LINFINITY and the changing attitudes toward blockchain technology in the UK

With LINFINITY’s recent successes in developing their DApp supply-chain management system, and with a swathe of announcements, conference appearances, a website overhaul, and the signing of MOUs with big names in the healthcare industry including Herbriller and Scientific Tradition, the Singapore-based blockchain company, looks, as it always has, towards infinite possibilities beyond Asia.


The great difficulties of supply-chain management, especially for smaller businesses, lie in just how vast and complicated the system can become. In a small, import-export-based economy, these problems can quickly drain a significant amount of time, effort, and money from businesses as they expand. In the UK, supply chains are dominated by inefficiencies and miscommunications, costing businesses over £1.5bn per year.

(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian at the first LINFINITY Forum in UK)

30th August this year saw LINFINITY hold its first roundtable conference in London’s financial centre at Canary Wharf – the LINFINITY Forum – after a series of successful talks with key industry players in Singapore, South Korea and Japan. One can understand their reasoning for picking Britain as its first step towards international acclaim. “We wanted to make the UK our first stop outside of Asia due to the strong level of interest we received from parties within various industries in the UK over the past few months,” shared LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian at the conference. “There is a considerable market for LINFINITY’s service offerings in the area of supply chain financing, and the LINFINITY Forum will aim to bridge that gap.”

Mr. Lian makes a good point. In terms of technological advancement, the UK has been at the forefront of innovation since the dawn of the Empire – being the first country to fully industrialise in the 17th century, and continuing the trend even today with an impressive command over goods shipping through the Channel and beyond. However, while technological advancements have increased the workload for traditional supply chains, and while logistical improvements have significantly sped up trade between mainland Europe and Britain, the financial and security aspects of supply-chain operations still rely on traditional, boots-to-ground and paper-based processes, with an alarmingly low rate of adoption of automatic technologies. The NHS, widely lauded as the greatest healthcare system in the world, still relies heavily on manual transportation for its patient records, and a vast majority of computational infrastructure relies on network architecture from three decades ago. Patient records and financial information is regularly lost or deleted irretrievably. It is clear that the UK system needs a dramatic update.


(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian at the product demonstration of Herbriller)

In October this year, communication standards agency OFCOM announced the receipt of £700,000 from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to explore the applications of blockchain technology to improving how UK telephone numbers are managed. The idea behind this is that as traditional telephone numbers migrate from analogue services to fully-managed IP servers, blockchain will be able to efficiently manage and allocate numbers to telecoms providers.

This, amongst other blockchain-based developments, have received immense support from the British public. MPs have recently suggested a major adoption of blockchain on a regulated basis so as to more efficiently manage crypto-asset markets and protect investors from money-laundering. A House of Commons select committee suggested that though blockchain currently comes with a “litany of risks” – a lack of compensation schemes, for instance – appropriate regulation on a decentralised level “could lead to positive outcomes for the crypto-asset market, including the move towards a more mature business model and increased liquidity.”

In addition, a recent YouGov survey (November) found that 93% of the British public were aware of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, with the 18-24 age group reporting a 9% rate of buying cryptocurrencies, and more than a quarter of this group preferring decentralised blockchain-based finance to traditional methods of payment.

This represents a major shift for the UK in becoming one of the global centres for blockchain research and development. The aforementioned NHS patient records issues might be solved with the judicious application of cryptographic methods to storing, updating and retrieving patient data – this would successfully circumvent the current issues of paper-based patient notes being lost, or data being inefficiently moved between patients and GP surgeries.


(LINFINITY DApp beta 1.0 customized for Herbriller)

LINFINITY’s latest success comes down to their innovative DApp – a system of keeping track of individual products throughout the supply chain. Japanese haircare company Herbriller has successfully ported all client and product information onto blockchain, allowing for greater security, a significantly decreased risk of counterfeit products being created and distributed, and the maintenance of transparency between the business and its clients. Currently, LINFINITY aims to roll out DApp on the scale of fast-moving consumer goods first, before potentially applying the same general principles to other areas.

