Anndy Lian Shares Insights on Blockchain Technology Adoption for Government

Anndy Lian, an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and book author of Blockchain Revolution 2030 met up with Jan and Nic from Bitcoinlive to share industry updates. Anndy touched on topics on how receptive are governments when it comes to blockchain adoption.

  • How acceptable are governments with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?
  • How will blockchain value add to some of the governmental initiatives?
  • We are doing better than the traditional markets right now. What should be the mindset of crypto companies in the next few months?
  • Huge number of Bitcoins bought by institutions, what are the possible outcomes? – How regulations can keep the industry safe?

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Anndy Morning all good

bright and sunny outside yes you can see

oh wow yeah it’s good to see you it’s

been a while yeah good to see you in

real life you know how’s things going

yeah yeah we have been through a lot lot

of development on the outside a lot of

nice interviews nice people joining us

from Twitter

we had gokon crypto on the show and

crypto finally yeah two big influencers

and they know a lot about crypto and

blockchain as well from the states and a

lot of new guests are lining up yeah so

that’s really cool

but it’s good to see you yeah so how are

things at your end and any new

developments you’re working on not not

really not really but yeah in about a

month time or so you know I have to look

at some some other activities with the

government because my mind my beauty

with them is that going to beat you soon

so I’m also thinking of what else do you

do you know the for me from from a

governance perspective and also at the

same time we we also get other things so

so they’re new commands a female that’s

really exciting Anndy I see you you’re

enthusiastic about something but you

cannot tell us yet so we’ll wait and

we’ll wait and see

yeah really I’m getting excited if I see

that look in someone’s eyes then yeah

we’ll keep watching and learning so let

me know like you need anything in terms

of you know if you look at the crypto

finally and and and the ladies and so

forth you know most of them they are

speaking from the same time zone yeah

and so I I was also finding the idea of

having multiple speakers here on

different times

from different countries permanently as

a as a segment yeah so so that we could

all interact and share some of the

latest updates you know from from the

crypto scene or from the critical

business scenes and so forth so that it

would be something then be good we could

have a own version of DOS at any of them

yeah yeah great that would be really

nice can Paul

yes yeah yeah well you know tell them

about this idea I think it’s a really

great idea because you also had the

blink list you on Twitter and yeah and I

personally think we spoke to a lot of

people last time we had at one or slap

in the show as well and that guy had so

much knowledge about how do you say it

again validating a crypto wallet he

explained to us he’s a programmer as

well that we have a lot of trust in in

wallet and he says crypto is very safe

but the wallets aren’t a lot of wallets

aren’t and I well I was scared a little

bit but he explained it in a really nice

way and he is trying to validate as much

as many wallets as possible to help the

crypto community be safe and he knows a

lot about blockchain as well so that’s a

really nice to get to talk to more and

more people who have their expertise in

in different parts of crypto and

blockchain so I think your ID would be

really great to try out yeah just

combine different perspectives and on

the crypto world some technical some

just use case and some yeah so you can

combine all those knowledge oh yeah

although no mature wisdom because I’m

because I’m on a very practical side of

things he’s he or she is right that most

of the wallets are not not compliant and

I’m not safe in many methods but then

the next thing would be which one will

be the good wallet yeah so based on what

I see there are a couple of good ones

but many many bad ones wrong so yeah so

then there will be a separate that would

be a separate channel yes yeah I also

almost thought about making our own

Bitcoin live wallet my spy him but then

I was getting a little bit scared if

people put a lot and a lot of money in

their wallet and it will go wrong then I

will be accountable yeah this is best

legality issues when you do that so yeah

I will not ever ething is decentralized

okay right no we just keep this off yeah

we’re now live in the show you are live

in the stream there Anndy so that’s

important to know

yeah you do you jumped into the last

year so yeah this is life ya know we can

talk about wallets and so far one on

another on another day you know some

Chinese experts in our shared someone so

yeah I would yeah when it comes wallets

yeah you know so let’s let’s do that man

let’s do that okay what are we going to

talk about the daemon yeah we want to

talk about governments yeah so because

you you’ve done a lot of work also I

think with European governments but of

course a lot of work in Asia and we know

some of the European developments but we

have we have no clear view of what’s

happening in Asia if you can tell us

something about it but also your work on

in Europe is I think very interesting

because you’re working behind yeah

behind the screens yeah we aren’t I

seeing no okay

so maybe maybe some of some of the

things about government is neck

a lot of things are behind the scene

right now most of the most of the work

that is being done very much on on a

partially trial schemes we are the one

who have very very certain technology in

place before they roll it out on a

national level

yeah so so start up the government that

I’m involved with I’m not going to name

them because they are Sun sensitivity

behind this all right but but I can

share if you do a few things that are

already in the pipeline yeah some of

them are really working on a digital

identity how the identification is going

to work you know when it comes to the

the data and the sensitivities and and

so forth so I know government are really

working up at that yeah some government

like Singapore they have rolled out

things like um satisfying certificates

you know the applications beyond

diplomas right education so that that is

a really being done by some of the

government I know one of them is

Singapore and is the open project open

source so that that day something is

done the identity one is a bit yeah this

would be a sensitive super go I know I

do not want to name Budhia

now on soil but apart from apart from

all these things you know they are also

looking at several things one is how we

could really create a kind of trust

between the citizens and also between

the government setups or the government

organisations yeah we are also looking

at how blockchain can help to create the

kind of trust there between between the

two bodies so it’s just again in a very

generic sharing session here

so I also I would betray the trust sorry

so you you said they want to establish

trust between the user and the public

and the government so so yes yeah how

what’s their few on how to reach that

goal how do they one do you you have to

see the whole situation based on

different countries you know some some

countries they have already gotten a

very good digitized platform that

provides feedback that provides voting

that provides a two-way communication

between a citizen and the government you

know some some of them have really done

that so for those who have done that

based on what I understand many of them

felt that you know it’s not necessary to

look at blockchain because they have to

I really have a system that is good and

running yeah

if no one to spend too much time on

something that is new and potentially

put them in yeah the worst off stage you

