LINFINITY at 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS)

LINFINITY attended the 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) in Taiwan on 2-3 July 2018. The conference attracted more than 8000 blockchain enthusiasts, professionals and also political representatives from the region. LINFINITY CEO Mr Anndy Lian, together with other industry experts were invited to the summit to discuss about how to use distributed ledger technology to transform the industry.

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Asia Blockchain Summit draws 3000 attendees

Author: Wang Yanhua

The 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit took place in Taipei from July 2-3.

The event expected 1000 attendees, but successfully drew around 3000 attendees instead.

It was organised by the Asia Blockchain Alliance (ABA), the brainchild of “crypto congressman” Jason Hsu from Taiwan. Hsu is a member of parliament in Taiwan and is known to be a fierce proponent for blockchain, advocating for Taiwan to be a “blockchain island”.

Industry heavyweights such as Binance founder and CEO Zhao Changpeng and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee were present at the conference as speakers.

Besides industry leaders and entrepreneurs, government representatives gathered at the event as well, such as Taiwan national development council minister Chen Mei-ling and Hong Kong legislative council member Charles Mok.

A panel discussion taking place. Credits: Reider Larsen

Chief experience officer of ABA Andrew Fai, who is also from Taiwan, told Block Asia, “I’m exploding right now. I’m very proud that’s this is happening in Taipei.

“I’ve done a lot of blockchain meetups and groups, and they’re typically around 300-500 people. Now it’s a whole new different scale. It’s a very important event and even traditional media is covering it.”

Taipei Times, the only printed daily English-language newspaper in Taiwan, said that Taiwanese government officials speaking at the event would “continue to champion’s Taiwan’s blockchain industry to tap into the technology’s potential.”

Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian, who was also a speaker, highlighted the conference’s role in bringing blockchain closer to the masses to Block Asia, “Blockchain is not only about technology driving business. This is not true. Blockchain companies like Linfinity must work together with traditional businesses to formulate win-win solutions to solve their pain points and improve on their business efficiency and productivity.”

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此次会议吸引了超过8000名区块链爱好者参与,同时也受到行业内专业人士的极大关注。LINFINITY CEO ANNDY受邀参与了峰会,并就“如何利用分布式技术改造行业”的议题与业界代表交换意见。









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Linfinity Transforms Total Supply Chain With Distributed Ledger Technology At The Taiwan Asia Blockchain Summit

Linfinity attended the 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) in Taiwan on 2-3 July 2018.

The conference attracted more than 8000 blockchain enthusiasts, professionals and also political representatives from the region.  Linfinity CEO Mr Anndy Lian, together with other industry experts were invited to the summit to discuss about how to use distributed ledger technology to transform the industry.

“Consumers want to know the source and how safe are the products, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the market. There are many segments on the supply chain and they use different systems. Sharing of information and integration of data is still not readily available for the consumer to make a known decision. Companies suffer huge damages to their image and bottomline due to the proliferation of counterfeit goods.” Anndy said in the discussion, “Blockchain is a technology that can change the world, we just need to work together with the current businesses to make it better and more practical.

Anndy has also mentioned that it will take time for businesses and consumers to understand this new technology. It will also take some time for traditional businesses to gain trust in this technology and implement it. . In order to let businesses understand more, Linfinity adopts a simpler manner to explain about the technology and how it can solve the pain points for their business. Linfinity has therefore always focused on commercial implementation and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many companies in traditional industries. I believe more and more enterprises will join us and work together to make the industry and even our society a better place.

Breakfast meeting with Taiwan legislator Jason Xu Yuren [second from left] to exchange views on the development of blockchain

Currently, Linfinity has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan Alishan Group, and will provide blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology for its cigarette brands. Linfinity hopes that this revolutionary project, which integrates supply chain systems with blockchain, can effectively eliminate counterfeit goods and protect corporate reputation as well as consumer rights.



The Asia Blockchain Summit is one of the world’s most representative blockchain summits. It is initiated by the Taiwan Congress and held by the Asia blockchain Alliance. Through dialogues between government and entrepreneurs of different industries, to discuss and analyze the industry situation in depth and to guide the public to understand this fierce blockchain revolution.

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ALB’s What You Missed: The Week of June 4

In this week’s news roundup, we look at a Singaporean firm exploring blockchain technology, an international firm focusing on its associates, and a new plea bargain system in Japan.


Singapore law firm RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and professional services firm RHT Holdings have signed an MoU to jointly explore blockchain technology with Linfinity, the world’s first distributed supply chain platform based on blockchain, Internet of Things, and Big Data.

The two organisations are set to share their legal, compliance and professional services expertise with Linfinity with the aim of tackling issues such as transparency and inefficiencies within the supply chain industry through blockchain technology.


Reed Smith has launched a redesigned Associate Life initiative – a programme to prepare the firm’s early career lawyers for advancement, leadership roles, and long-term professional success. Among new features are a mobile app for ongoing performance feedback from more senior lawyers; an enhanced billable-hours “credit” policy for learning and development and for pro bono and innovation projects; a ramp-up hours policy following return from leaves of absence; and secondment opportunities within the Reed Smith global platform.

Reed Smith has also announced the roll-out of its 2018 Innovation Hours program, which recognizes up to 50 innovation hours towards billable-hour targets for fee earners. This follows a pilot that saw attorneys across the firm devoting hundreds of innovation hours to six projects last year.


Last week, Japan introduced a plea-bargaining system for organized crime and bribery cases, according to reports in local media. Under the system, prosecutors can now agree not to indict or to pursue lesser charges or lighter penalties if suspects or defendants provide evidence or depositions against alleged accomplices.

However, under the Japanese system defendants will not be rewarded with reduced sentences for pleading guilty, unlike plea bargaining in, for example, the United States. There are also concerns the new practice could encourage suspects or defendants to make false statements that lead to lapses in justice.


Knights, a UK law firm, is set to become the fifth law firm to list on the London Stock Exchange – and potentially the largest law firm flotation so far. The IPO is expected to value the business in excess of 100 million pounds ($133 million), outstripping Gateley, the first English firm to go public in 2015, which was valued at 100 million pounds when it floated.

The firm is expected to use the proceeds of the IPO to pay down its debt, for working capital and to provide a future financing option to back its expansion. The other three law firms to list on the LSE are Rosenblatt, Keystone and Gordon Dadds.

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