Within the UK, a similar system to DApp may be employed to, for instance, manage stock ordering and distribution for small shops and businesses at a small-scale level, manage company exports and imports at a mid-range level, or, for its loftiest ambitions, keep track of cargo shipped across the Channel or efficiently manage shipping forecasts – the latest statistics on UK trade with the EU state that over £107bn changes hands between the two economies each year. LINFINITY hopes to tap into this rich – in every sense of the word, considering it accounts for anywhere between 12-15% of EU trade – logistical infrastructure, using FMCGs as a natural starting point.

Of course, the beauty of DApp is that its underlying principles are scalable enough to apply to almost any mid-sized economic industry, such as transport services. A DApp-like product could potentially be applied to inner-city taxi drivers to keep track of fares, services in particular areas, or average passenger wait times.

For smaller or niche businesses such as record shops, which are enjoying a huge resurgence within the UK at the moment, using a DApp-like blockchain management system alongside traditional databases such as Discogs might significantly decrease wait times, allow for greater freedom of movement of goods between independent locations, or pave the way for a well-maintained client database, both at the logistical and customer levels – meaning that those businesses have an easy way to track exactly where each product they buy and sell comes from, and customers have an indefatigable way of accessing their order information without the risk of that data being lost, stolen, damaged, or edited.

For the very smallest businesses – those which take card and bank transfer payments as standard for ease-of-use purposes, and who may not have a web platform that uses sufficiently strong encryption methods for payment information currently – integration of LINFINITY DApp, as has been seen in Japan with Herbriller, will give customers the peace of mind over what happens to their payment information that a paper receipt, invoice, or email confirmation never could, due to its commitment to blockchain’s immutable faithfulness to transparency and security at every stage of the supply-chain. The added bonus, when small UK companies work with their European counterparts, is that this information is always available to the average consumer, irrespective of time zone, availability, human error, or any other of the thousand problems that might arise when dealing with sensitive client information.

Due to the massive success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency adoption within the UK, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations alike receiving funding for the research and development of blockchain products, the future is looking particularly bright for any company who can pitch the idea of blockchain supply-chain management into the UK’s vast array of financial, logistical and commercial services.


(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian giving a speech at Huobi Carnival)

The LINFINITY Forum showed that there is great scope for the development of blockchain products in the UK. With the aim of enhancing the efficiency, speed and transparency of Bank Payment Obligations, online purchases, compensation, and other digital trade settlements, blockchain and LINFINITY play a pivotal role in improving the management, protection and scalability of an aggregated supply-chain financial network.

The successful acquisition of cooperative intentions with several UK companies, with the view to establishing long-term working partnerships, suggests that LINFINITY made a great move in choosing the UK as their next base of operations.

The best part? Both LINFINITY and the UK thrive from it – the former as an emerging powerhouse in supply-chain optimisation, and latter as adding the driving of the fourth technological evolution to its already impressive trendsetting history – first as steam pioneers, then as early-adopters of electricity, thirdly (thanks to a certain Sir Tim Berners-Lee) as creators and stewards of the Internet Age, and today as the first blockchain-based global economic powerhouse.

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Anndy Lian Lectures at Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip Supported by Ministry of Education Singapore: LINFINITY’s Customized Solution

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Anndy Lian为新加坡区块链访问团授课:LINFINITY的“定制化”区块链解决方案


——Anndy Lian


2019年1月9日-11日,由新加坡教育部-零售研究院、南洋理工学院、Skills Future联合发起,Walletton组织举办的历时3天的”新加坡区块链访问团(韩国行)”在韩国首尔顺利举行。前首尔市市长 Kim Hyeong-joo、德勤区块链研究中心Sim Jun-Sik、嘉泉大学教授 Dr. Dohyun Park等政、商、学要人进行了接待并会晤。LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian与Upbit CEO Sir-goo Lee也受邀出席,并作授课演讲。

(前首尔市市长 Kim Hyeong-joo出席会议)

