Anndy Lian Spoke at AIBC Summit UAE 2022: ‘Investment opportunities in Defi & NFT’

Anndy Lian Spoke at AIBC Summit UAE 2022: ‘Investment opportunities in Defi & NFT’

Speaking on ‘Investment opportunities in Defi & NFT’ at the AIBC Summit in Dubai on March 21, 2022, the Chairman of BigONE Exchange Anndy Lian said he firmly believed in the importance of community to the long-term success of DeFi and NFT projects.

“There is a lot of hype in the crypto market around DeFi and particularly NFTs right now. But one essential factor that sets the projects apart is the strength of their community. I think that community aspect needs to be clearly laid out when seeking VC investment,” Lian said.

 While in the world of startups you traditionally started with a product or service and then sought to find and acquire customers in the DeFi and NFT world, these rules have changed. Indeed, during the ICO boom days when a white paper and a founding team with advisors was enough to gain funding, in 2022 that’s certainly no longer the case.

While a strong project team is still essential just as important is a clear vision of what the project is aiming to achieve together with real utility, said Lian. “There’s a lot of talk about projects being community-focused but what does that mean? It’s certainly true that building a community cannot just be based on a series of airdrops otherwise the community will soon disappear once the incentives dry up. I believe there needs to be along with an engaged community, a sense that the community has a real stake in the startup through its governance and its tokenomics,” Lian added.

As the current controversy over the purchase of Crypto Punks IP by Yuga Labs, which is currently reported to be in funding talks with A16z at $5B valuation, the role of VC investment in this space comes with both opportunities and risks, Lian observed. While Yuga Labs has now acquired a dominant position in the NFT market, and top VC interest along with that, there remains the challenge of keeping diverse communities onboard.

“In the long term, particularly as regulation in crypto starts to make an impact, its important to consider how a DeFi, NFT or even a meme coin project will continue to deliver value on behalf of its customers, and for its community,” said Lian, who is also a Kishu Inu Foundation council member.

Also appearing on the expert panel hosted by NewTribe Capital VC were Vinny Lee founder of CRT Labs, and Martin Belobrad partner at Metrix Capital.

AIBC Summit aims to be a pillar in the technological development by uniting tech-leaders, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the world to discuss, share ideas, make partnerships and build the foundation for the industry of tomorrow.

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Anndy Lian Witnessed Heritage DAO Securing National Treasure “Power of Decentralisation”

Anndy Lian Witnessed Heritage DAO Securing National Treasure “Power of Decentralisation”

HeritageDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization for our cultural heritage. Powered by web3 technologies, we revolutionize the way we collect, protect, share and enjoy cultural heritage.

It all started with this unfortunate story – Due to Covid-19, the very first private art museum in Korea was forced to put two National Treasures out for an auction out of devastation. This is the very first time in the history of Korea to see such treasures out for a transaction. We heard about this incident 4 days before the auction day and decided to address this in a Web 3.0 way. So, HeritageDAO was initiated just 4 Days before the Auction, ended up raising 900+ ETH and securing a National Treasure in 8 days while raising awareness about this incident across millions of people worldwide.

Basically, National Treasure #73 that we secured is a portable temple that people used to carry around 1,000 years ago. Back then, Buddhism was the main religion of Korea – and people carried this to practice their religion anywhere. With growing members, the need for a place that our members can call home grows bigger. Therefore, we wanted to secure this portable temple to symbolize a place our HSS members can call home. This temple will be featured on Sandbox too.

“I was in South Korea and when I heard Heritage DAO’s calling. I have decided to help and also joined the DAO’s governing council. All of us want to help and using the power of decentralisation, we have managed to secure the National Treasure and kept it in the gallery. On top of that, in good gesture, we have sent 51% of the ownership back to the original owners. This is our way to preserve the National Treasure in good hands. This is also a way to showcase how crypto is used to do help in times of need.” Anndy Lian, thought leader and Chairman of BigONE explained.

The DAO seeks to reach out and connect with the nonmaterial individuals, advocates, philanthropists, and innovators that hone the cultural values of the heritages. To do that, HDAO is introducing the High Sloth Society – The First NFT project by HDAO; a prestigious and secretive society of 10,000 elite sloths that pursue greater goods with missions to preserve and hone the essence of human heritage.

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Anndy Lian to speak at Blockchain Fest 2022 in Singapore

Anndy Lian to speak at Blockchain Fest 2022 in Singapore

The Best Is Yet to Come in Singapore: Blockchain Fest 2022

A two-day hybrid Blockchain Fest in Marina Bay Sands will be a leading Asian gathering of senior decision-makers discussing the impact of blockchain and crypto technologies on industries

The event will bring together tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts, among others, and offer a jam-packed program with exciting keynotes, panel sessions, and fireside chat sessions on such trending topics as State of crypto regulation in Singapore and the region and How blockchain will change business.

  • Date – June 2-3, 2022
  • Venue – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This Fest will host only prominent speakers who present their own exclusive perspectives on the future of the most fast-growing industries in the world. Some of their names are David Ogilvy – Head of Custody Innovation at Celsius Network,  Andy Meehan – Chief Compliance Officer Gemini APAC, Anndy Lian – Intergovernmental Blockchain Expert. Best Selling Book Author and lots of other experienced speakers.

This year attendees of the Blockchain Fest will gain valuable insight into:

  • Centralized (CEX) vs Decentralized (DEX) exchanges
  • Decentralized Blockchain Protocols and Smart contracts. Current trends and challenges
  • How venture firms are investing in DeFi

A detailed list of delegates and topics can be found on the website.

Singapore is the most crypto-friendly environment and a real center of modern financial Asia inviting companies from Europe and the world to join the event. Local regulators have done a great deal to nature the blockchain industry. They encouraged blockchain technology development and innovative crypto exchanges and trading.

Blockchain Fest in Singapore is the place where you will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to find experts from blockchain, digital assets, and fintech that will share unique opinions or advice from those who have done it before or meet your future partner for a mutually prosperous and continuous partnership.

Organizers of the event pay attention that online, standard, business, and VIP tickets are already available on the official event website.

For more information and latest updates join the event on social media:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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