LINFINITY Mark Gives Assurance and Trust to Businesses and Customers: A Journey with Herbriller Japan

As long as there is a LINFINITY Mark attached to the product, customers can be assured that it is authentic. Above all else, this is the direction LINFINITY has been trying to move towards.


(Herbriller hair care products)

LINFINITY presented Herbriller’s series of products at a branch of the retail store YOMI in China, attracting attention from a wide range of customers. Through professional product explanations, potential consumers had a clear perceptual understanding of Herbriller’s series of haircare products. This promotion of bringing products to other overseas markets through roadshows has become one of the features of LINFINITY’s commercial promotion.

“Products such as these should reach out further,” remarked LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian. “There is still both a lot of space available for exploring the market prospects of Herbriller, and scope for adding market value to the business. As LINFINITY is market-oriented towards carrying out the commercialisation and promotion of blockchain projects, it is also possible to ‘link’ good products into the broader market through blockchain. This was always LINFINITY’s intention when presenting Herbriller’s series of products to China.”

(Herbriller Conditioner)

LINFINITY has considerable practical experience in commercial promotion, which is different from traditional commercial promotion methods. LINFINITY’s commercial promotion techniques are based on a product system based on the inherently trustworthy platform of blockchain technology, rather than through the “wanton advocacy” of traditional commercial promotion. LINFINITY firmly adheres to the principle that only by taking trust as the foundation of all forms of promotion can brands and products develop in a positive direction. Thus, as part of this foundation of trust, LINFINITY will continue multi-aspect inspection on its cooperative enterprises to ensure the quality of the brand which is included in the co-construction of LINFINITY ecosystem. “As long as there is a LINFINITY Mark attached to the product, customers can be assured that it is authentic. Above all else, this is the direction LINFINITY has been trying to move towards,” stated Mr. Lian.

(Herbriller Essence)

LINFINITY has accumulated a wealth of commercial resources in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan, with views to expand to further regions, and continues to host global commercial roadshows. Through this trusted business promotion model, which combines the traditional business practices of clients with the anti-counterfeiting traceability technology of LINFINITY DApp, LINFINITY constructs brand and channel recognition comprehensively for the cooperative enterprises which have joined the LINFINITY business ecosystem.


LINFINITY’s unique on-chaining commodity certification, which acts as proof that the commodity has completed blockchain information on-chaining.



It has three characteristics:

(1) Embossed Feel

Raised printing giving the note a strong embossed feel by touch.

(2) Dynamic Color-changing Pattern

When the QR code is tilted, two visual effects appear: the color of the pattern shifts between green and purple.

(3) Two-layers Design

The bottom layer is designed with a fragile label to ensure that it is not copyable.



As a credible distributed business platform underlying Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data technology, employing a guideline of “Internet of everything and sharing with mutual trust”, LINFINITY is a platform with reliable data, transparent information, efficient cooperation and interconnected network to cope with the practical business pain points and development demand of corporate users.

 About Herbriller:

Herbriller is Japan’s No. 1 100% natural white hair cover product. It is a holistic system for salons and hair care professionals to care for their customers’ hair and health. Besides a healthier and safer alternative for white hair cover, the 100% natural vegetal ingredients formula also rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth and nourishes the hair.

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