与会演讲中Anndy Lian指出:“区块链技术虽然可以解决很多问题,但并不代表可以解决一切问题。区块链技术的商业化不是‘万金油’的解决方案,而是需要找到企业真实市场诉求,并加以定制化的服务方式。LINFINITY正是围绕此前提循序渐进的开展各项工作进程。”

(Gachon大学Dohyun Park教授发表讲演)

LINFINITY的商业化进程均采用“定制化”服务。目前,LINFINITY已经帮助新加坡灵芝保健产品 Scientific Tradition 与日本护法品牌Herbriller完成信息上链服务。“这两个企业有着截然不同的品牌建设与市场需求。各自商品上链所呈现出的信息自然也大不一样。LINFINITY就是要找到这些品牌商品信息的特点与可能的应用场景,加以突显。这是区块链商业落地的重中之重,也是企业未来商业价值的重要保证。”

(Anndy Lian授课演讲中)


“我们很高兴看到越来越多的政、商力量开始关注、参与到这个行业里来。2019年可能是区块链“商业化”获得重要发展的一年。作为“第五代”创新技术的区块链所蕴含的巨大商业价值,依旧等待着被整个行业的探索者们去发掘。我相信今年也将会有更多优质的区块链项目出现,与LINFINITY一起推动整个区块链行业的商业化发展。”Anndy Lian说道。

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Anndy Lian Lectures at Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip Supported by Ministry of Education Singapore: LINFINITY’s Customized Solution

“Blockchain is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We must find a customized solution that truly matches commercial needs.”

—Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY

(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian giving a keynote speech)

On January 9th-11th 2019, a three-day global blockchain seminar, jointly supported by Ministry of Education — Singapore Retailers Studies, Nanyang Polytechnic, SkillsFuture and organized by Walletton Holdings; was held in Seoul, South Korea, bringing together industry leaders from the political, business and academic communities. Attendees including former Seoul Mayor Kim Hyeong-joo; Jun-Sik Sim of the Deloitte Crypto Research Center; Gachon University professor Dr. Dohyun Park; LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian and Upbit CEO Sir-goo Lee were invited to deliver key speeches.

(Former Seoul Mayor Kim Hyeong-joo
(Gachon University professor Dr. Dohyun Park giving a speech

In his speech, Mr. Lian remarked: “Blockchain technology can solve many problems, but it does not mean that it can solve all problems. Blockchain is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Blockchain projects must find customized solutions that will truly match their needs.” LINFINITY’s commercialization process is steadily carried out based on this foundation.” 

In LINFINITY’s business ideology, there is no such thing as a ‘package’ blockchain solution, LINFINITY adopts a customized model when building enterprise usage scenarios. LINFINITY’s most recent example of this process at work is the completion of information on-chaining services for Singapore’s healthcare brand Scientific Tradition and Japanese haircare brand Herbriller. “The focus and needs of these two brands are very different. This is not just coding the product information to a ‘block’.” Anndy added. Finding the specific application scenario that meets the requirements of the enterprises blockchain aims to integrate with is the most important thing to its commercialization process, both now and in the future.

Blockchain development in Singapore and South Korea have already taken the world by storm. South Korea is the pioneer in both cryptocurrency usage, trading and implementation. Many projects will go Korea to learn about Blockchain. The success for Korea in blockchain gained traction fast thanks to the support of the government. LINFINITY also accelerated its development in South Korea with the recent announcement of local business cooperation and its listing on Coinfinit.

“We are happy to see that more governmental and commercial forces are engaged in this industry. 2019 is likely to be an important year where blockchain ‘commercialization’ begins to gain traction in all these areas, rather than discussing the price of individual tokens. As the scale of blockchain commercialization increases, exploration deepens, it will gradually gain recognition and show its true power of being the next technology innovation. That is what LINFINITY team is doing; to bring the true value of blockchain technology to the general public.”

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LINFINITY Will be Listing on Coinfinit Exchange to Accelerate Its Development in Korean Market

(The Opening Ceremony of Coinfinit, photoed by Mong.e)

Following on the blockchain cooperation with the Gyeongsangbuk-do government of South Korea, LINFINITY continues to accelerate its development in the Korean market, and has recently entered into a strategic cooperation with the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinfinit. LINFINITY Token (LFT) will be officially, as among the first batch of tokens, listed on Coinfinit in mid-January. LINFINITY will join hands with Coinfinit to host a trading competition to jointly promote the cryptocurrency development of local community.

