“CBDC is the beginning of another evolution” Anndy Lian told Blockchain Today Magazine

South Korea leading blockchain magazine “Blockchain Today Magazine” published Anndy Lian’s thoughts on CBDC. This quote can be found on Blockchain Today Magazine, Volume 29 Special Edition, page 43.

암호 화폐 지불에 대한 수요가있을 때 암호 화폐 채택 으로 시장을 이끌 것이고, CBDC는 또 다른 진화의 시작입니다. 개인 적으로 가장 매력적인 사용 사례는 CBDC라고 생각합니다. 투명한 외환으로 연중 무휴 24 시간 국제 거래를 돕는 디지털화는 믿을 수 없을만큼 강력합니다. XRP, BNB, LTC 또는 스 테이블 코 인은 CBDC 이니셔티브에 맞춰 디 지털 법정 화폐를 교환하기위한 브리지 자산 역할을 할 것입니다. 블록 체인 및 암호 화폐 회사가 코 인과 블록 체인 기술이 미래 CBDC의 형성에 어떻게 도움이 될 수 있는지 보여주기 위해 이제 첫 번 째 단계를 밟아야합니다.- Anndy Lian, Advisory Board Member, Hyundai DAC

When there is demand for cryptocurrency payments, it will lead the market to cryptocurrency adoption, and CBDC is the beginning of another evolution. Personally, I think the most attractive use case is CBDC. Digitization is incredibly powerful, helping international trading 24/7 with transparent foreign exchange. XRP, BNB, LTC, or stablecoin will serve as a bridge asset to exchange digital fiat currencies in line with the CBDC initiative. Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies must now take the first step to show how coins and blockchain technology can help shape the future CBDC. (Direct translation by Google Translate)

CBDC stands for “central bank digital currency,” a new type of currency that governments around the world are experimenting with. Central banks have constantly evolved through the centuries, and history shows that. CBDCs is one o which. For a start, CBDC would ensure that economies go digital. It is more than just another way to pay. It is a catalyst for currency innovation.

Original Source: https://ebook.etarae.com/blockchain_today/02/#p=43


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区块链产业落地,Linfinity成媒体新宠/ Linfinity: The Next Stage of Blockchain’s Evolution




Linfinity: The Next Stage of Blockchain’s Evolution

After a round of market fanaticism, the blockchain projects begin to return to rationality. Linfinity, which is committed to building an anti-counterfeiting supply chain based on blockchain technology, has received much media attention in recent days, including Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, Sohu News, Guangdong TV, Tencent News and etc.

Dr. Yu, CTO of Linfinity, who has just completed the Roadshow in Guangzhou, said in an interview with Guangdong TV that Linfinity’s vision is to provide credible supply chain information infrastructure based on blockchain technology, including IoT big data governance and AI solutions in the supply chain.

News excerpt:
Nasdaq: https://www.nasdaq.com/…/linfinity-explains-the-importance-…

Morningstar: https://www.morningstar.com/…/linfinity-explains-the-import…

Yahoo: https://finance.yahoo.com/…/linfinity-explains-importance-a…

Sohu: https://m.sohu.com/a/231263124_119059/…

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