Anndy Lian, Author “NFT: From Zero to Hero” Goes on Binance Live: How to be a Crypto and NFT Hero?

Anndy Lian, Author “NFT: From Zero to Hero” Goes on Binance Live: How to be a Crypto and NFT Hero?

Anndy Lian speaks to Diana on Binance Live, a live stream video hub by Binance about his new book titled “NFT: From Zero to Hero”.

Diana walks through all 9 Chapters of Anndy’s book.

Chapter 1: The Beginning, Web 1, 2, 3
Chapter 2: An Overview of the NFT Industry
Chapter 3: What Are the Necessary Tools Available?
Chapter 4: How To Spot A Good NFT Project?
Chapter 5: How To Make an NFT?
Chapter 6: Case Studies
Chapter 7: Predictions for the Future of Art NFTs
Chapter 8: NFT Trends Shaping the Future of NFTs
Chapter 9: Insights Into the Future

The future of NFT is still very bright. A number of countries are now actively working on regulatory frameworks for NFT assets, strengthening anti-fraud and anti-manipulation audits of projects, determining the business core of each platform, and solving financial security issues such as illegal fundraising and false fraud.

At the same time, major public chains are actively upgrading, expanding, and building their own ecological frameworks to provide underlying support for the production, confirmation, pricing, circulation, and traceability of NFT assets.

Due to the short development history of NFTs, we are still in the infancy of the industry, but we can still see its rapid development and gradual maturity. It is believed that under the transformation of the market, the improvement of supervision, and the gradual improvement of the ecosystem, then the future of NFTs will never be just about hype but will become an indispensable part of future technological life.

The NFT space is fast-changing. While writing this, new NFT projects are popping up every day. From the Busan Metropolitan Government in Korea announcing an NFT conference to the International Cricket Council launching cricket NFTs to CoinRunners crowdfunding a movie by selling NFTs.

“We should embrace technology and build the ecosystem together. Crypto is still young and we are all pioneers in this field. If you want to be an NFT Hero. Join me.” Anndy Lian

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange which is the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, is the founder and CEO.

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XRP, ADA, Meme Coins Become Object of Interest for Author of Bestselling NFT Book, Anndy Lian

XRP, ADA, Meme Coins Become Object of Interest for Author of Bestselling NFT Book, Anndy Lian

Anndy Lian, international blockchain expert who positions himself as a thought leader on social media platforms and is the author of a book called “NFT: from Zero to Hero,” has taken to Twitter to pick its followers’ brains about whether he should invest in altcoins such as XRP, ADA and IOTA. Judging from his tweet, Lian is already a holder of meme cryptocurrencies.

Judging from his tweet, Lian is already a holder of meme cryptocurrencies.

“XRP, ADA, IOTA or should I stay with #meme?”

From his tweet, Anndy Lian is considering making a purchase of some leading altcoins, including top 10 XRP and ADA, as well as IOTA, CRO and NEAR.

He also says that he could stay with the meme; however, he does not specify exactly which meme coins he holds – DOGE, SHIB, FLOKI, BabyDoge or some canine coins with smaller capitalizations.

From his earlier tweets posted in September, it is clear that Lian has been following the main events in the crypto industry, such as Cardano’s Vasil and Ethereum’s Merge hard forks.

He has not disclosed which cryptocurrencies he holds.

“NFT: from Zero to Hero” is Lian’s second book, according to his LinkedIn page. In 2019, he also co-authored a book titled “Blockchain Revolution 2030.” By now, 8,000 copies of the former have been sold.

This crypto influencer considers buying SHIB

Crypto influencer David Gokhshtein, former U.S. congressional candidate who founded Gokhshtein Media, has tweeted that yesterday he nearly purchased meme token Shiba Inu.

Gokhshtein has been bullish on the second largest meme token throughout the year, praising its model and its metaverse. He holds both Dogecoin and SHIB. Recently, he tweeted that it is okay to hold both, while some in the armies of both tokens find it hard to find a mutual understanding.

On Wednesday, Gokhshtein also shared that he had been considering buying more XRP tokens to expand his XRP bag. He believes that if Ripple wins the current legal battle against the SEC that has been going on since 2020, it will become a major driver not only for Ripple and XRP but for the entire crypto industry too.

As part of his challenge, he also considers buying some LUNC.

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NFT: From Zero to Hero > Interview with Anndy Lian

NFT: From Zero to Hero > Interview with Anndy Lian

Question: Anndy, many people know you, but for those who don’t, can you tell us a little about yourself?  Who are you?  What did you do in the past and what are you doing now?

Answer: Thanks for reaching out to me. My name is Anndy Lian. My first Bitcoin was in 2013 and then diving deep into the blockchain technology side of things in 2017. I invested in some of the earliest blockchain projects all the way back to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) era. Also, as a partner of an investment company granted Capital Market Services (CMS) license from Singapore regulator MAS, I have been approached by many early NFT projects. All these have given me an early start in the NFT space. I was the Blockchain Advisor for the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), an intergovernmental organization committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region. Concurrently, I was appointed by the Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, to help the province to grow using blockchain technologies. I was also an Advisory Board Member for Hyundai DAC, the blockchain arm of South Korea’s largest car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. At one point, I was the Chairman (Singapore) of the Korea eSports Industry Association too. 