know so so that is that is you know part

one of it part two of it where

government are a little bit more

backwards they are willing to change the

system which you have not that great

system they are all very happy to look

at how blockchain strong film in humans

as a truss yeah we you you just take

that base for them have been we are very

two sided right now you know on

technology adoption so they want

something I state and I was just is also

sharing another another part of the

government would like to actively push

the word innovation into the system and

a day of often spec blockchain of

cryptocurrency as a form of innovation

that they they one will look at so so I

think for for government we are yeah

open yeah they are not very open to

everything because the he would you

would be

Reese you know what if something goes

wrong when you implement something like

this so yes – we might open India in a

very much safe zone right now a learning

stage yeah but they’re catching up very

fast because um I think we said yeah I

put up a tweet post you know on Twitter

saying that you don’t more more sound

professional you know should be taking

up roles within the government sector

you know within a business sector you

know or even within a crypto company yes

um III do see that if we can get in more

people who are like-minded a very sound

in your thinking yeah the duction within

the government sector would be a lot


because right now a lot of the scholars

or the the higher position guys they do

not understand the technology to n you

know because they are not they are not

business people you know they tend to

pick on a very safe route yeah you know

you have two more companies would ever

be F them some or the interpreter kind

of mind to grass you’re right right

alright so they have some problems you

know trying to set up you know whether

they are going for option a option B

yeah yeah is an option C so so things

are very very dragon you know whether or

not they wanted to wait on me people not

want me to it yeah yeah and it’s also a

big change of course if you go to like a


crustless or maybe or a digital dollar

it’s like a huge but but also Nick you

you touch the subject lightly I just

downloaded the app of cific its kind of

privacy it’s it’s your identity a

digital identity and you have to put a

lot of your data in it so it’s a bit

tricky I don’t know I I sent

decentralized it is but it will be

probably used to give your access to

certain health care health care or


for traveling so you can use it for both

sides for good things to be safe and to

that that you can own your own data so

you each time you have to give some data

you will get asked – if it’s ok to share

it yeah this is what did you buy it

works on

yeah actually rotate and icon is doing

that the same thing I think in in Asia

and there’s a few more big platforms or

really good well develop platforms who

are trying to do this but you also

always have the part that that you can

also use the privacy in a different kind

of way so that’s a little bit tricky you

have to trust the other end of the part

of the party that’s working on it yeah

yeah do you think without saying any

countries or names of countries do you

think that will be a very will be coming

soon in a lot of countries that you have

to have an app like that or in a way of

governance through through a through an

app decentralized app well see seen

since Israel I recorded you know I do

not want to mention our country but we

will see a very strong pilot trow the

Left will be announced in the public in

the next six to eight months

yep four four four four what for that

for that for that part of all of things

yeah but I also do see that blockchain

companies actively trying to reach out

to government there are unrelated

companies or organization to salya a

solution and under and out of which a

huge proportion of it goes into the the

identity each time that he kind of a


and that that is actually a very bad big

step back you know for Gotham yeah if

you look at it if you look at some of

the proposes that I have seen or some

that were being recirculated to us you

will realize that it creates a very bad

stigma for us you know from from the

blockchain industry because most of

these solutions are not really so as

more of these companies go into

government can deal with that kind of

you know maybe half-tons illusion yes

it’s going to keep us a very bad thing

so I I’ve seen you know I’ve seen people

who are trying to solve the KYC yeah

yeah or trying to solve some banking

related issues you know on blockchain

Oslo probably identify the data how they

capture the data from the screen and

then how they make those daytime to

certificate to identify that hey you you

are to are Nicolas let’s go for pizza

yeah but but those data has a lot of

undo poets well yeah you know though so

in my opinion is done for companies who

are really serious about your business

and we may or may not know that they are

not ready here this should really you

know sherry in the public and then see

some expert opinion on some of the

things that they are trying to put forth

because as a as a government guide as

well you know we look at things that are

credible you know wow we just imagine

you know you just imagine open up to a

tender for for blockchain related

projects pertaining to each identity

yeah five tender that that you get or

some of the five proposes that you get

for them are not ready you know and then

one of them they seem to be ready but

you know the government guys would have

real of us you know a lot of skeptical

thoughts you know they are unknown

the projects right so they might think I

very man you know all these the

blockchain guys are not doing the job

properly and get solutions are not that

great you know why don’t you go back to

the same ol same ol bender you know that

there’s in our country that is doing

well reading in the market or they

already doing facial recognition and

blah blah blah and so so III have this

more personal guy I don’t think that

this should put up projects that are not

really and then push it to the

government because then will then go

back to the mix go go to the next topic

about regulations and Katya if we have

the kind of impression of perception

that you know oh this is busy sir this

is abortion industry you know then then

then what would be the governance or the

regulations as going to come up from

from from from all these regulators they

would think that you know seems you know

we are not ready you know maybe the

cryptocurrency part is also not really

you know not ready for mainstream so for

vessel and give you a lot of obstacle

you know for companies to go into this

go into the adoption mode and then we’ll

also deter and and put us do a backward

position yeah so those so so again you

know we have to emphasize on things that

are credible yeah things that are new

over so then so that from a government

perspective they look at us from a very

different mindset you have a platform

you know those guys are you know we’re

here no but they may not be able to do

the work yeah so I think this should be

something that you know we have

everybody you know let’s this let’s do a

good job you know let’s promote

ourselves properly ya know and and I

think we will go on very well you know

in the Knicks in the last fourth of to

zero to zero because I do see that

companies trying hard yeah government

are trying to open up very much

zendo so because we look at is from the

more inside spider spectrum so if you

are not ready you know the government

folks the director who is working for

the minister with you know you very

politely you and say that well it’s a

good job but if I could certainly some

of the emails that we have got them from

some of this assessment is is horrible

you know we you wouldn’t believe you

know how bad he was you know some of

them right now you know they actually do

