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Interview by Vizaca: Anndy Lian, CEO Of Linfinity

Anndy Lian has directly performed in the field for more than 15 years. With his experience and the futuristic approach, he managed to perform in 360° as a business strategist. Including local, international organization and public listed companies, he managed to provide proficient advisory to a vast variety of industries. Before connecting to Linfinity, Anndy proudly served a non-profitable organization and quasi government-linked organizations.

Tell us about yourself?

Prior to Linfinity, I worked in not-for-profit and quasi-government linked organizations, and also the Deputy Director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA). I am an avid supporter of incubating start-ups and have investments in a few health-related companies. I have also been a private investor for the past eight years. A year and a half ago, I was working in medical treatment in Singapore. At a seminar with US pharmaceutical companies and drug research institutes, the issue of counterfeit drugs was taken seriously.

The result of the final multi-party discussion was that the latest blockchain technology may be the most possible to knock down counterfeit drugs. Then, I put the drug traceability in the important position of the entire “blockchain + supply chain” program and started my Linfinity blockchain tour in late 2017.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

This year, blockchain technology has been combined with more traditional subdivision industries. Blockchain has begun to influence the market structure, with more companies focusing on business transformation. New ecosystems with smart contract technology will be integrated into existing industries and new business and regulatory models will emerge.

Compared with other peers, Linfinity has made it clear that it will not conduct any form of ICO since its inception. Our direction is very clear, that is to focus on commercializing our technology, and construct a trusted supply chain ecosystem on the basis of market demand.

At present, Linfinity has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with several international companies, such as Alishan Group, WealthBriefingAsia, Scientific Tradition, Rongde Logistics, and Herbriller. Linfinity Dapp beta 1.0 has been officially launched and delivered to enterprises for further debugging.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

This is a very good question. I think that blockchain is growing fast today and has huge potential, not just for changing the current world, but also its potential to shape the future. There will be a closer combination of traditional industries and blockchain in the next three years. At present, the entire blockchain industry is still in the exploratory stage, and with the development of the Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI), blockchain+LoT+AI can greatly enhance the feasibility of uploading information into blocks, ensuring that offline objects are accurately mapped on the chain, which enhances the overall credibility of the system, and then achieve blockchain commercialization in more scenarios.

Linfinity is not creating an industry, but using new technologies to serve the development of the entire supply chain industry, accelerating the landing of this trusted ecosystem scenario.

What was the most important part of your whole business journey?

The most important part, I think, is the spread of blockchain knowledge through global roadshows. The blockchain is not a new concept, but its current practical application is concentrated in the field of digital currency. Nowadays, pseudo-blockchain projects that are rapidly financing in the name of blockchain are everywhere, which stems from people’s lack of understanding of blockchain. More importantly, many enterprises are even less clear about where to start using blockchain technology, unilaterally thinking that moving from the original business model to “blockchainization” is a rather complicated process.

It is through global roadshows that allow businesses and users to truly understand and benefit from blockchain. “Blockchainization” is not complicated, enterprises will not need to upload information of the whole of every business process, but only package and upload necessary information according to their own needs.

Moreover, Linfinity provides several ways to assist enterprise users in their business applications of the blockchain.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

What I am doing now is the best. Blockchain is first and foremost an emerging industry, and it is also a cutting-edge technology alongside AI and IoT. But the difference is that blockchain technology has lower thresholds and can better cooperate with various industries.

For example, Linfinity is specifically dedicated to providing quality solutions for supply chain information delivery problems in traditional industries. Through Linfinity blockchain technology, the information is packaged and uploaded into blocks, which makes the information of goods public, transparent and safe in the process of circulation. The most direct benefit is that it can help to solve intellectual property right and counterfeiting problems of specific industries.

The negative side may be that due to people’s lack of understanding of blockchain, many people equate bitcoin with blockchain, and some illegal speculators even commit crimes under the name of blockchain.

What takes up too much of your time?

It is global communication. Linfinity is a company with a global perspective. In Asia, we currently have cooperation in Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Bangkok. We further plan to expand to other regions; Linfinity Forum held in London and the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement remark a small step towards our entry into the European market; the American market plan has been launched, and we are now in contact with a large US logistics company, and cooperation with them is only a matter of time. I spend most of my time on this, and I’m happy to do that.