Adhering to the concept of “Unlimited Opportunities”, Coinfinit aims to pioneer as a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and to become the most distinctive cryptocurrency trading platform, with its unique feature – transaction fee free of charge. Notably, Coinfinit is one of the few exchanges in South Korea that offers KRW fiat currency. Trading pairs of BTC / KRW, ETH / KRW, BCH / KRW, ETC / KRW and LTC / KRW will be available.

(Jason Park, COO of Coinfinit, photoed by Mong.e

“We feel honored that LFT will be among the first batch of tokens listed to our platform. We appreciate the business model of LINFINITY and recognize their thinking of blockchain commercialization. We hope to take advantage of this opportunity to bring excellent blockchain projects like LINFINITY to more Korean blockchain enthusiasts,” said Jason Park, COO of Coinfinit.

(Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY, photoed by Mong.e)

“We may sound the same but we are not the same! Coinfinit is one of the exchanges that came to us and we find that they are very serious. We agreed to their partnership as we are the first coin on their exchange. And Jason Park basically charmed us into this agreement. LINFINITY has always been friendly embracing and actively engaged in a variety of issues that help drive forward the development of blockchain industry,” Anndy Lian said in his speech. “The cooperation with Coinfinit, is an important step for the development of LINFINITY in the Korean market. South Korea is friendly towards blockchain development, and also has a lot of active blockchain enthusiasts. At present, we have reached cooperative intentions with many Korean enterprises and will officially announce our cooperation in the near future. We hope to join hands with people from all walks of life in Korea to promote the commercialization of blockchain development.”

LINFINITY has always been active in Korean market since the start of the project. Following on the industry conferences such as Huobi Carnival, the World Blockchain Conference (WBF), and the 6th Global Leaders Forum, last November, LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian was appointed as member of Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, which further consolidated the development of LINFINITY in the Korean market. LINFINITY will continue to work with individuals and organizations from different industries in Korea to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain.

About Coinfinit:

Coinfinit, a cryptocurrency trading platform based on fiat currency KWR, is an encrypted exchange designed to provide a trading environment with most liquidity, and to launch an open research platform for investors. Coinfinit has partnerships with financial institutions and exchanges from around the world, including China and the United States, and its operation model has been highly recognized by many investors. It will be officially opened in Seoul, South Korea, in mid-January, and supports 24/7 trading with its unique feature – transaction fee free of charge.

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英国路透社专题报道 | LINFINITY ——来自于新加坡的区块链防伪领先者

2019年1月2日,国际四大通讯社之一的路透社刊登了LINFINITY项目《Blockchain-based Singapore Company to Curb Fakeries》一文。文中详述了LINFINITY运用区块链技术构建可信任的商业生态来解决企业假货的问题,并通过不断地企业合作与技术研发,推进自身商业化的发展进程。


文中指出:假货泛滥早已成为全球性问题,全球每年因假货而造成的直接损失就高达几十亿美元,尤其对那些正处于发展过程中的中小企业来说威胁更大,它们不仅需要花费大量时间、精力去缓解这一难题,还得同时兼顾企业自身在业务扩张方面的压力。造成这一难题的罪魁祸首并非“假货市场”,而是其背后一系列传统的供应链结构。诞生于新加坡的区块链公司LINFINITY正运用区块链安全性与溯源性的特点,通过企业深度合作不断优化打磨LINFINITY Dapp,构建出“区块链+供应链”的LINFINITY商业生态,从而在根源上解决这一行业痛点。

11月份,来自于日本的护发产品Herbriller正式与LINFINITY签订深度合作协议,LINFINITY将为Herbriller系列产品提供全方位的区块链上链服务。通过信息上链的方式,将Herbriller系列产品打包上传到LINFINITY的区块链中,产品也会随之相继生成包含该产品信息的唯一QR码,辅以LINFINITY Dapp扫描,便可查询区块链中所保存的产品详情。根据区块链特点,这些产品信息都是公开、透明、不会被第三方随意篡改。

