6th Global Leaders Forum 2018 Confirms the Key Strategic Value of Blockchain Technology

6th Global Leaders Forum 2018 Confirms the Key Strategic Value of Blockchain Technology

Held in Seoul, South Korea from November 12th-13th 2018, the 6th Global Leaders Forum focused heavily on the topic of blockchain technology – emphasised by its tagline “The Invisible is Changing the World”, and by attracting the world’s leading political and business elites to participate – including Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the 4th President of Estonia and Moon Hee Sang, Speaker of National Assembly.

This year’s forum, held by South Korean media TV Chosun, is a premier international forum, gathering many politicians and business elites from around the world to discuss how to accelerate technological innovation to benefit individual business and modern life in the current rapidly developing society of science and technology.

LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian was also in attendance, delivering a keynote speech entitled “Building a Trusted Business Ecosystem to Underlying Blockchain Technology”. Together with industry leaders, including Dae Je Chin, President of the Korea Blockchain Association, and Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, in-depth discussion on “Global Corporations Cultivating Blockchain”, was conducted, which served to confirm the key strategic values of blockchain technology.

At the forum, Mr. Lian demonstrated a set of global counterfeiting product data and posted that the problem of fake goods has become a significant issue within the global manufacturing market. He argued that as traditional anti-counterfeiting methods can no longer meet the needs of the rapidly developing commercial activities employed across the manufacturing industry today, the core of the counterfeiting problem is not the fake markets themselves but the supply chain system that has been deeply hidden, embedded behind the scenes within many different industries. Therefore, in order to solve the pernicious problem of counterfeit goods manufacturing, existing traditional supply chains must be upgraded with the support of the exceptional anti-counterfeiting systems present within blockchain technology.

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Mr. Lian moved from here to the topic of LINFINITY’s homebrewed anti-counterfeiting system. “LINFINITY aims to build a reliable anti-counterfeiting traceability supply chain ecosystem that synchronises and authenticates information travelling in-between different entities, by ‘chaining’ the data between diverse processes within any supply chain. Once the information is uploaded onto the chain, it can never be artificially altered, thus effectively combatting the root cause of data counterfeiting within traditional supply chain industries that companies often fall prey to, and therefore suppressing the possibility of counterfeiting.”

LINFINITY asserts that businesses that successfully incorporate LINFINITY DApp into their supply chain should find significantly diminished availability of sensitive data to potential counterfeiting operations, with a demonstration performed for the Forum’s attendees by Mr. Lian. “At present, LINFINITY is market-oriented, with steady advancement into the commercialisation process. This October, LINFINITY DApp was launched and delivered to our business enterprises to achieve informational co-chaining.”

“LINFINITY will continue to seek more business partners to optimise strategic cooperation, continuously iterating and optimising the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, and continue to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other cutting-edge technologies to build a high-quality LINFINITY blockchain business ecosystem.”

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