Throughout my blockchain journey, I worked alongside policymakers, private sector decision-makers, and experts to create business value propositions for different industries. I continue to advise governments and companies as I speak now. 

Currently, I serve as the Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolia Productivity Organization, championing national digitization. I was recently awarded an honorary doctoral degree by the Academic Council of Ulaanbaatar Erdem University in recognition of my contribution to the development of productivity science in Mongolia.

I was the immediate past Chairman of a ranked top 30 crypto exchange. My curriculum activities give me a 360-degree perspective on what NFTs will be like in the future. After all these years, I have decided to compile what I see in the NFT market into a book. This is how my new book “NFT: From Zero to Hero” is born.

Question: NFT: From Zero to Hero!  An interesting title!  Reviews of your book are really good.  Why did you publish such a book?  What is your purpose?

Answer: The book was supposed to be published one year ago, but I did not do it due to my other commitments. I also want to take my time to review and use the different tools and platforms that I have mentioned in my book. Frankly, that took me some time. I do not want to write anything about it if I have not tired it myself.

Back in 2018 where I published my first book, titled “Blockchain Revolution 2030” and published by Kyobo, the largest bookstore chain in South Korea, NFTs were one of the core topics I talked about. Back then, NFTs were not something everyone was sharing. Most thought that it was purely a fad. I think otherwise. Most people are looking at the money-making side of things, and they forget the true meaning behind NFTs. That is why I drafted my book, and I want to share the knowledge behind NFT with everyone.

Another purpose of my book is to share it with the traditional guys, not in the crypto space. There is a lack of good information in the market; scammers are trying to be consultants and want to render their expertise to traditional business owners. Most times, they waste money and precious time. They were also giving a bad name to crypto. My book is simple to read and would be a good guide for them to start from zero and become a hero in the NFT space.

As for the crypto natives who think they know it all, they should read and look at some of the recommendations that I have put forth. I am very sure most of them have not tried the NFT tools and are still buying NFTs based on rumors and news, most times buying NFT with a gambling mindset. This doesn’t seem right, and if there are statistics to back thing up, they should use it as a reference. This gives them a higher chance to become an NFT Hero.  

Question: In fact, you are looking for answers to many curious questions in your book.  Frankly, I was not very interested in the NFT field and therefore I am interested in his book, I want to learn something in depth.  One of the fundamental questions is, really, why would people pay millions of dollars just for a profile picture?

Answer: Your question is good; why would people pay millions of dollars for just a profile picture. Most people would think that holding on to a Bored Ape is about social status, and you can show off to the crypto community to show you have the money and power. This is wrong. People holding on to the NFT are looking at business networking and giving them access to by-invitation events only where they can meet influential people.

Question: We see NFT investments of big brands, what do you think awaits us in the future?  

Answer: NFT is the bridge to Web3, it has big potential. If you have read my book, chapter 8 on NFT Trends Shaping the Future of NFTs, you will get the answers. The potential applications of NFTs are nearly endless. Some claim ten years from now, and all purchases will be accompanied by NFTs. Others think smart contracts will replace legal documents. And while many think NFTs are a fad or too niche to become widely used, big players from Meta (formerly Facebook) to Twitter to Reddit and Visa are taking notice and are working to ensure they don’t miss out on the NFT boom.

Gaming industry will change. Healthcare will take NFT to a more personal level. Art will be better tracked and authenticated. The list goes on.

Question: How can we measure the value of an NFT?  Sometimes I just see a photo sell for thousands of dollars, and sometimes we see an NFT bought for millions of dollars turned into a worthless piece.  What advice would you give people at this point?

Answer: You got to understand what is value. It seems that value = millions of dollars. This is a wrong way to look at NFT. If you like the NFT, you can buy it. If you expect what you like to go from $1 to $1,000,000, then this becomes speculation. Then the question is when to sell it? Most experts will ask you to “HODL”, but how long can you hold it for? Therefore, my advice to new users is to look at NFT in a more fun manner. Like that NFT and the price is low, grab it. If the price went up, and you want to part with it, then sell it.

The actual value in NFT is the utility and community. Without these elemensts, NFT is value-less.


Question: What would you like to say to people who plan to read your book?  What will you gain them?

Answer: They will gain insights to my thoughts on NFTs and which vertical would excel better in the future. This will allow them to watch out for the right things.

The future these NFT trends depict is an interesting one. While many people are concerned about the implications of the metaverse and the rise of AI, it’s a future full of possibilities. 

It’s a future that bridges the gap between consumers and creators, gives value and security to digital assets, and one which, for better or for worse, will shake up the world.

The future is bright, but the road is tortuous. The NFT market will eventually mature and deliver on its promise. 

Your new asset is in the digital world. 

Question: I want to talk a little bit about the markets.  The world is going through a bad time.  War, inflation, food crisis, etc.  Crypto markets are affected like other markets.  What days do you think await us?

Answer: The market will be stagnant because of global uncertainties. We are going through a cycle, and this cycle would last a few years. But does this mean we stop building and working? No. 

We got to work harder and be ready when the bull market awaits us.

Question: What advice would you give to investors?  What path should they follow in this process?

Answer: Always be patient and do your research well before committing to any investment in general.

As for NFTs, you should read Chapter 4 on How to spot a good NFT project. Let’s grow together- from zero to hero.

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