a teaching on and soon yeah a lot of

these are being captured and that is

going to be very bad you just imagine if

there’s a wiki leak or there’s a supply

chain week you know where it’s circling

all these videos out you know what their

time or their pitching that would be

really bad for for the hospital I do

hope that people just some not just

people just just company is going to be

very very pet food we’ve what we are

trying to put true yeah no everything is

recorded man yeah that’s true

professional yeah yeah that’s good

advice there Anndy yeah you see like I

sometimes get the impression you got

like the very big countries like China

and America there of course pushing for

their digital currency but you you see

actually see more adoption with the

developing countries like Cambodia and

and others that that that and small

islands and small islands that

recognized the the power of blockchain

and they’re very flexible and also the

integration of blockchain and AI and

machine learning and internet things

yeah you know those things all come

together of course oh they want to start

a real new economy and a new style so

but but do you see that the developing

countries are in the lead in this race

again it goes back to my earlier

conversation with the option one option

two right option one is

a country that is fully developed you

know more to live what it is in

Singapore I do see that Singapore is

fully developed in terms of the

infrastructure in terms of some of this

a credit system they want us agree about

them when you’re a Singapore due to

quickly adopt things like blockchain

cryptocurrency or even digital payment

we are there we are we are quite far

behind from some of the countries that

are developing they’re not developing or

maybe some of the countries that that

you don’t really you know see them as

real competitors but but they your

adoption rate is not high yeah no but

then you come back to the the crypto

scene and the blockchain see you know

countries that are developing or they

may not have the full structural

component yet for some of you or some of

their key key sectors or some of the key

functions they are more open or change

in there I’m not opening the floor to

get them open a lot more open to look at

how to incorporate new systems a new

technology into the media framework yeah

so those people are more or less

skeptical and they are willing to try so

yeah so so far I’m not good really bad

blockchain adoption examples no to be

honor be honest some of the smaller

islands or some of the smaller cities

blockchain in some of their

financial systems yes I am be aware so

how early persistently so forth or even

some to the supply chain yeah they did

very well because they start off as a

plane he’s Armenian and us real of their

space their legacy problems you’re right

man so so there are a lot more adaptive

to the situation and they are more open

to look at cumulative possibilities or

new opportunities for them to grow

a few steps faster than some of the

neighboring countries are example you

know some some of them maybe in the

supply chain woman you know God

government mod G G to G to be kind of

relationship here is that no we also

tell them you know if you are selling

mineral what you know you know from a

certain country you know yeah if you can

authenticate your mineral water or give

some proof of certificate that this is

real from from this displays and so

forth you know you can do your country a

lot better you know than just filling up

water with with you know importers and

trying to sell them up

so these things back to a certain

marketing gimmick how how to position

your product how to position your

countries put up and so forth

that really helps you know so them so we

we see that there’s a lot of pro in

terms of you know even tracking proofing

that this product is really it would

give people the confident that you know

just example you know some people would

say that Haley no I I don’t like Chinese

product you know they are not not good

you know the quality is bad as I try you

know but but coming to the fact if you

are able to authenticate this

reassurance you know like what BJ was

trying to do yeah through much other

projects you know then then it creates a

value for the company as a technology


ya know also keeps the country a better

name because you took the extra mixture

and the Prada is from your country yeah

so so things things like this you know

technology really help and the

technology can help to advance em into a

different stage and and this why Ghana

man is a very great food you know of

technology like that you know a lot of

things I mean supply chain is just one

thing even if all for some of the

countries who are very pro casino or

game yeah

first we want to do one you want to see

how can they open up you know your

casino services and thanks Devon you

know what’s important you don’t go to

tax then yeah yeah that’s important so

alder right true true true the the use

of cryptocurrency

and that can be done very easily Joe you

know using US dollars we’re a lot of

money we’ll just you know just just just

disappear battery that you know from gap

from data for now folks yeah

look if dome and that would give them

accountability more morning

opportunity to thank them yeah no again

government do you like the fact that you

know everything is traceable yeah true

yeah yeah so I think it’s still a very

good thing for government you know so

when you when you look at this

development of digital currencies

against the backdrop of the economic

situation right now

do you see it like an accelerator or

what do you think the impact is of the

economic the current economic situation

on digital currencies this is purely my

personal opinion I find that you know

there are people online who are trying

to compare cryptocurrency the goal

cryptocurrency the US dollar and so

forth and then and then they also try to

compare two different financial systems

you know that is that is in the market

right now right you also talk about how

the stock market is like versus how the

criminal market is like how volatile you

know cryptocurrency are and so forth but

but to me I think I think

cryptocurrency or maybe we talk about

very specific like the Bitcoin network

where the program and so forth what what

what we are trying to do here in this

industry is not to compete with current

traditional finance markets you know

what we are trying to do is

so like a trowel run a smaller trial run

to show people you know if if I’m the

bucket maker behind bitcoins I’m no I

would think this offers you opportunity

to show people that hey you know during

the worst days right now you know we are

doing better than the traditional jerk

yeah we are we are doing a slightly

different way and then we have a

different mechanism to show them that

hey you know during bad times the crypto

market even the all markets are


  • if I’m the market and I do that who

give confident to all the people who are

into criminal currency and then to show

the mainstream media and the mainstream

business man yeah no no we are doing

very differently so so again it goes

back to how the whole marketing message

is going to be like only by examples

yeah be a good example

yeah yeah we want the top right you want

the top and the year you can show good

results right we yes you can look at

some fit statistics you copy but I hate

Wow Wow everybody is being very badly

you know we have you know we have a

proof of eczema yeah I hope this story

would be like that you know but I am Not

sure you know I’m not sure there’s more

like a direct competition and a lot of

head banging I don’t really see that as

a competitor because you look at the

market cap and the size this is you know

how however big you know some of some of

the exchanges are right now my bad okay

ask you consider small in the financial

market true so so the good thing about

what we can do right now for exchanges

