponymous henna; this, and other ingredients promoted by this brand have been used in holistic hair care for generations and is familiar to most potential customers. Its developer, Yoko Nakanishi, is the founder and advisor of Nature Henna Shirodhara Research Society as well as the well-established author of “The Mystical Herb, Henna”.

They have a range of home and salon hair care products for hair care professionals and their customers. In a single treatment, their product covers and removes white hairs, helps to nourish hair, and rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth.

“Many people have heard of henna, yet few know that it has many grades of quality. Unlike many of our competitors, we only use top quality ingredients for our brand to ensure the highest quality and maximise its effectiveness.” said Mr. Hirofumi Watanabe, the founder of Herbriller. “We know that our loyal customers are following our range of products actively. They have also given us new suggestions and we hope to interact with them and let them know more about other products we have in place. We are confident in our quality and the ingredients used in our products, so we have decided to keep our company open and transparent by storing all of our product information on LINFINITY’s blockchain platform during this trial.”

In the MOU, LINFINITY and Herbriller agreed on a trail operation with LINFINITY’s blockchain technology and Herbriller’s hair care products. The key factor in this deal was LINFINITY’s on information chain trial results with healthcare company Scientific Tradition. This knowledge going forward will give confidence to future collaborations with other companies in our pipeline.

With cooperation with Herbriller confirmed, LINFINITY will enter a new developmental phase for its upcoming anti-counterfeiting and source tracking Dapp-based trial. LINFINITY will continue to develop new technological breakthrough during the process of working with Herbriller and will also bring their blockchain-supported hair care products into the Greater China and international markets.

About Herbriller:

Herbriller is Japan’s No. 1 100% natural white hair cover product. It is a holistic system for salons and hair care professionals to care for their customers’ hair and health. Besides a healthier and safer alternative for white hair cover, the 100% natural vegetal ingredients formula also rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth and nourishes the hair.

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LINFINITY Announcement | LFT has been Listed on Bitget Exchange

LFT has been officially listed on Bitget Exchange on 12 November, 2018 (Singapore Time).

Deposit time: 12 November, 2018

Transaction time: 13 November, 2018

Trading pair: USDT



Thanks for your support for LINFINITY.



                        LINFINITY Team

12 November, 2018


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LINFINITY公告 | LFT已正式上线 币得(Bitget) 交易平台

LFT已于2018年11月12日(新加坡时间),正式上线 币得(Bitget) 交易平台。










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Herbriller是日本知名美发护理品牌,因其纯天然的原材料以及特殊的制作工艺深受业界人士青睐。其创始人Hirohumi Watanabe与会上表达了对纯天然护发领域的信息透明和信任问题的担忧,他提到:“Herbriller一直坚持选用最高品质的成分原料,这也是我们产品竞争力的核心。有必要让消费者知道我们的产品信息,因此很期待与LINFINITY合作,将我们的产品信息上链,利用区块链分布式账本技术更高的透明度和信任度让消费者获得我们的产品信息,分享我们的理念。”

“此次LINFINITY与Herbriller的合作将进一步提升区块链与传统行业的融合,共同打造一个企业、商家与消费者所共建的信任纽带和商业生态。LINFINITY要引领并赋能更多的企业,让更多的传统企业实实在在感受到区块链技术的真实感以及其带来的价值。与Herbriller的合作将是LININITY Dapp推动行业实际业务成果和协作的又一个理想示例。“Anndy说道。

目前,LINFINITY 基于区块链技术的防伪溯源方案已经成功帮助新加坡知名的灵芝保健品牌Scientific Tradition完成信息上链工作,并在今年十月向Scientific Tradition交付企业内测版Dapp。 Anndy补充道, LINFINITY Dapp正是为了解决信任问题而创建,消费者可以通过LINFINITY Dapp确切的知道他们所购买的产品的信息。同时,LINFINITY将为我们合作的商家提供最终客户的相关数据和即时的商品流转信息,我们会通过安全的数据系统,让商家接触大众消费者,促进商品更符合目标消费者的需求。




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Anndy Lian会晤韩国政商学代表 LINFINITY欲拓展韩国市场


1、LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian受邀到访韩国庆北市,与韩国区块链协会产业发展委员长 Taehee Woo,韩国延世大学 Youngsoo Park教授,Blockchain Lab 首席执行官 Charles Lee深度探讨。

