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LVMH, the parent company of a slew of luxury brands that often fight counterfeits in the market, has taken the lead in using blockchain in their efforts, partnering with Microsoft to launch the AURA anti-counterfeiting initiative. LVMH is focusing first on Louis Vuitton fashion and Christian Dior perfumes, and hopes to provide what is basically a lasting certificate of authenticity for every item, which makes it possible to verify that the item was actually manufactured by the brand in a way that assists the initial purchase but also the resale market.

This is an area that has also been active from a start-up perspective, with new tech vendors organizing to provide white-label solutions for any brand to protect the authenticity of their products. LINFINITY is one such company, and simplyBrand is another. They work by providing the technology that enables companies to basically issue certificates of authenticity for their products, and attach them to individual items, often using either an NFC chip or a 2-D barcode embedded in the packaging or as a label to connect the item to the digital certificate.”

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