is to show that they can survive better

yeah you linger at times and if they can

survive better during these really bad

times when the whole Cove in nineteen


his back is gone you know they can

become goofs up a lot of confidence you

know in the inner ear and again this

gives the government guys a very very

good experience yeah he would think that

we you know things are different right

now right yeah there were a big few big

signs that are positive for Bitcoin

especially like Paul Tudor Jones one of

the largest investors in the world

endorsed Bitcoin and of course greyscale

who’s buying more Bitcoin than any other

person or entity at this time I thought

I bought up 1,800 bitcoins each week

something like that so that is endorsing

Bitcoin I’ve in a person that’s my

personal opinion then but it gets gives

credibility to Bitcoin especially and

the crypto market in general if they

keep that up well we could see another

end of the year for a crypto currency in

in general yeah you know let me ask you

if you continue to buy that many Bitcoin

and keep them you know what one would be

a possible outcome from economics then

it will be centralized yeah that’s

that’s a little bit dangerous I think

and if they get to large portion of the

Bitcoin the liquidity will go down and

then eventually the price will go down

if they keep their Bitcoin in their


yeah yeah right but they’re like custody

yeah but you got custody means that they

can use to use the Bitcoin you know acid

rain so yeah I just don’t keep it as

light design so again you know what

grace Kier is trying to do or some other

institutions who won well I mean they’re

not in the media alignment you know they

are trying to do is to use through a

whole as many as possible but as they

are trying to do it is a platform you

know centralization or you know you know

centralizing a lot of these I said

together liquidity would be a would be a

big issue as now through and

and then a lot of a lot of people who

were thinking about you know playing

with futures and options and so forth

you know they’ll be in you know what’s

off situation do you sell this you know

you’re just buying future money man so

so again caution on all these things

that stirs this give government more

confident I don’t think so man you know

is this gonna give businesses more

confident reduce this yeah I don’t think

so because they would they would think

that you just become a you know a bank

if if you have a lot of Bitcoin with you

you can become a big banker there are

new Goodman it mean so so again a lot of

these things boil down to you know the

whole market is not just about peak on

the market it’s about how you look at

all the kryptos another use cases the

technologies we are being being being

adopted by so even then that two

portions are done beautifully then

actually bitcoins will do thanks so

we’ll look at it like that too because

we we love Bitcoin of course but we also

see the rest of the old coins putting

something valuable into the mix it’s not

just Bitcoin now now I think the use

cases and the integration and the

usability because some yeah stuff is

still too hard to explain to your

granddad or your neighbor so if you have

a yeah and to yourself so it has to get

more usable still the wallets are

getting easier and easier but still you

have to know a little bit about it more

than you do just using your bank account

so it it should be easier you know yeah

there’s also the whole itõs like being

your own bank you have to you have to

teach people again too

to take responsibility to take

responsibility and to learn what’s money

and where does it come from and how does

economics work so yeah there’s a lot of

catching up to do

yeah that’s very true but but being on

the bank

you know means a lot of responsibility

there right so you know we talked about

this very casually but you know when

you’re really gonna do it

it’s very hard yeah easy you know the

problem of people defaulting on loans


these credit cards easy yeah all right

so you’ve got a bank yourself if you

have a bank and then someone took your

money and then you run away yeah there’s

no way you can get it back no no that’s

a Leo Wonder slap also said you know

some of those bullets are probably exit

scams or somebody can get you know

threatened yeah and then they’ll just

take your phones and they’re gone and

you cannot find them anymore as a normal


yeah there’s nobody to go to so there’s

a lot a lot of work to do it that’s why

we really love your vision and the way

you talk about blockchain and crypto

because you are very good at mirroring

the responsibilities but also your own

accountability and your own how do you

say oh yeah and it’s also very

interesting to have the government

perspective on this because because in

the crypto world there’s a lot of

negativity towards governments and

central banks but they yeah of course

you will have banking in the future you

need some sort of regulation you stay

safe and if if if it’s all down to

anyone who can make a wallet or anyone

who can make a cryptocurrency

then you have a real danger of losing

all your money and if it’s all your

savings as a person or a company yeah

then you will never trust

cryptocurrencies again and I think

there’s also a lot of there’s the theme

of the Millennials and they don’t trust

big in institutions like with the fourth


there’s a lot of pressure on

institutions to improve to improve and

to regain that trust of future

generations GNC and Millennials which

will be I think very difficult and yeah

maybe we get any because we wanna run up

the show we want to do one giveaway

after you leave but maybe we can talk to

you again on that subject because I

think it’s a very important one

yeah and maybe in the near future you

can tell us some more about things

you’re working on when that’s allowed or

when you’re you’re able to and I really

love love what you’re doing so I always

follow you on twitter and any

interesting discussion and yeah that you

launched and yeah will also support

support you any way we can and I’ll

still do some writing yeah let’s do that

I mean just a not missing pistol session

I really love to see how we could all

have a more regular chatting session

yeah people from different parts of the


yeah and I think we could you could

definitely do well and as for myself I

will be ending my my my state with the

government for in about 1 1 1 month

prospect so I’m also thinking of you

know whether God actually put in more

time with certain projects quite

strangers or even when another

government organization so I’ll keep you


no please do really excited and really

interested in what you’re doing so yeah

keep us informed please Anndy although

for your giveaway I’ll be okay thank you

very much

and Elia we say goodbye and see you soon

that and we will ask our other

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Anndy Lian评论“后币安时代下Coinmarketcap的全新评价体系”大家好,欢迎来到Blockcast.cc的区块链行业专访。我们每周都会链接加密货币和区块链行业专家,给您带来最新最独到的行业解析。今天对话的是我们的老朋友Anndy Lian,他是政府间区块链顾问,知名畅销书作者以及行业媒体评论家,并且在东南亚,日本,韩国以及最近在斯里兰卡都非常活跃。距离我们上一次的专访已经有一段时间了,很高兴再次邀请他来做客。


我看到您近期在Cointelegraph的文章中发表了关于Coinmarketcap最新交易所排名的评论, 这个事件近期确实广受关注且备受争议,您的观点很犀利,所以我们希望跟您进行进一步的访谈,就Binance对Coinmarketcap的影响方面听听您更多的看法。



Anndy Lian:你好John,很高兴认识你,谢谢你的来电。


 Anndy Lian:我认为CoinMarketcap将交易所的网站流量纳入排名的评价体系是一个很好的尝试,但是正如我公开评论的那样,仅仅是这样还不够好,不够客观公平。CZ在Twitter上也提到了,他说此次仅仅是个开始。





Anndy Lian:老实说,对于交易所而言,拥有一个评级平台并不是个最优的决策,尤其是在行业的早期阶段。如果单纯地从投资角度来看的话,那么无疑Coinmarketcap是一个好的投资标的,但如果从业务角度看的话,质疑和争议无可避免。此次的排名之所以饱受批评,并不是因为大家认为币安实力德不配位,而是质疑CoinMarketcap在被币安收购之后是否还能够维持它的中立性。


Anndy Lian:对于Binance我一直有持续的关注,我在Twitter上也和CZ互相follow了彼此,因此我也阅读了很多他发的文章和见解。以我粗浅的理解,我认为币安(Binance)收购Coinmarketcap也有它积极的方面。

如果抛开中立性不看,币安和Coinmarketcap都是行业内最头部的机构,强强联手,在信息数据共享和交叉检验方面,会有一加一大于二的效果。不同的背景和立场将能够帮助他们共同成长,并为行业带来全新的发展和机遇。我们注意到您在Twitter上的置顶信息,是关于2020年的愿望清单:1)帮助更多的公司加入Blockchain, 2)启动一个可以帮助区块链社区的新项目, 3)深度参与一个全球top 20的项目, 4)打造一个CMC top 50的新代币。可以就这个部分跟我们分享一下吗?

