Think Bigger In The Next NFT Summer – Anndy Lian at NFT NYC 2023

Think Bigger In The Next NFT Summer – Anndy Lian at NFT NYC 2023

In the realm of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), it is crucial to think beyond mere speculation and embrace a more sustainable and innovative approach. Anndy Lian delves into the transformative power of NFTs and highlights the paradigm shift being witnessed in the industry. As big brands increasingly recognize the immense opportunities presented by NFTs, it is essential for crypto natives to think even bigger and contribute to the growth and long-term viability of this emerging sector.

Thinking Beyond Speculation:
While NFTs have garnered attention for their speculative nature, moving away from the short-term mindset and considering their broader implications is vital. Currently, the focus is on the price and potential financial gains of NFTs. However, NFTs should be viewed as a technology that can address specific needs and create new possibilities to truly unlock their value.

Leveraging the Power of Big Brands:
Prominent brands such as Gucci, Porsche, Starbucks, Amazon, and Red Bull have embraced NFTs as an opportunity to enhance engagement with their communities and promote the adoption of Web3 technology. These forward-thinking brands are not merely selling NFTs for quick profits but are instead investing in the future. By leveraging their influence and credibility, they are elevating the crypto industry and driving mainstream acceptance.

The Lessons from Tech Visionaries:
Historically, visionaries like Bill Gates and Jack Ma have foreseen the transformative potential of emerging technologies. Although initially met with skepticism, their predictions about the internet and e-commerce have become a reality. Similarly, the integration of NFTs into the strategies of major brands today signifies a shift towards a future where NFTs serve a purpose beyond speculation.


Seizing Opportunities for Growth:
Crypto natives must not lag behind in this rapidly evolving landscape. It is imperative to think bigger, demonstrate sustainability, and exhibit the true potential of NFTs. By showcasing the value and utility of NFTs, both in the Web3 and Web2 domains, crypto natives can prove their commitment to driving lasting change.

Embracing Innovation:
NFTs possess the power to transform various sectors, ranging from art and collectibles to membership programs and decentralized finance. However, it is crucial not to saturate the market by applying NFTs indiscriminately. Instead, identifying the inherent value in each asset and creating meaningful connections between the physical and digital realms will pave the way for a prosperous future.

Digital Assets as Catalysts for Change:
In the quest for a sustainable and interconnected world, NFTs emerge as revolutionary digital assets. By embracing this paradigm shift collectively, we have the potential to reshape industries, challenge traditional notions of value, and make a positive impact on a global scale. The journey towards a fully integrated Web3 experience may take time, but the transformation will be significant.

As NFTs evolve beyond speculation and embrace a more sustainable approach, the importance of forward-thinking individuals and communities cannot be overstated. By thinking big and aligning with the vision of major brands, crypto natives can contribute to the growth and long-term success of NFTs. The future holds tremendous potential for innovative use cases and the integration of Web3 technology, and it is up to us to seize this opportunity and drive change. Together, we can revolutionize industries and establish NFTs as a catalyst for a more interconnected and prosperous future.

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Anndy Lian is an intergovernmental blockchain expert. His recent book- NFT: From Zero to Hero, highlighted the core application of NFT technologies.

NFT NYC 2023 is one of the most highly anticipated events in the NFT space. With over 6,000 attendees, 1,500 speakers, and 500 brands, the conference provided a space for people to connect, debate, and learn

The original source of the video is from NFT.NYC official youtube channel:

Anndy has also written a full article on how he sees big brands integrating with web3 at this link:



Anndy Lian is an early blockchain adopter and experienced serial entrepreneur who is known for his work in the government sector. He is a best selling book author- “NFT: From Zero to Hero” and “Blockchain Revolution 2030”.

Currently, he is appointed as the Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolia Productivity Organization, championing national digitization. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Chairman of BigONE Exchange, a global top 30 ranked crypto spot exchange and was also the Advisory Board Member for Hyundai DAC, the blockchain arm of South Korea’s largest car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. Lian played a pivotal role as the Blockchain Advisor for Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), an intergovernmental organization committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region.

An avid supporter of incubating start-ups, Anndy has also been a private investor for the past eight years. With a growth investment mindset, Anndy strategically demonstrates this in the companies he chooses to be involved with. He believes that what he is doing through blockchain technology currently will revolutionise and redefine traditional businesses. He also believes that the blockchain industry has to be “redecentralised”.

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