The vision of Linfinity is to form industry gathering from technology landing and finally realize the construction of a trusted supply chain ecosystem to serve the society and create value. The construction of new supply chain ecosystem requires the cooperation with more large, medium and small-sized enterprises. It is necessary to truly mobilize the resources of the whole society and make joint efforts.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

In this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, I think that as an entrepreneur, we should return to the essence of business through impetuous phenomena.

First, to clarify our business logic and figure out where the final profit point is. Second, to do a basic project planning, the purpose of doing this is to understand why we should take risks, spend energy, time, resources and money to do this, and how to achieve our goal.

Finally, we must have a basic team structure. To turn an idea into a successful enterprise, the key factor is to have a strong management team. Members of this team must have rich professional technical knowledge, managerial skills and many years of work experience. We should clear up these points before starting a business.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I have been deeply impressed by many projects in this industry. In fact, there are many excellent projects in the blockchain industry, people are engaged in different aspects, so then the solution is not the same.

For example, the blockchain industry can be roughly divided into technology group and business group.

The technology group focuses on the blockchain technology itself, and they may devote more time and energy to the development and optimization of blockchain public chain, and of course, the achievements of these projects are inestimable, especially for improving the access efficiency of the blockchain, it is especially significant.

The business group is market-oriented, such as Linfinity. We are always focusing on the use of blockchain technology phased achievements to solve the market pain point, optimize and improve the key and difficult problems in various industries.

What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough?

The blockchain industry is currently a place good and bad mixed together. On the one hand, it is because that the industry itself is very new, the development time is not long, many aspects are not mature; on the other hand, the market lacks certain supervision, the phenomenon of “inferior cryptocurrencies drives out superior ones” occurs from time to time.

For me, in addition to the potential of Linfinity project, my team is also my driving force. The members of our team are professionals and elites from different industries. Although some of them have not worked on blockchain-related projects before, they are rooted in traditional industries and have exceptionally sharp insights into the market’s pain point. This is very important and necessary for Linfinitymarket-oriented commercialization process of blockchain technology, and this is also an advantage that many peers may not have.

How people should connect with you?

For collaboration and questions, Feel free to reach my Email

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LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian:区块链赋能供应链重在落地

供应链越长越复杂,欺诈和渎职的机会就越大。LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian指出,传统供应链不安全,而区块链有潜力帮助供应链进行更透明更具穿透力的管理。

全球贸易中假冒伪劣商品的总价值接近5000亿美元;非洲最大的药品市场尼日利亚,有64%的抗疟疾药是假的……真实性的食品药品安全丑闻在世界各地不断上演。“供应链越长越复杂,欺诈和渎职的机会就越大。在一个日益复杂的世界里,恶意参与者的数量也会大幅增加,这是很自然的事情。随着时间的推移,除了上述问题外,我们还看到透明度和问责制有所下降”LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian指出,“传统供应链不安全,而区块链有潜力帮助供应链进行更透明更具穿透力的管理。”

LINFINITY Dapp 1.0版本上线




值得注意的是,目前LINFINITY Dapp 1.0版本已正式上线,并交付企业使用。而首站便选择了医疗保健品牌Scientific Tradition作为试点项目。据了解,Scientific Tradition的灵芝产品全部采用长白山野生灵芝,为保证野生长白山灵芝的药理活性,Scientific Tradition自建了培养种植园,在园中完全模拟长白山野生灵芝所需的自然环境,包括水、温度、湿度与光照强度等。LINFINITY团队历经数月,对Scientific Tradition的一款旗舰灵芝产品从选种到成品的全过程进行了实地考察与信息采集,现正为其提供信息上链方面的服务。

Anndy对金色财经表示:“简单来说,DAPP 1.0版本主要是完成信息上链阶段的工作。细分来讲,我们设定将产品信息分为三类,静态信息(如产品名称)、动态信息(如生产日期、批次号)与影像信息(产品图片或视频),将这些信息存入一个IPFS的数据库中,并打包上传至LINFINITY的子链上,并同时生成对应特有的QR码,当商品流转到消费者端时,只通过LINFINITY Dapp扫描商品上QR码便能查询商品的详细信息,识别商品的真伪,并能溯源各个环节。当然这个过程也是企业获得消费者信息的过程,这对企业来说是十分有必要的,如此便构成了一个商业生态系统。”