Anndy Lian:这只是我的一个新年愿望清单,给自己立几个小目标。这些年我一直在做很多不同的尝试,我投资过公司,自己经营过公司,也创立过一些公司,运营过新加坡最古早的智库,也做了很多政府关联的工作,今年我希将更多的精力放在区块链行业,更深入地参与到其中去,利用自己的资源和能力来帮助好的项目或平台发展。也许CZ在看完这篇专访后会雇佣我(笑)。哈哈,您还有其他update要与我们的读者分享吗?

Anndy Lian:近期我受邀担任了瑞士DECENT基金会(亚洲)主席。很遗憾由于COVID19,我尚未访问他们的技术开发中心。DECENT成立于2015年,拥有成熟的技术和商业模式,我很期待将它引入亚洲,介绍给更多的行业伙伴。

最后希望COVID19疫情可以尽快得到控制,愿我们Blockcast.cc的读者们都保持健康。谢谢Anndy抽出宝贵时间接受我们的专访,希望很快能在首尔见到你。如果要与Anndy Lian互动,可以通过访问www.anndy.com或访问他的Twitter:




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Anndy Lian Interviews Nischal Shetty, Founder of WazirX “We are creating a new crypto revolution!”

Blockcast: Good morning folks. I am Melody, Managing Editor of We have been monitoring the crypto market in India for quite some time. On our end at Blockcast, we are also working with a few Indian communities and projects. Today, we have two experts in this interview. The first expert is Nischal Shetty. He is the Founder and CEO of WazirX Exchange and Crowdfire. He is also a Forbes 30 under 30. Then we have Anndy Lian, an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and Chairman of DECENT Foundation. Anndy today will help to facilitate this interview. 

Good morning guys.

Nischal: Good morning Melody and Anndy.

Anndy: Good day Nischal and Melody. 

Blockcast: Hi Nischal, can you tell us more about yourself before we go into the more serious blockchain and crypto topics?

Nischal: I’m the Founder, CEO at WazirX. It is India’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with more than 400,000 registered users with an average app rating of 4.6. We have recently gone global.

I’ve also founded Crowdfire, a social media management tool with 20 Million users
after an all-night coding session. I’m India’s top Blockchain influencer on Twitter with over 60K followers. I’ve also been featured in Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list. I’m on a mission to involve everyone in the blockchain revolution.

Blockcast: Tell us more about WazirX India. What is your unique selling point and what do you stand for?

Nischal: We started WazirX with the aim to involve Indians into the blockchain revolution. WazirX is India’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with more than 400,000 users with an average rating of 4.6. Few key points:
● Our mobile apps are the highest rated
● Within 20 months of building WazirX, we became the first Indian exchange to be
acquired by the world’s biggest one
● Instant INR deposits and withdrawals available 24×7
● Smart Token Fund (STF) – helps non-traders participate in crypto. STF helps you
choose smart traders who will manage your crypto investments for you. This feature
has shown good initial response from users.
● Highly liquid spot exchange with the lowest fee in India
● Prior startup experience of the WazirX founding team, the fact that I’m the top crypto
influencer in India

Anndy: Hi Nischal, can you share with us about your partnership with Binance and our friend CZ? I see that Binance has placed a lot of efforts in different countries and India is one of the main highlights in my own opinion. 

Nischal: WazirX has become the first-ever Indian exchange to be acquired by the world’s biggest one, and it’s a big deal. This is a historic moment and a beacon of hope for the entire Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem. Everyone in India feels more confident about crypto now due to WazirX’s acquisition. WazirX continues to run as an independent brand of Binance. I continue to run and grow WazirX with my team. We’ll continue to innovate and bring in more improvements in WazirX. My plan is to grow WazirX even further and make crypto accessible to everyone in India.

Anndy: Your mission for WazirX in India is indeed future thinking and daring. My involvement with several government bodies have also given me some insights in India too. We know that India has opened up a fair bit for cryptocurrency. Your government is actively building regulations around this. Can you give us a brief update on the situation? How friendly is the banking system actually?

Nischal: Thanks Anndy, this is a good question. Cryptocurrency trading was never illegal in India. However, recently the Supreme Court struck down the Indian central bank’s banking ban on crypto. The verdict is historic and positive for the ecosystem. Crypto exchanges including WazirX have enabled banking channels for INR deposit
and withdrawals. With banking channels now open, it has made it easier for Indians to enter crypto. Due to the banking ban, Indians had to use P2P which was successful for WazirX but banking channels will be even more successful as it’s more convenient for users.

Anndy: Blockchain technology has been mature in India, do you invest in blockchain projects and which project in India do you see has the biggest potential to be the next unicorn?

Nischal: We need more startups that focus on India related problems and solve them through Blockchain and Crypto. Recently, WazirX and Binance announced a $50 Million USD ‘Blockchain in India’ fund to invest in Indian projects and startups focusing on solving problems through blockchain technology. Besides investing, we also look forward to partnering with traditional funds who believe in blockchain, and provide mentorship and support to student organisations and universities who want to set up blockchain technology incubators. We plan to help every entrepreneur trying to solve a problem with blockchain technology.

Anndy: I always see that blockchain and cryptocurrency have an interlinked relationship. But many said that cryptocurrency will grow but not blockchain. I don’t agree on this statement, what about you?

Nischal: I agree with you. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are two sides of the same coin. It’s like the Internet (Blockchain) and Crypto (website). Usefulness to the public is derived only when both exist. When crypto grows, blockchain grows too, vice versa.

Anndy: Adoption for blockchain technology is slower than most projected. Do you think the adoption rate will increase and in which areas do you see the growth in?

Nischal: I think in the next 2 to 3 years crypto will go mainstream. It has already started disrupting payments, and will soon disrupt the supply chain as well. Most importantly, crypto can help the unbanked with financial inclusion.

We hope to see much more innovation in the Indian crypto ecosystem such that it solves India specific problems.

Anndy: Bitcoin is the leader on Coinmarketcap as we all know. Do you think there will be another coin that will go close to take over their position in the market?

Nischal: There won’t be another Bitcoin as it’s a decentralised asset class which is owned by the public. If it was a private entity then you could have thought of having alternatives. However, there are thousands of utility tokens and there will be millions of utility tokens eventually. These are crypto with specific use cases such as ETH which is used on Ethereum Blockchain, WRX which is used in WazirX for trading incentives etc

Anndy: Many are bullish on #Bitcoin, just for fun, how much do you think Bitcoin will be at the end of the year? $50,000? 