值得注意的,对Herbriller而言LINFINITY Dapp作为LINFINITY商业生态的最要组成部分价值远不止于此,它除了可以为用户获取上链产品的相关信息外,还可以为其反馈来自市场上最真实销售信息,其中包括销售渠道、销售地区及范围、消费者偏好等,从而有助于Herbriller符合市场性的优化自身产品,调整营销策略。此外,LINFINITY为了让更多的消费者了解Herbriller,将其带到了中国市场并举办了多场线下展示、体验活动。“这仅仅是一个开始,LINFINITY还凭借自身强大的海外营销资源,会将Herbriller带去更多的国家,带向更广阔的全球市场”Anndy Lian说道。






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Reuters Special Report | LINFINITY – Blockchain-based Singapore Company to Curb Fakeries

On January 2, 2019, Reuters, one of the four major international news agencies, published a special report on LINFINITY, entitled Blockchain-based Singapore Company to Curb Fakeries. The article described how LINFINITY uses blockchain technology to build a trustworthy business ecosystem to solve the problems posed by counterfeit goods, and promotes the development process of its own commercialisation through both continuous cooperation with various Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and its commitment to innovative blockchain research and development.

(LINFINITY on Reuters)

The article explains that the proliferation of counterfeit goods has always been a global problem. The annual direct losses caused by fake goods in the world are as high as several billion dollars. For those SMEs that are in the process of greater development, they not only need to spend significant amounts of time and energy to alleviate the problems caused by the proliferation of fake goods, but also have to take into account the pressure of the company’s own business expansion – which results in a vast majority of SMEs failing entirely. The culprit is not the “fake market” as an entity, but instead is the result of a series of traditional supply chain structures behind it that have fallen into disrepair and disrepute. The Singapore-based blockchain company LINFINITY hopes to utilize blockchain’s security and traceability features to continuously update and optimise their homebrewed answer to the problem of fake goods, LINFINITY DApp, through deep cooperation with traditional businesses, thus building a LINFINITY business ecosystem of “blockchain + supply chain” industries, which hopes to solve the pain points inflicted upon these industries by the scourge of fake goods.

In November 2018, Japanese haircare brand Herbriller officially signed a MOU with LINFINITY, which will provide a full range of blockchain services for the Herbriller series of products. Through information on-chaining, product information is packaged and uploaded onto LINFINITY’s blockchain within DApp, and a unique QR code containing product information is generated accordingly to the product in question. By scanning a given Herbriller item with LINFINITY DApp, product details saved in the blockchain can be queried and reviewed, allowing for individual consumers to see where exactly each product has been along the supply chain. This clever characteristic endemic to blockchain allows for product information to remain open, transparent and completely untamperable by third parties – ensuring the authenticity of products.

It is worth noting that for both Herbriller and LINFINITY, while DApp is one of the most important part of LINFINITY’s business ecosystem, the value of the cooperation is far more than the sum of its parts. In addition to providing users with information about the products on the chain, it can also provide the most authentic sales information from the market, such as sales channels, regions and scope, consumer preferences, and so on – which allows Herbriller to optimise and adapt its own products and marketing strategies to align with market demand. Moreover, in order to reach more consumers and show them the quality that Herbriller has carefully developed and maintained since its inception, LINFINITY has brought Herbriller into the Chinese market, both in an informational sense and in reality – as LINFINITY and Herbriller held a number of offline product demonstrations and experiences in China. “This is just the beginning. With LINFINITY’s rich overseas marketing resources, LINFINITY will bring Herbriller to more countries and even a wider global market,” said LIFINITY CEO Anndy Lian.

He also elaborated on the possibility of the application of blockchain technology, “SMEs may become the first beneficiaries of blockchain commercialisation, and this is entirely dependent on their flexible nature and their willingness to accept cutting-edge technology. LINFINITY will always take the real needs of the market as the starting point, and cooperate with more enterprises to help them complete the improvement and upgrading of their supply chain through blockchain –  and we commit to making unremitting efforts to promote the development of blockchain commercialization.” 