Anndy对金色财经透露:“LINFINITY Dapp后续还将不断优化,迭代升级。并针对不同的公司进行实地考察,在工厂建立可信设备,逐步完善溯源过程。为企业和用户之间建立完备信任。”诚然,区块链目前的发展还处于初级阶段。Anndy也坦然指出:“区块链技术并不成熟但这并不代表我们做不任何事情,所以LINFINITY目前的1.0版本采用的方式是选取一个较小的点进行切入,让使用这个Dapp 的公司了解区块链,虽然只是信息上链,但好过什么东西都没有。通过让使用的企业接触区块链,让他们了解整个过程,才能逐步积累丰富的行业场景与技术,加速商业化成果。”


多方合作:LINFINITY在全球范围内开展了多场LINFINITY TALK、LINFINITY论坛、LINFINITY圆桌会议等商业路演。并与台湾、新加坡包括和阿里山集团、Crossinves、RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP、RHT Holdings、RONGDE Logistics、Scientific Tradition、WealthBriefingAsia等多家国际企业签订战略合作协议。


专注快消品行业:据Anndy介绍指出,LINFINITY 不只是限于保健品、化妆领域,未来将逐步引入香烟、红酒、白酒等快消品牌。Anndy表示:“快消品行业影响着人们生活的基础,用户体量大,同时也存在很多黑心的商家。从快消品做起,建立起品牌和用户的信任感是必要的也是重要的。”




对于未来,Anndy有着清晰的目标:首先是加强厂商合作,带动消费者参与LINFINITY Dapp的使用;其次是引入Token,一方面将Token引入商业,让厂商拥有使用区块链的动力,另一部分让消费者看到Token的实用价值和实际益处,促进LINFINITY整个生态体系的构建。



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린피니티Linfinity,무한 가능성에 접속하라 린피니티 Linfinity, 블록체인, IoT, 빅데이터 기반 유통·공급망 관리 플랫폼

▲ Linfinity CEO _ Anndy Lian

린피니티(Linfinity)의 CEO 앤디 리안(Anndy Lian)은 아시아에서 15년 이상의 비즈니스 경험을 가진 전문 컨설턴트다. 싱가포르 국제 문제연구소, 싱가포르 비즈니스 연맹 등 정부 기관 및 기업, 비영리단체 등 다양한 분야에서 활동했다. 싱가포르에 본사를 두고 있는 ANCL Pte Ltd의 CEO이기도 한 그는 아시아 지역의 비즈니스가 세계 여러 나라와 파트너십을 구축하는 데 많은 영향을 주고 있다. 최근 앤디 대표는 한국에 있는 린피니티 사무실을 거점으로 8년 동안 활동하면서 국내 블록체인 밋업과 컨퍼런스 포럼 등에 초청되어 린피니티의 사업 방향과 모델 그리고 블록체인에 관한 다각적인 연설을 진행하기도 했다.

린피니티는 블록체인, IoT 및 빅데이터 기술을 기반으로 한 안정적인 분산형 비즈니스 플랫폼을 제공한다. 신뢰할 수 있는 데이터, 투명한 정보, 효율적인 협력 및 상호 연결된 네트워크를 통해 실용적인 비즈니스 문제와 기업 사용자의 개발 요구에 대응할 수 있는 플랫폼을 구축하고 있다. 공급망이 길고 복잡할수록 비용이 증가하고, 책임감이 줄어들고, 위조나 사기의 위험성이 증대하게 되는 문제점을 가지고 있다. 린피니티는 해당 문제를 블록체인 기술과 린피니티 R&D의 경험과 제품 구현 팀이 식품, 담배, 의류, 의약품 등 산업에 종사하는 Fortune 500 대 기업에 대한 서비스 경험을 통해 느리고 비효율적인 공급망의 문제를 해결하는 것을 목표로 삼고 있다.

TVCC는 린피니티(Linfinity)의 CEO 앤디 리안(Anndy Lian)과의 일문일답을 통해 더욱 깊은있는 이야기를 나눠봤다.