Nischal: If you look at the history of Bitcoin halving until now, you’ll see how it’s pushed its price up. Bitcoin halving just happened last week, and this event will add greatly to the momentum for 2020. Bitcoin is a global asset class, and it will be exciting to see how far up it goes now.

Moreover, Bitcoin was created in the 2008 financial crisis. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we’re in the middle of another one. Crypto is showing signs of stability compared to the traditional stock market.

Bitcoin is slowly becoming a popular investment option in global economies with high inflation.

Anndy: The artificial inflation mechanism of the #bitcoin halving of block rewards will no longer have an impact on the price of the cryptocurrency when all 21m are in circulation. Well, we can look at this again in the later part of the year. 

Blockcast: Guess it is my turn to ask a few more questions before we end this interview.

Nischal: Sure Melody, go ahead.

Blockcast: Can you share some of your advice on crypto trading and speculation for the readers?

Nischal: Do research about a project before you invest in it. Read up the project’s whitepaper, the stage of development it is in, about the founders and their prior experience.

Blockcast: Last but not least, can you share an inspiring quote for our Readers?

Nischal: Crypto is getting started, and we are in the early stages of the revolution.

We are creating a new crypto revolution!

We are all early adopters, and it’s upon you to educate your friends and family about the crypto ecosystem. Keep busting misinformation around crypto and win!

Blockast: Well said Nischal. Thanks for sharing with us. We need to work together in these early stages to grow the crypto industry. 

Nischal: Thanks for your kind words Melody and thank you Anndy to facilitate this interview.

Anndy: It is my pleasure. I believe WazirX will be the gateway for crypto South Asia. “Stay local and be international.”

I hope to see you soon when COVID19 crisis is more controlled. There are many collaborations to be forged and a lot to chat about on DECENT can help in the process. 

Nischal: Thanks a lot, see you soon.

Blockcast: For more information about WazirX, you can go to



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Anndy Lian’s Views On Second-Tier Exchanges: “They are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild.'”

Thanks Simon Chandler for connecting me and seeking my views on the second-tier exchanges. I always like to pick my own brain and look at things from a different angle. This time I looked at second-tier exchanges being more innovative and daring. This is part of my views and is quoted on the article:

“The only advantage they have compared to the big brothers is they are too small to be on the radar so they can be more ‘wild,’” says Anndy Lian, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor and author.

“You seldom see a coin goes 100x on big exchanges but it’s still happening on second-tier and small exchanges.”



The full article can be found below or you can go to to read it.



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Rekap Acara Blockchain Industrial Impact & Peluncuran Wadz Beta di PSB Academy

Obrolan santai dengan Aaron Tan & Anndy Lian

Presentasi dari CEO Wadz, Anish Jain

Diskusi panel


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Interview by Vizaca: Anndy Lian, CEO Of Linfinity

Anndy Lian has directly performed in the field for more than 15 years. With his experience and the futuristic approach, he managed to perform in 360° as a business strategist. Including local, international organization and public listed companies, he managed to provide proficient advisory to a vast variety of industries. Before connecting to Linfinity, Anndy proudly served a non-profitable organization and quasi government-linked organizations.

Tell us about yourself?

Prior to Linfinity, I worked in not-for-profit and quasi-government linked organizations, and also the Deputy Director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA). I am an avid supporter of incubating start-ups and have investments in a few health-related companies. I have also been a private investor for the past eight years. A year and a half ago, I was working in medical treatment in Singapore. At a seminar with US pharmaceutical companies and drug research institutes, the issue of counterfeit drugs was taken seriously.

The result of the final multi-party discussion was that the latest blockchain technology may be the most possible to knock down counterfeit drugs. Then, I put the drug traceability in the important position of the entire “blockchain + supply chain” program and started my Linfinity blockchain tour in late 2017.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

This year, blockchain technology has been combined with more traditional subdivision industries. Blockchain has begun to influence the market structure, with more companies focusing on business transformation. New ecosystems with smart contract technology will be integrated into existing industries and new business and regulatory models will emerge.

Compared with other peers, Linfinity has made it clear that it will not conduct any form of ICO since its inception. Our direction is very clear, that is to focus on commercializing our technology, and construct a trusted supply chain ecosystem on the basis of market demand.

At present, Linfinity has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with several international companies, such as Alishan Group, WealthBriefingAsia, Scientific Tradition, Rongde Logistics, and Herbriller. Linfinity Dapp beta 1.0 has been officially launched and delivered to enterprises for further debugging.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

This is a very good question. I think that blockchain is growing fast today and has huge potential, not just for changing the current world, but also its potential to shape the future. There will be a closer combination of traditional industries and blockchain in the next three years. At present, the entire blockchain industry is still in the exploratory stage, and with the development of the Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI), blockchain+LoT+AI can greatly enhance the feasibility of uploading information into blocks, ensuring that offline objects are accurately mapped on the chain, which enhances the overall credibility of the system, and then achieve blockchain commercialization in more scenarios.

Linfinity is not creating an industry, but using new technologies to serve the development of the entire supply chain industry, accelerating the landing of this trusted ecosystem scenario.

What was the most important part of your whole business journey?

The most important part, I think, is the spread of blockchain knowledge through global roadshows. The blockchain is not a new concept, but its current practical application is concentrated in the field of digital currency. Nowadays, pseudo-blockchain projects that are rapidly financing in the name of blockchain are everywhere, which stems from people’s lack of understanding of blockchain. More importantly, many enterprises are even less clear about where to start using blockchain technology, unilaterally thinking that moving from the original business model to “blockchainization” is a rather complicated process.

It is through global roadshows that allow businesses and users to truly understand and benefit from blockchain. “Blockchainization” is not complicated, enterprises will not need to upload information of the whole of every business process, but only package and upload necessary information according to their own needs.

Moreover, Linfinity provides several ways to assist enterprise users in their business applications of the blockchain.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

What I am doing now is the best. Blockchain is first and foremost an emerging industry, and it is also a cutting-edge technology alongside AI and IoT. But the difference is that blockchain technology has lower thresholds and can better cooperate with various industries.

For example, Linfinity is specifically dedicated to providing quality solutions for supply chain information delivery problems in traditional industries. Through Linfinity blockchain technology, the information is packaged and uploaded into blocks, which makes the information of goods public, transparent and safe in the process of circulation. The most direct benefit is that it can help to solve intellectual property right and counterfeiting problems of specific industries.