About Reuters:

One of the earliest international news agencies, operating across 128 countries, and currently one of the largest news agencies in the UK, is one of the four major news agencies in the West. It is mainly responsible for providing news sources for other news agencies. Their content is based on all kinds of political and financial data, and enjoys a stellar global reputation for its fast and accurate news. In 2018 the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography was won by Reuters.

(The Original Article on Reuters)

Links to original article:

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“2018区块链前沿高峰论坛”于12月16日在韩国首尔举行,会议主题围绕“区块链的现状与未来发展趋势”开展。LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian出席了此次峰会,并作为嘉宾与包括节点资本合伙人兼金色财经创始人杜均、ChainUP财经创始人兼CEO钟庚发在内的顶级行业领袖精英就“区块链技术的商业化与改革”话题展开深度讨论。


(Annd Lian与区块链行业领袖精英开展讨论)



(Annd Lian与会中分享自己的观点)

“区块链的商业化落地可以有助于解决现阶段企业所面临的诸多行业问题,但它同样是一把双刃剑。LINFINITY始终践行在以市场为中心的区块链商业化发展,同样也呼吁更多的友商与企业能够一起参与其中,那么区块链未来将会是无限朝阳。”Anndy Lian笑言道:“当然,区块链的商业化道路也同样需要政府密切关注与大力支持。”前不久,他刚被任命为韩国庆尚北道区块链特别委员会委员。


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LINFINITY Roundtable Discussion in Bangkok

“The success of blockchain commercialisation requires multi-party cooperation, and we need more innovations, ideas and insights to make this happen.” Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY, said in LINFINITY’s roundtable discussion in Bangkok, together with a number of notable executives from multinational corporations, monetary funds and federations, such as Panasonic, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) (MASCI), SANYO, Ccare and Big Communication.

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LINFINITY曼谷圆桌会议:推动区块链技术创新 助力跨国企业发展


 “区块链的商业化需要多方合作,我们需要更多的创新、想法和远见来加速它的实现”——LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian

LINFINITY在泰国曼谷举办了主题为“Effectively Embrace the Blockchain Technology with Traditional Business ”的圆桌会议。会议由LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian主持,与会聚集了多个行业领导者和企业家,其中包括松下、亚洲生产力组织、Management System Certification Institute、三洋、Ccare、Big Communication等多家跨国公司、国际组织的高管,对区块链未来发展商业化趋势展开了一系列深度讨论。

(Anndy Lian与参会嘉宾合影)


Ccare是以生产具有维生素C和天然提取物概念的护肤产品的知名领先公司。该公司由皮肤医生和药剂师于1995年创立。会议中Ccare负责人 Supakchai Kiatanant先生表示了目前对于化妆品行业而言最大的痛点“假货横行”的焦虑,并希望通过区块链技术为他们的品牌服务。







LINFINITY凭借领先的区块链技术和创新商业运营模式,开启试点项目,涉及烟草、医药保健、物流、信息、金融、法律等多个行业领域的公司,目前已取得阶段性成果。今年10月,LINFINITY成功帮助新加坡灵芝保健品企业Scientific Tradition完成信息上链,并正式交付企业版Dapp进行最后企业内部调试。

(LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian 主持圆桌会议)


来自拥有近百年历史的Alsubeaei家族企业旗下的MASIC公司的可持续发展服务部高级副总裁Dr.Chavatip Chindavijak在讨论中提到:“区块链从诞生的第一天开始,就面临着毁誉参半的窘境,这一切都源于我们还未对区块链技术有一个清晰地认识,更不清楚从何处着手来正确使用区块链技术,发挥它的价值为企业服务。从原有的商业模式走向‘区块链化’将是一个相当复杂的过程。”

(MASIC可持续发展服务部高级副总裁Dr.Chavatip Chindavijak(中间))