2、Anndy向各位嘉宾介绍并演示了LINFINITY商业落地的LINFINITY Dapp 1.0版本。


LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian受邀到访韩国庆北市,并与前韩国驻美大使馆参赞、韩国产业通商资源部政策制定官、现韩国区块链协会产业发展委员长 Taehee Woo,韩国延世大学 Youngsoo Park教授,Blockchain Lab 首席执行官 Charles Lee,就“区块链商业化应用”为主题进行深度探讨。

LINFINITY最新的商业落地成果LINFINITY Dapp获政、学、商界的赞赏

会上,Anndy Lian以新加坡Scientific Tradition的灵芝保健产品为例,演示了LINFINITY Dapp解决防伪的技术问题。他说道:“LINFINITY是一家专注于为供应链构建可信任商业生态的区块链公司,通过信息上链的方式,为传统供应链解决数据的真实性与有效传递等问题。”韩国区块链协会产业发展委员长Taehee Woo对于LINFINITY表现出浓厚兴趣。他说道:“区块链的成功,一定是全行业的成功,甚至是全社会的成功,这样才能创造真正的价值。非常欣赏LINFINITY始终专注于区块链技术在商业应用的努力,利用新技术为整个供应链行业发展提供服务”。


韩国延世大学Youngsoo Park教授表示:“韩国政府一直高度关注区块链技术发展,尤其像庆北市现已成国内区块链产业重镇,特别在政府公共事业服务方面,极有可能成为韩国首个“市政服务+区块链”的试点省份。”同时,Taehee Woo也强调,我们期待能够与LINFINITY这样的企业进行更多的交流与合作,共同推动整个行业的规范与发展。

会后,Anndy Lian总结道:LINFINITY商业化进程始终围绕市场需求开展,发展至今已与多家品牌达成战略合作,为多家国际企业提供LINFINITY区块链技术支持。基于此,LINFINITY将积极拓展韩国市场,让韩国企业也能享受到LINFINITY优质的服务。

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Expanding LINFINITY Footprint into the South Korea Market with the Help of Political, Academics and Business Community

Blockchain implementation has always been the key initiative at LINFINITY. LINFINITY CEO, Mr Anndy Lian had a fruitful discussion with Mr Taehee Woo, former Counsellor of the South Korean Embassy in the USA; Professor Youngsoo Park of Yensei University of Korea, and Mr Charles Lee, CEO of Blockchain Lab.

 LINFINITY Dapp, LINFINITYs Latest Commercial Achievement, Received Significant Political, Academic and Business Interest

Anndy has spoke of the success of LINFINITY Dapp in terms of its strict anti-counterfeiting protocols: “LINFINITY is a blockchain company that focuses on building a trusted business ecosystem for the supply chain, addressing issues such as authenticity and efficient transmission of data for traditional supply chain by uploading data to blocks.” During these talks, Anndy demonstrated LINFINITY Dapp’s security measures further, using the success of the Lingzhi healthcare products brand produced by Singapore Scientific Tradition to demonstrate this. Taehee Woo, Chairman of the Industrial Development Committee of the Korea Blockchain Association, stated that “The success of blockchain, must be the success of the whole industry – indeed, the success of the whole society – if it is to create real value. I greatly appreciate that LINFINITY has always focused on the commercial applications of blockchain, using innovative technologies to serve the entire supply chain industry.”

South Korea’s legalisation of Bitcoin and development of a short-term blockchain development strategy to nurture 10,000 industry talents and 100 blockchain companies showcases their intent to become world leaders in the field, according to a report issued by BlockData. The Korea Internet & Security Agency revealed that the South Korean government plans to expand the number of blockchain projects within the public domain – with a dedicated KRW ₩ 10bn+ (USD$9m+) budget.

Youngsoo Park, Professor of Yonsei University of Korea, said: “The Korean government has been paying great attention to the development of blockchain technology, and Gyeongbuk has now become a major blockchain industrial center, especially within the field of government public utility services. It is likely to become South Korea’s first pilot province integrating both municipal services and blockchain technology. Taehee Woo expressed hope for the success of these services, stating that they “looked forward to more exchanges and cooperation with enterprises such as LINFINITY, to jointly promote the regulation and development of the entire blockchain industry.”

After the meeting, Anndy Lian concluded that the LINFINITY commercialisation process has always been carried out on the basis of market demand, and, so far, it has strategically co-operated with several brands to provide specialist LINFINITY blockchain technical support for a number of international companies.

Based on the success of these talks in Gyeongbuk, it is hoped that LINFINITY will actively expand the South Korean market, both in terms of its own successes and broader applications of blockchain technology, in the pursuit of showcasing the excellent services of LINFINITY to South Korean enterprises.

For more information about LINFINITY and their future activities, please visit or contact


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