The negative side may be that due to people’s lack of understanding of blockchain, many people equate bitcoin with blockchain, and some illegal speculators even commit crimes under the name of blockchain.

What takes up too much of your time?

It is global communication. Linfinity is a company with a global perspective. In Asia, we currently have cooperation in Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Bangkok. We further plan to expand to other regions; Linfinity Forum held in London and the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement remark a small step towards our entry into the European market; the American market plan has been launched, and we are now in contact with a large US logistics company, and cooperation with them is only a matter of time. I spend most of my time on this, and I’m happy to do that.

The vision of Linfinity is to form industry gathering from technology landing and finally realize the construction of a trusted supply chain ecosystem to serve the society and create value. The construction of new supply chain ecosystem requires the cooperation with more large, medium and small-sized enterprises. It is necessary to truly mobilize the resources of the whole society and make joint efforts.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

In this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, I think that as an entrepreneur, we should return to the essence of business through impetuous phenomena.

First, to clarify our business logic and figure out where the final profit point is. Second, to do a basic project planning, the purpose of doing this is to understand why we should take risks, spend energy, time, resources and money to do this, and how to achieve our goal.

Finally, we must have a basic team structure. To turn an idea into a successful enterprise, the key factor is to have a strong management team. Members of this team must have rich professional technical knowledge, managerial skills and many years of work experience. We should clear up these points before starting a business.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I have been deeply impressed by many projects in this industry. In fact, there are many excellent projects in the blockchain industry, people are engaged in different aspects, so then the solution is not the same.

For example, the blockchain industry can be roughly divided into technology group and business group.

The technology group focuses on the blockchain technology itself, and they may devote more time and energy to the development and optimization of blockchain public chain, and of course, the achievements of these projects are inestimable, especially for improving the access efficiency of the blockchain, it is especially significant.

The business group is market-oriented, such as Linfinity. We are always focusing on the use of blockchain technology phased achievements to solve the market pain point, optimize and improve the key and difficult problems in various industries.

What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough?

The blockchain industry is currently a place good and bad mixed together. On the one hand, it is because that the industry itself is very new, the development time is not long, many aspects are not mature; on the other hand, the market lacks certain supervision, the phenomenon of “inferior cryptocurrencies drives out superior ones” occurs from time to time.

For me, in addition to the potential of Linfinity project, my team is also my driving force. The members of our team are professionals and elites from different industries. Although some of them have not worked on blockchain-related projects before, they are rooted in traditional industries and have exceptionally sharp insights into the market’s pain point. This is very important and necessary for Linfinitymarket-oriented commercialization process of blockchain technology, and this is also an advantage that many peers may not have.

How people should connect with you?

For collaboration and questions, Feel free to reach my Email

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LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian:区块链赋能供应链重在落地

供应链越长越复杂,欺诈和渎职的机会就越大。LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian指出,传统供应链不安全,而区块链有潜力帮助供应链进行更透明更具穿透力的管理。

全球贸易中假冒伪劣商品的总价值接近5000亿美元;非洲最大的药品市场尼日利亚,有64%的抗疟疾药是假的……真实性的食品药品安全丑闻在世界各地不断上演。“供应链越长越复杂,欺诈和渎职的机会就越大。在一个日益复杂的世界里,恶意参与者的数量也会大幅增加,这是很自然的事情。随着时间的推移,除了上述问题外,我们还看到透明度和问责制有所下降”LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian指出,“传统供应链不安全,而区块链有潜力帮助供应链进行更透明更具穿透力的管理。”

LINFINITY Dapp 1.0版本上线




值得注意的是,目前LINFINITY Dapp 1.0版本已正式上线,并交付企业使用。而首站便选择了医疗保健品牌Scientific Tradition作为试点项目。据了解,Scientific Tradition的灵芝产品全部采用长白山野生灵芝,为保证野生长白山灵芝的药理活性,Scientific Tradition自建了培养种植园,在园中完全模拟长白山野生灵芝所需的自然环境,包括水、温度、湿度与光照强度等。LINFINITY团队历经数月,对Scientific Tradition的一款旗舰灵芝产品从选种到成品的全过程进行了实地考察与信息采集,现正为其提供信息上链方面的服务。

Anndy对金色财经表示:“简单来说,DAPP 1.0版本主要是完成信息上链阶段的工作。细分来讲,我们设定将产品信息分为三类,静态信息(如产品名称)、动态信息(如生产日期、批次号)与影像信息(产品图片或视频),将这些信息存入一个IPFS的数据库中,并打包上传至LINFINITY的子链上,并同时生成对应特有的QR码,当商品流转到消费者端时,只通过LINFINITY Dapp扫描商品上QR码便能查询商品的详细信息,识别商品的真伪,并能溯源各个环节。当然这个过程也是企业获得消费者信息的过程,这对企业来说是十分有必要的,如此便构成了一个商业生态系统。”


Anndy对金色财经透露:“LINFINITY Dapp后续还将不断优化,迭代升级。并针对不同的公司进行实地考察,在工厂建立可信设备,逐步完善溯源过程。为企业和用户之间建立完备信任。”诚然,区块链目前的发展还处于初级阶段。Anndy也坦然指出:“区块链技术并不成熟但这并不代表我们做不任何事情,所以LINFINITY目前的1.0版本采用的方式是选取一个较小的点进行切入,让使用这个Dapp 的公司了解区块链,虽然只是信息上链,但好过什么东西都没有。通过让使用的企业接触区块链,让他们了解整个过程,才能逐步积累丰富的行业场景与技术,加速商业化成果。”


多方合作:LINFINITY在全球范围内开展了多场LINFINITY TALK、LINFINITY论坛、LINFINITY圆桌会议等商业路演。并与台湾、新加坡包括和阿里山集团、Crossinves、RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP、RHT Holdings、RONGDE Logistics、Scientific Tradition、WealthBriefingAsia等多家国际企业签订战略合作协议。


专注快消品行业:据Anndy介绍指出,LINFINITY 不只是限于保健品、化妆领域,未来将逐步引入香烟、红酒、白酒等快消品牌。Anndy表示:“快消品行业影响着人们生活的基础,用户体量大,同时也存在很多黑心的商家。从快消品做起,建立起品牌和用户的信任感是必要的也是重要的。”




对于未来,Anndy有着清晰的目标:首先是加强厂商合作,带动消费者参与LINFINITY Dapp的使用;其次是引入Token,一方面将Token引入商业,让厂商拥有使用区块链的动力,另一部分让消费者看到Token的实用价值和实际益处,促进LINFINITY整个生态体系的构建。



