LINFINITY DApp for Healthcare Products

Scientific Tradition, a Singapore-based healthcare company, is dedicated to the research and production of traditional Chinese medicine and healthcare products. Its GTJ Lingzhi products have obtained a number of product patents in Singapore. With extremely rare Lingzhi that is named after its founder, Dr. Jannie Chan, the owner take pride to protect her products and differentiate from the rest of the Lingzhi products in the market. LINFINITY’s decentralized Blockchain solution can help solve this issue.

(Scientific Tradition Lingzhi healthcare products)

The centralized supply chain structure of traditional enterprises is the chief culprit of the “rampant counterfeit products” problem. Due to the complexity of ingredient circulation in the supply chain, the storage of product information is relatively concentrated, and the phenomenon of artificial tampering and swapping is even more common. In the industry 4.0 era, it is necessary for the current supply chain system to transform the various circulation nodes in the production process into the direction of informationization, dataization and intelligence to achieve the goal of seamless linking with modern enterprise commercial production activities. The emergence of blockchain has undoubtedly provided the possibility of industrial upgrading to the supply chain industry.

On May 31, 2018, Scientific Tradition and LINFINITY signed a strategic cooperation agreement at WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2018, and selected its flagship product as the pilot product of the first phase experimentation, expecting to protect its patented technology and to ensure its product quality through blockchain technology, thus providing genuine products to customers.

(LINFINITY signs MOU with Scientific Tradition)

Since LINFINITY team has been conducting a on-the-spot investigation of the commercial ecosystem of Scientific Tradition for several months, starting in June. Several trials were conducted with the Scientific Tradition R&D and production team, and in October, the customized DApp Beta1.0 for Scientific Tradition was officially launched. As the region’s leading blockchain commercialization case, Singapore The New Paper made a special report on the progress.

(Source from Singapore The New Paper, October 17, 2018)

This also has a milestone significance for the commercialization of LINFINITY technology, which also means that LINFINITY anti-counterfeiting traceability technology has entered a new stage of full-scale commercialization. Next, LINFINITY will upload the information of Scientific Tradition’s  Lingzhi healthcare products onto the blockchain. In short, it is to pack and upload the data of products, such as the origin, production date, logistics, distribution and other information, onto the LINFINITY blockchain. When the consumer purchases a blockchain-powered item, all  information of the product can be queried by scanning the QR code to verify the genuineness of the product.


In version 1.0, LINFINITY built a decentralized information management system for Scientific Tradition, which successfully completes the information upload process. First, the system automatically recognizes and divides the product information into three parts: static information (such as product name), dynamic information (such as production date, batch number) and image information (such as product image or video), and stores them in a IPFS database. Meanwhile, all product information is uploaded to the sub-chain of LINFINITY, and a unique QR code is generated for each item stored. Customers can use LINFINITY DApp to scan the QR code on the product for detailed information.

(LINFINITY DAPP login interface)

The scientific Tradition supply chain ecosystem built on blockchain makes product information more transparent and product flow more secure as well as  makes it clear to consumers that the details of the products purchased are well documented, greatly reducing the number of fake and inferior products.

In the next research and development period, LINFINITY will continue to steadily carry out the pilot work of  anti-counterfeiting and traceability in combination with AI and IoT technology. “We need to change the way we do things, which will help the technology to be more integrated. The Internet of Things allows multiple trusted devices to connect to and communicate with each other. Artificial Intelligence ensures reliable input information, which will further enhance the integration of blockchain and traditional industries, creating a trust bond built by enterprises, businesses and consumers,” LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian shared at the special interview by The New Paper in Singapore.




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新加坡The New Paper专题报道 | LINFINITY商业落地从“灵芝”开始

(新加坡The New Paper专题报道)

Scientific Tradition,一家新加坡老字号保健品公司,致力于中药保健品的研发与生产,其旗下的长白山灵芝产品在新加坡获得多项产品专利,该产品选用极其稀有的灵芝原材,其中部分灵芝品种更以Scientific Tradition 创始人 Dr. Jannie Chan命名。稀缺的原材背后具有了极高的经济价值,在高经济附加值作用下,市场上很容易促生出,以家养灵芝来替代野生灵芝的“假冒产品”。对于解决这种顽疾的方法,所需要不仅仅是从业者的良知,更是要从灵芝供应源头抓起。

(Scientific Tradition灵芝保健品)

2018年5月31日,Scientific Tradition与LINFINITY于WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2018”上签署了战略合作协议,并选定其品牌旗舰产品作为第一阶段的试点产品,冀望通过区块链技术维护自己的专利技术以及产品质量,将真正的产品带给客户。

(LINFINITY和Scientific Tradition签署MOU)

六月至今,LINFINITY团队对Scientific Tradition的商业生态进行了数月的实地考察,其中包括对Scientific Tradition的野生灵芝孢子选育、育种、种植园的搭建、控温、控湿以及灵芝保健品的生产加工全过程等。同时,与Scientific Tradition研发与生产团队进行多次测试,今年10月,为Scientific Tradition客制化定制的DAPP Beta1.0正式落地。作为区内首屈一指的区块链商用化成果,新加坡The New Paper对此做了专题报道。

这也对于LINFINITY技术商业落地来说,具有一个里程碑式的意义,同样意味着LINFINITY防伪溯源技术已经正式步入全面商业落地的新阶段。接下来LINFINITY将为Scientific Tradition的灵芝保健产品进行信息上链。简而言之就是将产品的相关数据,如原产地、生产日期、物流、配送等信息打包上传至LINFINITY区块链中,当消费者购买时,通过扫描二维码,便可查询所有的商品详细信息,来确保产品真实属性。


在1.0版本中,LINFINITY 为Scientific Tradition搭建了去中心化的信息管理系统,顺利完成信息上链的阶段性工作。首先,系统自动识别并将产品的信息分为三个部分,静态信息(如产品名称)、动态信息(如生产日期、批次号)与影像信息(产品图片或视频),将它们存入一个IPFS的数据库中,并将所有的产品信息上传至LINFINITY的子链上,每存一件商品信息,便会对应生成一个独有的QR码。客户可通过LINFINITY Dapp扫描产品上的QR码,获取产品信息。


这套以区块链为基础构建的Scientific Tradition供应链生态结构,让产品信息变得更加透明,让产品流转变得更加安全,让消费者更加清楚的了解到,所购买产品的详细信息有据可查,极大降低了假冒伪劣产品的数量。

在接下来的研发工作中,LINFINITY将继续在此基础上,结合AI与IoT技术,稳步推进防伪与溯源的阶段试点工作,“我们需要改变目前的做事方法。这将有助于技术更大程度的整合。物联网功能允许多个可信设备相互连接并相互通信,人工智能确保输入的信息可靠,这将进一步提升区块链与传统行业的融合,打造一个企业、商家与消费者所共建的信任纽带”LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian在接受新加坡The New Paper专题采访时说道。


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