Q: 회사명이 린피니티(Linfinity)이다… 특별한 의미가 있는지?
Anndy: 린피니티는 일단 두 가지 단어의 합성어입니다. Link와 infinity의 합성어로 설명할 수 있습니다. 그 어떤 실체적인 것은 무한대로 추적하고 기록할 수 있고, 그것들을 서로 긴밀하게 연결해 준다는 의미로 받아들이면 될 것 같습니다. 무엇이든 투명하게 공개될 수 있어 수준 높은 공급망이 형성되고 그 과정에서 블록체인 기술을 기반으로 한다는 점을 말씀드리고 싶습니다.

Q: 그렇다면 린피니티에서 보유 기술로 어떤 문제를 해결할 수 있나?
Anndy: 일단 기업과 고객들에게 가짜 정보와 악성 문제들로부터 보호해 주는 것을 우선으로 하고 있습니다. 그런 악성코드의 소스를 끝까지 추적해서 개입하지 못하도록 하는 것이 첫 번째 임무이고, 두 번째로 기업이나 고객이 원하는 작업을 주문하면 그것들을 전반적으로 관리해 줄 수 있는 프로그램이 있으므로 개인적으로 부담하는 운영비용을 절감할 수 있는 것에 도움이 된다고 보면 좋습니다. 쉽게는 문서를 작성하는 데도 도움이 된다고 보면 좋습니다. 최종적으로 이런 상호작용으로 인해 질 좋은 에코 시스템이 형성되고 우리는 보다 더 좋은 공급망으로 발전할 수 있다는 것입니다.

Q: 상호 작용하는 배경에 ‘토큰’이 있다고 했는데, 해당 토큰이 에코시스템에서의 어떤 역할을 하나?
Anndy: 좋은 질문입니다. 린피니티는 ‘LFT’라는 토큰을 활용하고 있습니다. ‘LFT’토큰은 질 좋은 에코시스템을 형성하게끔 도와줍니다. 우리의 토큰은 사업과 사업을 연결해주는 것 뿐만 아니라 고객과 고객을 연결시켜 주며, 마치 원을 이루듯 또 사업과 고객이 연결 되게끔 만들고 있습니다. 그리고 또 다른 이가 그곳에 참여할 수 있도록 도와주기도 합니다. ‘LFT’토큰은 이용자들에게 긍정적인 효과를 제공하도록 도와주는 매개체라고 설명하고 싶습니다.

Q: 한국에서도 블록체인 생태계의 비약적인 발전이 이뤄지고 있다고 보는데?
Anndy: 한국은 블록체인과 가상통화를 가장 빠르게 이해하고 받아들이는 열정적인 분위기의 국가입니다. 의사결정이 굉장히 빠르고 신기술에 우호적인 만큼 앞으로 활발하게 사업을 펼쳐 나가고 싶습니다. 이미 한국에서의 활동도 순조롭게 진행 중이다. 한국의 물류 및 화장품, 정보통신(IT) 분야의 기업 5곳과도 MOU 진행을 앞두고 있다. 그 밖에도 20곳 넘는 기업들과 린피니티 플랫폼 도입을 논의 중입니다.

Q: 마지막으로 한국에서 진행되는 블록체인 관련 컨퍼런스나 밋업 등 행사에 관한 생각은?
Anndy: 한국의 블록체인 행사장을 찾았을 때 설치된 여러 부스의 모습은, 마치 Linfinity가 가진 의미와 같은 느낌을 받았습니다. 행사장에 설치된 다양한 형태의 부스와 블록체인 관련 기술 및 활용성을 설명해주는 사람들을 보면서, 이 나라의 중심과 행사장 내에 부스들이 무한히 연결되어 있다는 느낌을 받았습니다. 이처럼 한국에서 진행되는 블록체인 이벤트들은 너무 멋지고 훌륭하다고 생각합니다. 참가하는 사람들이 새로운 주제를 찾아다니면서 새로운 블록체인에 대해 더 많이 배울 수 있어서 행복해하는 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 이런 큰 이벤트를 통해 관계자는 물론 블록체인 대중화에 많은 도움이 될 것으로 생각됩니다.

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