Anndy Lian回应:“区块链化”并不复杂。由于区块链技术的去中心化和智能合约机制,企业并不需要将所有环节上链,可根据自身需求将信息打包上链。LINFINITY为协助企业用户在区块链的商业应用提供了两种模式:一种是如果对方目前没有自己的区块链,LINFINITY将指导企业用户将需求信息上链,直到企业可以独立运行,或者LINFINITY与企业合作一起构建区块链供应链生态;另一种是如果对方拥有自己的区块链,LINFINITY会将企业的链上信息嫁接到LINFINITY自己的区块链中来供对方更便捷的使用。通过以上两种模式可快速协助企业实现“区块链化”。

同时在回答Big Communication代表对于LINFINITY如何收费的提问中指出按月、使用次数或者合资模式的可能。


亚洲生产力组织(APO)秘书长Dr.Santhi Kanoktanaporn:“区块链想要真正商业化普及,就必须要了解市场真正诉求。LINFINITY防伪溯源技术与商业逻辑,与APO寻找可以提高生产力新科技的需求点不谋而合。期待LINFINITY用新技术赋能生产力的发展。”

(亚洲生产力组织APO秘书长Dr.Santhi Kanoktanaporn(左))

在会议中 Anndy表示了对Panasonic松下名誉主席Dr. Sumit Champrasit与会的感谢。Panasonic一直致力于研发各种科技和方法,生产高质量的产品,达至节能和高效益,以科技改善人类的生活。

(Panasonic名誉主席Dr. Sumit Champrasit(左))

一花独放不是春,百花齐放春满园。在会议结束时Anndy表示:区块链商业化需要多方合作,LINFINITY正在积极与松下、亚洲生产力组织、Management System Certification Institute、三洋等更多的跨国大中小企业开展合作对话,将他们聚集起来并肩作战,共同利用区块链技术推动行业的发展。



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Interview by Vizaca: Anndy Lian, CEO Of Linfinity

Anndy Lian has directly performed in the field for more than 15 years. With his experience and the futuristic approach, he managed to perform in 360° as a business strategist. Including local, international organization and public listed companies, he managed to provide proficient advisory to a vast variety of industries. Before connecting to Linfinity, Anndy proudly served a non-profitable organization and quasi government-linked organizations.

Tell us about yourself?

Prior to Linfinity, I worked in not-for-profit and quasi-government linked organizations, and also the Deputy Director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA). I am an avid supporter of incubating start-ups and have investments in a few health-related companies. I have also been a private investor for the past eight years. A year and a half ago, I was working in medical treatment in Singapore. At a seminar with US pharmaceutical companies and drug research institutes, the issue of counterfeit drugs was taken seriously.

The result of the final multi-party discussion was that the latest blockchain technology may be the most possible to knock down counterfeit drugs. Then, I put the drug traceability in the important position of the entire “blockchain + supply chain” program and started my Linfinity blockchain tour in late 2017.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

This year, blockchain technology has been combined with more traditional subdivision industries. Blockchain has begun to influence the market structure, with more companies focusing on business transformation. New ecosystems with smart contract technology will be integrated into existing industries and new business and regulatory models will emerge.

Compared with other peers, Linfinity has made it clear that it will not conduct any form of ICO since its inception. Our direction is very clear, that is to focus on commercializing our technology, and construct a trusted supply chain ecosystem on the basis of market demand.

At present, Linfinity has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with several international companies, such as Alishan Group, WealthBriefingAsia, Scientific Tradition, Rongde Logistics, and Herbriller. Linfinity Dapp beta 1.0 has been officially launched and delivered to enterprises for further debugging.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

This is a very good question. I think that blockchain is growing fast today and has huge potential, not just for changing the current world, but also its potential to shape the future. There will be a closer combination of traditional industries and blockchain in the next three years. At present, the entire blockchain industry is still in the exploratory stage, and with the development of the Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI), blockchain+LoT+AI can greatly enhance the feasibility of uploading information into blocks, ensuring that offline objects are accurately mapped on the chain, which enhances the overall credibility of the system, and then achieve blockchain commercialization in more scenarios.

Linfinity is not creating an industry, but using new technologies to serve the development of the entire supply chain industry, accelerating the landing of this trusted ecosystem scenario.