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린피니티Linfinity,무한 가능성에 접속하라 린피니티 Linfinity, 블록체인, IoT, 빅데이터 기반 유통·공급망 관리 플랫폼

▲ Linfinity CEO _ Anndy Lian

린피니티(Linfinity)의 CEO 앤디 리안(Anndy Lian)은 아시아에서 15년 이상의 비즈니스 경험을 가진 전문 컨설턴트다. 싱가포르 국제 문제연구소, 싱가포르 비즈니스 연맹 등 정부 기관 및 기업, 비영리단체 등 다양한 분야에서 활동했다. 싱가포르에 본사를 두고 있는 ANCL Pte Ltd의 CEO이기도 한 그는 아시아 지역의 비즈니스가 세계 여러 나라와 파트너십을 구축하는 데 많은 영향을 주고 있다. 최근 앤디 대표는 한국에 있는 린피니티 사무실을 거점으로 8년 동안 활동하면서 국내 블록체인 밋업과 컨퍼런스 포럼 등에 초청되어 린피니티의 사업 방향과 모델 그리고 블록체인에 관한 다각적인 연설을 진행하기도 했다.

린피니티는 블록체인, IoT 및 빅데이터 기술을 기반으로 한 안정적인 분산형 비즈니스 플랫폼을 제공한다. 신뢰할 수 있는 데이터, 투명한 정보, 효율적인 협력 및 상호 연결된 네트워크를 통해 실용적인 비즈니스 문제와 기업 사용자의 개발 요구에 대응할 수 있는 플랫폼을 구축하고 있다. 공급망이 길고 복잡할수록 비용이 증가하고, 책임감이 줄어들고, 위조나 사기의 위험성이 증대하게 되는 문제점을 가지고 있다. 린피니티는 해당 문제를 블록체인 기술과 린피니티 R&D의 경험과 제품 구현 팀이 식품, 담배, 의류, 의약품 등 산업에 종사하는 Fortune 500 대 기업에 대한 서비스 경험을 통해 느리고 비효율적인 공급망의 문제를 해결하는 것을 목표로 삼고 있다.

TVCC는 린피니티(Linfinity)의 CEO 앤디 리안(Anndy Lian)과의 일문일답을 통해 더욱 깊은있는 이야기를 나눠봤다.

Q: 회사명이 린피니티(Linfinity)이다… 특별한 의미가 있는지?
Anndy: 린피니티는 일단 두 가지 단어의 합성어입니다. Link와 infinity의 합성어로 설명할 수 있습니다. 그 어떤 실체적인 것은 무한대로 추적하고 기록할 수 있고, 그것들을 서로 긴밀하게 연결해 준다는 의미로 받아들이면 될 것 같습니다. 무엇이든 투명하게 공개될 수 있어 수준 높은 공급망이 형성되고 그 과정에서 블록체인 기술을 기반으로 한다는 점을 말씀드리고 싶습니다.

Q: 그렇다면 린피니티에서 보유 기술로 어떤 문제를 해결할 수 있나?
Anndy: 일단 기업과 고객들에게 가짜 정보와 악성 문제들로부터 보호해 주는 것을 우선으로 하고 있습니다. 그런 악성코드의 소스를 끝까지 추적해서 개입하지 못하도록 하는 것이 첫 번째 임무이고, 두 번째로 기업이나 고객이 원하는 작업을 주문하면 그것들을 전반적으로 관리해 줄 수 있는 프로그램이 있으므로 개인적으로 부담하는 운영비용을 절감할 수 있는 것에 도움이 된다고 보면 좋습니다. 쉽게는 문서를 작성하는 데도 도움이 된다고 보면 좋습니다. 최종적으로 이런 상호작용으로 인해 질 좋은 에코 시스템이 형성되고 우리는 보다 더 좋은 공급망으로 발전할 수 있다는 것입니다.

Q: 상호 작용하는 배경에 ‘토큰’이 있다고 했는데, 해당 토큰이 에코시스템에서의 어떤 역할을 하나?
Anndy: 좋은 질문입니다. 린피니티는 ‘LFT’라는 토큰을 활용하고 있습니다. ‘LFT’토큰은 질 좋은 에코시스템을 형성하게끔 도와줍니다. 우리의 토큰은 사업과 사업을 연결해주는 것 뿐만 아니라 고객과 고객을 연결시켜 주며, 마치 원을 이루듯 또 사업과 고객이 연결 되게끔 만들고 있습니다. 그리고 또 다른 이가 그곳에 참여할 수 있도록 도와주기도 합니다. ‘LFT’토큰은 이용자들에게 긍정적인 효과를 제공하도록 도와주는 매개체라고 설명하고 싶습니다.

Q: 한국에서도 블록체인 생태계의 비약적인 발전이 이뤄지고 있다고 보는데?
Anndy: 한국은 블록체인과 가상통화를 가장 빠르게 이해하고 받아들이는 열정적인 분위기의 국가입니다. 의사결정이 굉장히 빠르고 신기술에 우호적인 만큼 앞으로 활발하게 사업을 펼쳐 나가고 싶습니다. 이미 한국에서의 활동도 순조롭게 진행 중이다. 한국의 물류 및 화장품, 정보통신(IT) 분야의 기업 5곳과도 MOU 진행을 앞두고 있다. 그 밖에도 20곳 넘는 기업들과 린피니티 플랫폼 도입을 논의 중입니다.

Q: 마지막으로 한국에서 진행되는 블록체인 관련 컨퍼런스나 밋업 등 행사에 관한 생각은?
Anndy: 한국의 블록체인 행사장을 찾았을 때 설치된 여러 부스의 모습은, 마치 Linfinity가 가진 의미와 같은 느낌을 받았습니다. 행사장에 설치된 다양한 형태의 부스와 블록체인 관련 기술 및 활용성을 설명해주는 사람들을 보면서, 이 나라의 중심과 행사장 내에 부스들이 무한히 연결되어 있다는 느낌을 받았습니다. 이처럼 한국에서 진행되는 블록체인 이벤트들은 너무 멋지고 훌륭하다고 생각합니다. 참가하는 사람들이 새로운 주제를 찾아다니면서 새로운 블록체인에 대해 더 많이 배울 수 있어서 행복해하는 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 이런 큰 이벤트를 통해 관계자는 물론 블록체인 대중화에 많은 도움이 될 것으로 생각됩니다.

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