Linking your Business to Unlimited Possibilities with Blockchain

New technological advancements are happening every second, every minute and this is an ongoing process. Blockchain is not the newest kid on the block as we all know but this has become the buzzword for many businesses. You may know slightly of its connection to Bitcoin and it is highly possible being tagged to negativity.

Let’s put that aside and look at what potential it has and why it should not be ignored by businesses who want to stay relevant and ahead of the latest technologies that can aid your business. Without further ado, I would like to highlight some key benefits of a blockchain that may prove to be useful:

1. Data Transparency

2. Data Security

3. Traceability

4. Smart Contracts

These are all widely talked about and many of us who are following on the development of blockchain would have seen this at least a million times. Most people would know what it can do but the most talked about topic would be industry adoption and commercialization and how it can be linked to “unlimited possibilities”.

Gaining industry adoption the most vital challenge and this will determine the success this technology. This is especially important in the total supply chain ecosystem where the possibilities are unlimited. Many different parts of the supply chain can adopt the technology to make the whole process more effective and efficient. Before we can prove that this technology is good, we need time to fine tune it and adopt a couple of pilot trials to create success case studies to convince those who are still not bought into the concept. From telling them to migrate from legacy systems to law an regulations. It is a long process but we had to start somewhere.

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Being the CEO for Linfinity Singapore, I am grateful to have a chance to speak at the Finwise Summit Tokyo, one of the most influential blockchain events in the world, bringing together top talents, industry elites and excellent enterprises. More than 2000 participants and over 8 million blockchain related practitioners in East Asia. In the presentation, I have highlighted that the blockchain should be seen as an enabler to your existing business. I have also mentioned about how blockchain can help us in an unlimited and selfless manner in the total supply chain.

“Linfinity is committed to enhance the total supply chain by applying blockchain technology to address the business pain points and development needs.”

Quoted in a media interview.

I want to share what Linfinity can do for us in the near future and the exciting possibilities ahead. On 31 May, we will be signing several MOU with corporations in Singapore. This will be a small step to make a difference and we want to more businesses to be aware of how hard we are trying to commercialize our system. We want you to adopt and experience it yourself.

If you want to find out more and support me in this initiative, drop me a note. I am happy to discuss in detail.

Thank you.

Anndy Lian

CEO, Linfinity Singapore

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Anndy Lian is an early blockchain adopter and experienced serial entrepreneur who is known for his work in the government sector. He is a best selling book author- “NFT: From Zero to Hero” and “Blockchain Revolution 2030”.

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Currently, he is appointed as the Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolia Productivity Organization, championing national digitization. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Chairman of BigONE Exchange, a global top 30 ranked crypto spot exchange and was also the Advisory Board Member for Hyundai DAC, the blockchain arm of South Korea’s largest car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. Lian played a pivotal role as the Blockchain Advisor for Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), an intergovernmental organization committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region.

An avid supporter of incubating start-ups, Anndy has also been a private investor for the past eight years. With a growth investment mindset, Anndy strategically demonstrates this in the companies he chooses to be involved with. He believes that what he is doing through blockchain technology currently will revolutionise and redefine traditional businesses. He also believes that the blockchain industry has to be “redecentralised”.

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