What was the most important part of your whole business journey?

The most important part, I think, is the spread of blockchain knowledge through global roadshows. The blockchain is not a new concept, but its current practical application is concentrated in the field of digital currency. Nowadays, pseudo-blockchain projects that are rapidly financing in the name of blockchain are everywhere, which stems from people’s lack of understanding of blockchain. More importantly, many enterprises are even less clear about where to start using blockchain technology, unilaterally thinking that moving from the original business model to “blockchainization” is a rather complicated process.

It is through global roadshows that allow businesses and users to truly understand and benefit from blockchain. “Blockchainization” is not complicated, enterprises will not need to upload information of the whole of every business process, but only package and upload necessary information according to their own needs.

Moreover, Linfinity provides several ways to assist enterprise users in their business applications of the blockchain.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

What I am doing now is the best. Blockchain is first and foremost an emerging industry, and it is also a cutting-edge technology alongside AI and IoT. But the difference is that blockchain technology has lower thresholds and can better cooperate with various industries.

For example, Linfinity is specifically dedicated to providing quality solutions for supply chain information delivery problems in traditional industries. Through Linfinity blockchain technology, the information is packaged and uploaded into blocks, which makes the information of goods public, transparent and safe in the process of circulation. The most direct benefit is that it can help to solve intellectual property right and counterfeiting problems of specific industries.

The negative side may be that due to people’s lack of understanding of blockchain, many people equate bitcoin with blockchain, and some illegal speculators even commit crimes under the name of blockchain.

What takes up too much of your time?

It is global communication. Linfinity is a company with a global perspective. In Asia, we currently have cooperation in Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Bangkok. We further plan to expand to other regions; Linfinity Forum held in London and the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement remark a small step towards our entry into the European market; the American market plan has been launched, and we are now in contact with a large US logistics company, and cooperation with them is only a matter of time. I spend most of my time on this, and I’m happy to do that.

The vision of Linfinity is to form industry gathering from technology landing and finally realize the construction of a trusted supply chain ecosystem to serve the society and create value. The construction of new supply chain ecosystem requires the cooperation with more large, medium and small-sized enterprises. It is necessary to truly mobilize the resources of the whole society and make joint efforts.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

In this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, I think that as an entrepreneur, we should return to the essence of business through impetuous phenomena.

First, to clarify our business logic and figure out where the final profit point is. Second, to do a basic project planning, the purpose of doing this is to understand why we should take risks, spend energy, time, resources and money to do this, and how to achieve our goal.

Finally, we must have a basic team structure. To turn an idea into a successful enterprise, the key factor is to have a strong management team. Members of this team must have rich professional technical knowledge, managerial skills and many years of work experience. We should clear up these points before starting a business.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I have been deeply impressed by many projects in this industry. In fact, there are many excellent projects in the blockchain industry, people are engaged in different aspects, so then the solution is not the same.

For example, the blockchain industry can be roughly divided into technology group and business group.

The technology group focuses on the blockchain technology itself, and they may devote more time and energy to the development and optimization of blockchain public chain, and of course, the achievements of these projects are inestimable, especially for improving the access efficiency of the blockchain, it is especially significant.

The business group is market-oriented, such as Linfinity. We are always focusing on the use of blockchain technology phased achievements to solve the market pain point, optimize and improve the key and difficult problems in various industries.

What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough?

The blockchain industry is currently a place good and bad mixed together. On the one hand, it is because that the industry itself is very new, the development time is not long, many aspects are not mature; on the other hand, the market lacks certain supervision, the phenomenon of “inferior cryptocurrencies drives out superior ones” occurs from time to time.

For me, in addition to the potential of Linfinity project, my team is also my driving force. The members of our team are professionals and elites from different industries. Although some of them have not worked on blockchain-related projects before, they are rooted in traditional industries and have exceptionally sharp insights into the market’s pain point. This is very important and necessary for Linfinitymarket-oriented commercialization process of blockchain technology, and this is also an advantage that many peers may not have.

How people should connect with you?

For collaboration and questions, Feel free to reach my Email

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