LINFINITY Signs MOU with Japanese Company Herbriller to Explore Trust-Based Applications of Blockchain

LINFINITY has begun to set foot from their base in Singapore into their Japanese neighbours, having hosted LINFINITY Talk: a gathering which aims to cater to mutual community- and knowledge-building between the two Asian technological powerhouses. LINFINITY has also maintained a presence in regional conferences, speaking to and meeting with international organisations. After several months of business negotiation, LINFINITY has signed an agreement with the Japanese haircare brand Herbriller.

“We have always hoped to find a partner who looks to expand through blockchain, so as to enable their customers to know more about their products. Herbriller will be the first Japanese brand who will work with us in this way.” – Anndy Lian, CEO of LINFINITY.

Herbriller is, first and foremost, a haircare brand, specialising in products made with 100% natural ingredients such as Nakanishi’s eponymous henna; this, and other ingredients promoted by this brand have been used in holistic hair care for generations and is familiar to most potential customers. Its developer, Yoko Nakanishi, is the founder and advisor of Nature Henna Shirodhara Research Society as well as the well-established author of “The Mystical Herb, Henna”.

They have a range of home and salon hair care products for hair care professionals and their customers. In a single treatment, their product covers and removes white hairs, helps to nourish hair, and rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth.

“Many people have heard of henna, yet few know that it has many grades of quality. Unlike many of our competitors, we only use top quality ingredients for our brand to ensure the highest quality and maximise its effectiveness.” said Mr. Hirofumi Watanabe, the founder of Herbriller. “We know that our loyal customers are following our range of products actively. They have also given us new suggestions and we hope to interact with them and let them know more about other products we have in place. We are confident in our quality and the ingredients used in our products, so we have decided to keep our company open and transparent by storing all of our product information on LINFINITY’s blockchain platform during this trial.”

In the MOU, LINFINITY and Herbriller agreed on a trail operation with LINFINITY’s blockchain technology and Herbriller’s hair care products. The key factor in this deal was LINFINITY’s on information chain trial results with healthcare company Scientific Tradition. This knowledge going forward will give confidence to future collaborations with other companies in our pipeline.

With cooperation with Herbriller confirmed, LINFINITY will enter a new developmental phase for its upcoming anti-counterfeiting and source tracking Dapp-based trial. LINFINITY will continue to develop new technological breakthrough during the process of working with Herbriller and will also bring their blockchain-supported hair care products into the Greater China and international markets.

About Herbriller:

Herbriller is Japan’s No. 1 100% natural white hair cover product. It is a holistic system for salons and hair care professionals to care for their customers’ hair and health. Besides a healthier and safer alternative for white hair cover, the 100% natural vegetal ingredients formula also rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth and nourishes the hair.

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Herbriller是日本知名美发护理品牌,因其纯天然的原材料以及特殊的制作工艺深受业界人士青睐。其创始人Hirohumi Watanabe与会上表达了对纯天然护发领域的信息透明和信任问题的担忧,他提到:“Herbriller一直坚持选用最高品质的成分原料,这也是我们产品竞争力的核心。有必要让消费者知道我们的产品信息,因此很期待与LINFINITY合作,将我们的产品信息上链,利用区块链分布式账本技术更高的透明度和信任度让消费者获得我们的产品信息,分享我们的理念。”

“此次LINFINITY与Herbriller的合作将进一步提升区块链与传统行业的融合,共同打造一个企业、商家与消费者所共建的信任纽带和商业生态。LINFINITY要引领并赋能更多的企业,让更多的传统企业实实在在感受到区块链技术的真实感以及其带来的价值。与Herbriller的合作将是LININITY Dapp推动行业实际业务成果和协作的又一个理想示例。“Anndy说道。

目前,LINFINITY 基于区块链技术的防伪溯源方案已经成功帮助新加坡知名的灵芝保健品牌Scientific Tradition完成信息上链工作,并在今年十月向Scientific Tradition交付企业内测版Dapp。 Anndy补充道, LINFINITY Dapp正是为了解决信任问题而创建,消费者可以通过LINFINITY Dapp确切的知道他们所购买的产品的信息。同时,LINFINITY将为我们合作的商家提供最终客户的相关数据和即时的商品流转信息,我们会通过安全的数据系统,让商家接触大众消费者,促进商品更符合目标消费者的需求。




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