MarketWatch: Learning Through Reflection: “The Future of Blockchain is in Our Hands” – Anndy Lian

“For the sake of discussion, I don’t think blockchain can do so much, it will change part of what we are doing right now, but it surely cannot change the world. Bridging the gap between rich and poor is not a job for blockchain. Stopping corruption, fraud, money laundering are also not tasks for this technology. Blockchain can only help to reduce and assist.” Anndy Lian gave a different opinion. “I also see that in the near future, 3-5 years, we will see security tokens go mainstream, and hopefully, the regulations can help to speed up the process for everything else.”

Anndy also gave his comments to the reporter off the stage saying that the future of blockchain is in our hands: “Blockchain is seen like a speculation tool and a big hype to many people and businesses like I have mentioned on the stage. If we want to see a better future for blockchain, we need to do a reality check by not adding on more fluff to the existing hype. We all have our own personal agenda. I can always sing the same song and say things that the general public likes to listen to and make blockchain a savior for humanity, but this is not right. At the right time, we need to properly educate the market and set a good example for our future.”



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